Hal Hartley

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Birth Name: Hal Hartley
Born: 11/03/1959
Birth Place: Lindenhurst, New York, USA

Hartley's gallery of indecisive but intelligent characters includes an ex-convict who sets the town talking about what his crime might have been ("The Unbelievable Truth" 1989); a literature professor who spends most of a semester on one paragraph of Dostoyevsky (the PBS project "Surviving Desire" 1992); a manic, bitter electronics whiz who carries a hand-grenade in his pocket ("Trust" 1990); two very different brothers who search for their long-missing radical father ("Simple Men" 1992); and an amnesiac who enlists the aid of a former nun to help him discover his past ("Amateur" 1994).

Some critics have accused the director of making the same film again and again. With "Flirt" (1995), h... Continue Bio >>

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