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Birth Name: Gregg Araki
Born: 12/17/1959
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Araki achieved a breakthrough with his third feature, "The Living End" (1992), which also earned him the label as a pioneer of the 'Queer New Wave Cinema'. Shot in bright colors on a budget of over $20,000, "The Living End" follows two HIV-positive men who, in the midst of a casual affair, embark on a road trip after one murders a policeman. The film exploits and explodes the cliches of the road picture to create a controversial exploration of life in a society where AIDS and homophobia are inescapable realities.

Araki's fourth film, "Totally F***ed Up" (1993), was actually shot before "The Living End" but delayed because of funding difficulties. "Totally F***ed Up" portrays, in a fragment... Continue Bio >>

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