Erick Zonca

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Birth Name: Erick Zonca
Born: 09/10/1956
Birth Place: France

Born into an affluent Orleans family of Italian descent, French filmmaker Erick Zonca belatedly discovered European movies in, of all places, New York City, where he had settled at the age of 20 with the naive notion of ridding himself of his accent and becoming an American actor. Deciding he could only make movies in France, he returned to his native land and later found work in TV, first as an unpaid intern, then as an assistant director helping to make sitcoms and documentaries for an independent production company. Zonca's first short, "Rives" (1992), did well on the festival circuit, as did "Eternelles" (1994), his second, and the prize money for the two helped finance a third, "Seule" ... Continue Bio >>

Popular Movies:
2009-05-08 Julia
0000-00-00 Le Secret
1999-03-02 The Dreamlife of Angels
2000-03-01 The Little Thief
2000-03-01 Alone