Douglas Sirk

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Birth Name: Douglas Sirk
Born: 04/26/1900
Birth Place: Hamburg, DE
Death Place: Switzerland
Died: 01/14/1987

In Hollywood, after several years of aborted projects, Sirk directed his first American feature, "Hitler's Madman" (1943). His early work in Hollywood remains largely undistinguished, although Sirk devotees insist that, like his later, more important films, it contains ironic critiques of American culture. "Lured" (1947) and "Sleep, My Love" (1948) stand out in this period as atypical but competent thrillers.

Sirk's great period was during his association with Universal-International studios, beginning in 1951 and continuing until his retirement from filmmaking in 1959, and particularly with producers Albert Zugsmith and Ross Hunter. The series of melodramas he made for Universal struck a ... Continue Bio >>

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