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Birth Name: Dick Smith-spb4471742

Smith has stated that he was the very first makeup artist hired by NBC in 1945. Back then when radio ruled the airwaves, his office space was the bottom drawer of an assistant director's desk. By 1950 TV had arrived and Smith had advanced to department head with 20 full-time makeup artists working under his direction. He has told colorful tales of the rigors of aging actors for live TV dramas on the likes of "Philco TV Playhouse" and "Goodyear TV Playhouse" where every second counted. Smith continued to work in TV periodically through the 80s, garnering several Emmy nominations and winning one for "Mark Twain Tonight!" (CBS, 1967).

His subsequent films include "The World of Henry Orient" (... Continue Bio >>

Popular Television:
1994 Madonna: Innocence Lost
1994 Madonna: Unauthorized

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