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Birth Name: D.C. Fontana

Born on March 25, 1939 in Sussex, NJ, Dorothy Catherine Fontana always knew what she wanted to be a writer when she grew up. By the time she was 11 years old, she was already crafting elaborate stories for her childhood friends. As she grew older, she became an avid reader of Westerns, police stories and history books. Her first desire was to pen novels, but she soon took an interest in the new medium of television. The practical side of Fontana led her to study secretarial and administrative skills in both high school and college, to make sure she could earn a living - practical thinking that would soon pay off. It was with her first attempt to break into the business - a script for the WWI... Continue Bio >>

Popular Television:
1997 Earth: Final Conflict
1997 Gene Roddenberry's "Earth: Final Conflict"
1997 Gene Roddenberry's Battleground Earth
1993 Babylon 5
1992 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
1989 War of the Worlds
1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation
1977 Logan's Run
1976 Fantastic Journey
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