Christine McVie

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Birth Name: Christine McVie
Born: 07/12/1943
Birth Place: Birmingham, England, GB

Born Christine Anne Perfect in the village of Bouth in England's Lake District on July 12, 1943, she was the daughter of violinist Cyril Perfect and his wife Beatrice, a medium and faith healer. McVie began playing piano at the age of four, which evolved into classic training from early adolescence into her mid-teens. However, her focus soon shifted to rock-n-roll after an older brother brought home a Fats Domino songbook. Still, music remained only a hobby for McVie, who attended art school with the intention of becoming an educator like her father. Once again, rock music disrupted her plans when she became invested in the pop music scene in Birmingham. There, she began playing bass with a ... Continue Bio >>

Popular Television:
1997 Behind the Music
1997 Classic Albums (03/17/98)
1997 Fleetwood Mac "Rumours"
1997 Fleetwood Mac: The Dance
1992 Fleetwood Mac: Going Home
1992 Going Home (08/29/93)
1987 Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night
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