Alexander Korda

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Birth Name: Alexander Korda
Born: 09/16/1893
Birth Place: Hungary
Death Place: London, England, GB
Died: 01/23/1956

Born on Sept. 16, 1893 in Turkeve, Hungary, Korda moved to Budapest in 1906 after the death of his father, and later left school in 1909 to work fulltime as a journalist. Five years later, he founded the film magazine, MOZIHET, before joining Pedagogical Studios to direct films for various schools. In 1917, he bought the Corvin production company and began making films throughout Europe as a director and producer, turning out such silent titles as "Herren Der Meere" (1922), "Das Unbekannte Morgen" (1923) and "Madame Wunscht Keine Kinder" (1924), which was a showcase for his first wife, actress Maria Corda, whom he married in 1919. He moved to Austria after the overthrow of the Bela Ku... Continue Bio >>

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