Alexander Godunov

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Birth Name: Alexander Godunov
Born: 11/28/1949
Birth Place: Russia
Death Place: West Hollywood, California, USA
Died: 05/1995

Unlike Baryshnikov, Godunov chose not to appear in dance films. Perhaps due to this--or to the alcoholism which eventually killed him--Godunov's film career fizzled. His lion's mane of long blond hair and his intimidating presence did help him get roles as an arrogant symphony conductor in "The Money Pit" (1986), a villain in "Die Hard" (1988) and an incestous madman in "Waxwork II" (1991). Godunov's final role was in the comedy "North" (1994). As an in-joke, he portrayed an Amish father, married to "Witness" co-star Kelly McGillis.

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