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Birth Name: Alberto Cavalcanti
Born: 02/06/1897
Birth Place: Rio de Janeiro, BR
Death Place: Paris, FR
Died: 08/23/1982

Upon his return to Brazil, Cavalcanti helped set up, and headed, Vera Cruz Studios. His attempt to forge a new Brazilian Cinema, free of American dominance, was sabotaged when he was denounced as a communist. The model for the studio as well was also perhaps too influenced by Hollywood paradigms to succeed in another culture and without sufficient bankrolling. Despite losing his job Cavalcanti managed to make several more films, most impressively the bitter and lyrical "Song of the Sea" (1954). Upon returning to Europe he directed the highly regarded "Herr Puntilla und sein Knecht Matti" (1955), co-written with Bertolt Brecht.

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