Alain Resnais

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Birth Name: Alain Resnais
Born: 06/03/1922
Birth Place: Vannes, Brittany, FR
Death Place: Paris, FR
Died: 03/01/2014

Resnais' most memorable documentary is the 31-minute "Nuit et brouillard/Night and Fog" (1956), a disturbing excursion into the world of Nazi concentration camps, in which he first revealed his preoccupation with the theme of memory and a visual style emphasizing probing camera tracking. Called by then-critic Francois Truffaut the greatest film ever made, it carefully juxtaposed black-and-white stills and newsreel footage depicting the obscenities that once transpired with restless color tracking shots of the post-war locations of those crimes. The poetic refrain of the narrator--"Who is responsible?"--forces viewers to confront the Holocaust as a continuing potentiality. The endless stacks ... Continue Bio >>

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