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'Dancing With The Stars' Mixes It Up

4/21/2009 9:32am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
The Dancing With The Stars celebrities were very busy multi-tasking this week. They not only learned an individual routine and a group dance, but they helped style their professional partner. This week the couples mixed it up and performed a variety of routines.

First up was Melissa Rycroft and professional partner Tony Dovolani performing the Argentine Tango. Melissa's newfound stardom allowed her a behind the scenes look at the Desperate Housewives set with Teri Hatcher. Of course this shameless plug was to help Melissa learn how to be a, in Bruno Tonioli's words, "a man-eater." Mayb...

'Dancing With The Stars': Will Kristi Take The Trophy Home?

5/20/2008 8:34am EDT
Kristi Yamaguchi
Wow, we're already at the finale! Kristi Yamaguchi, Jason Taylor, and Cristian de la Fuente are the final three, and tonight we decide who wins. Last night we had a freestyle round and a cha-cha to the death!

I'm still not certain how Cristian made it into the "Dancing With The Stars" finals, but I can't really think of anyone else to be there *cough* Shannon Elizabeth *cough* so they've got as much of a shot at winning as the other two couples. We've made it this far, let's take it home.

The Cha-cha

Cristian still had his injury to deal with; Jason wanted to get over his aw...

'Dancing With The Stars' Semi-Finals Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

5/13/2008 3:08pm EDT
Dancing with the Stars
Word on the street is that Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska are a safe bet for the big finale on Dancing with the Stars next week. In this week's post show Q & A with Jason he reveals who is more intimidating that Edyta and is stunned by Len's 10.

Have you ever had a school teacher as intimidating as Edyta?

Never-well, check that, Miss Wolpert in fifth grade. First day of class she yelled at me so loud and long for talking that I never said a word again until we left school in June!

Did you find it a bit ironic that Dan Marino grilled you about winning a championship?

It was g...

'Dancing With The Stars' Semifinals: Will Kristi Go All The Way?

5/13/2008 9:08am EDT
Kristi Yamaguchi
Mario and his perpetually glaring partner Karina are history, which leave only four couples on "Dancing With The Stars." Somehow Cristian's injury has made him a better dancer, and now the winner is anyone's guess. Tonight is the final elimination before the finale so last night's dance might have been the most important night of the competition. The dances were chosen by chance, so a little extra drama will come into play.

Jason and Edyta

Jason bombed last week so he really needed to step up to make it to next week. They did the fox trot and the paso doble this week, the first of wh...

'Dancing With The Stars' Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

5/6/2008 2:57pm EDT
Jason Taylor
"The Dancing with the Stars" competition has definitely heated up. Tonight is elimination night, but it's almost safe to say Miami Dolphin's Jason Taylor and partner Edyta Sliwinska will make it to the semi-final round next week. Between his hectic 10-hour a day practice schedule, shooting an episode with Sesame Street, rubbing elbows with the likes of Denzel Washington and Al Pacino, and writing for ESPN, Jason answered a few post-show questions for us in this Q & A.

Was that your first spray-on tan?

My second. The first was by God-his lasts longer!!

How hot is it on the danc...

'Dancing With The Stars': Marissa Is Probably Going Home Tonight

5/6/2008 8:38am EDT
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Happy Cinco De Mayo Samantha Harris! We're down to the final five, and with only three weeks to go things are about to take a serious turn. Shannon and Derek are gone, but I will solider on for you loyal readers. I've got my judging cap on, so let's get to the dancing.

Kristi and Mark

Kristi took a nose dive down to fourth place last week and wanted to do a lift in their samba. Mark was against it since it isn't in the character of the dance. She wanted to get back on top and was thrilled to do a lift in the quick step. Mark wanted to get tens without using tricks

Dance 1: Quick...

'Dancing With The Stars': Dull Dancing, An Injury & More

4/29/2008 10:01am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
Sniff, Marlee is gone. No really I'm ok, I swear. Well, six couples remain on "Dancing With The Stars." Kristy has it in the bag still, but things can change. Last night each couple had two dances that were judged by the terrible trio of judges. Will this week seal the fate of the weaker competitors (I'm looking at you Marissa) or will everything change? Tom and Samantha prepped us, and we're ready to go. Quick note, I'm preserving my sanity by listing both dances together, otherwise this would be a mess to read.

Marissa and Tony

We're reminded that last week Marissa had her best sco...

'Dancing With the Stars': The Final 7

4/22/2008 8:49am EDT
Shannon Elizabeth
This week on "Dancing With The Stars" there is the usual introduction fluff. Each couple has their own dance and some sort of country dance so let's not waste time and jump right in then, shall we? Oh, and Samantha is looking beautiful as usual.

Jason and Edyta- The cha cha

We've got Jason near the top of the dancing heap, and this week Edyta takes Jason to hip-hop school where I wanted to go for summer camp but alas, space camp was where I ended up. Jason is set to show Len he can dance. Starting with a jump off the stairs Jason has embraced his dancing destiny and is keeping up wit...

Week 5 'Dancing With The Stars' Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

4/16/2008 10:43am EDT
Dancing with the Stars
Week 5 has come and gone and once again Jason and Edyta are "safe" to dance another week on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. In this week's exclusive Q & A with Jason Taylor he discusses his "groove" and gets some great rookie hazing ideas.

How did the rumba compare to other dances?

It's a combination of the Waltz and Mambo. It's slow but you still have to move your body-particularly, the hips.

After getting another impressive score, do you feel that you've found your groove?

I wouldn't even know where to look for my groove! All I know is that Edyta coaches and I try to get it r...

'Dancing With The Stars': If Anyone Can Beat Kristi, It's Jason

4/15/2008 9:25am EDT
Kristi Yamaguchi
Adam Carolla is gone and Julianne is breathing a sigh of relief to finally be done on "Dancing With The Stars." This week we'll be watching the samba and the rumba, with Samantha Harris trying her best to not seem disappointed that her career has taken her here. Hang in there Sam!

Mario and Karina- Samba

Karina seems defeated, and Mario needs an ego boost. They go to meet Stevie Wonder, since his being blind might help Mario do well...it works for Marlee. Will his newfound confidence drive him to the top? Well, so far the promise of this being the sexiest night of dancing has been a ...

Week 4 'Dancing With The Stars' Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

4/8/2008 3:05pm EDT
Jason Taylor
In week 4 of Dancing with the Stars, Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska had a much better go at waltz than the jive. In our exclusive post-show chat, Jason discusses the NFL issue with the competition, his sex symbol status and how his 285 pound teammate can cut a rug.

It seemed like you had a better time with the waltz than the jive, how come?

I have a great time working with Edyta for any dance however, my body type is probably best suited for the waltz-maybe that makes me look like I'm having a better time.

I think one can safely say that you and Edyta have chemistry, w...

'Dancing With The Stars' Week 4: Adam Carolla To Be Sent Packing?

4/8/2008 9:27am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
Dancing With The Stars hosts Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris are back to try my patience while nine couples get to dance their way into my heart with the paso doble and the waltz! Shall we begin? Wait. Before we begin, did you know Samantha Harris has a journalism degree from Northwestern where she graduated with honors? So join me in starting a new movement to actually be nice to Samantha. Ok, now we can begin.

Kristi and Mark- Paso doble

Kristi has learned to open up, probably to get three 10s. Will she show passion? They are both incredibly sexy together, so if they can communica...

Week 3 'Dancing With The Stars' Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

4/1/2008 5:11pm EDT
Jason Taylor
Week three of Dancing with the Stars found Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor doing the jive with partner Edyta. In our post-show chat, Jason seems to be enjoying himself and doesn't seem to mind a little criticism from one of the judges.

1. What is more difficult, preparing for a new dance or getting past Jonathan Ogden?

Without a doubt preparing for a dance-particularly, the Jive!!!!

2. Is there any jealousy in the locker room because of your dancing ability?

Not yet-but I'm sure there'll be plenty of guys talking junk when I get back, that they could of done a lot be...

'Dancing With The Stars': Week 3

4/1/2008 11:29am EDT
Marlee Matlin
We're down to the final 10. Buckle up, we've got an hour and a half of this!

Marlee and Fabian - Jive

She has a Hallmark movie on CBS in a few weeks, and I bet she plays a deaf woman. Marlee looks extra hot tonight, though, and the dancing is fantastic. She is in league with Kristy as one of the best dancers on the show. I'm predicting she'll be in the final three. Len says she never ceases to amaze him, Bruno is not as enthusiastic, and Carrie Ann is starting to get nitpicky, telling Marlee to be careful with her hands.

My Score- 8

Carrie Ann- 7

Len- 7

Bruno- 7


The First Two Couples Eliminated From 'Dancing With The Stars'

3/26/2008 9:23am EDT
Dancing With The Stars
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Magician Penn Jillette and tennis champ Monica Seles were the first stars eliminated from the sixth season of ABC's ''Dancing With the Stars.'' Each came into Tuesday's results show in last place.

Jillette, 53, added a dash of magic to his quickstep, but his footwork failed to impress the judges. Despite his dismissal, the magician insisted that he and his professional partner would continue to rehearse daily and planned to perform in the parking lot. ''There's no way my dance career ends now,'' he said.

Before her name was announced, Seles said being the first ...

Week 2 'Dancing With The Stars' Post-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

3/25/2008 11:02am EDT
Jason Taylor
Eliminations begin tonight. Starpulse believes Jason Taylor has nothing to worry about. Here is our exclusive post-show chat with one of this season's breakout dancing stars.

Carrie Ann said you have a real chance of winning the competition, what did hearing that feel like?

Unreal-but in the world I come from, if you start thinking too far ahead that's the kiss of death!! First thing is getting by tonight's elimination - then it's another week of trying to learn another dance.

The rehearsal pieces make it look like hard work, but a lot of fun. How long each day are you rehearsin...

'Dancing With The Stars': Music Ranges From Annoying To Jam-A-Pen-In-My-Ears Terrible

3/25/2008 9:05am EDT
Here we are, week number two of 39. I'm going to be glossing over all the filler because honestly nobody wants to sit through it, so why give them the satisfaction of writing about it? So here is week two, written as I watch it.

Steve Guttenberg and Anna - Mambo

Anna brought her mom to rehearsals, and it was only slightly awkward to learn her mom is as old as Steve. She gave Steve some great advice though about enjoying the dance. Let's see if he can translate that to his dancing. First off, the music they pick for these dances ranges from mildly annoying to jam-a-pen-in-my-ears horr...

'Dancing With The Stars' Competitor Jason Taylor On Working Hard & Wearing Tutus

3/19/2008 8:29am EDT
Jason Taylor
Sure, we've only had one night of competition on "Dancing With The Stars," but Jason Taylor has already demonstrated that he's in it to win it. Starpulse had some questions for the dancing Dolphin after his first night performing.

Congratulations on being ranked number two. Were you surprised by how well you performed?

I wouldn't say surprised, probably relieved. When you prepare as hard for this as we did and were as confident as we were, you expect to perform well.

The judges seemed really pleased by how well you moved. Any early plans on improving the other parts of your rout...

Week 1 'Dancing With The Stars' Pre-Show Interview With Jason Taylor

3/18/2008 9:17am EDT
Jason Taylor
Starpulse had the opportunity to chat with Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor about his stint on the latest season of Dancing With The Stars, how it compares to football, and who he thinks is his biggest competition.

How did your involvement in this season's competition come about?

I’m asking myself the same question - all I know is my agent presented it to me, started selling me on it and between him and my wife, the next thing you know I’m living in LA!

How is training for the competition different then training for a football season?

It’s actually more grueling fro...