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Tony Romo Wants To Hurt The Cowboys For Five More Seasons

5/26/2016 1:37pm EDT
Tony Romo
Tony Romo sees himself playing for the Cowboys for a half decade.

It has looked like it's over for Romo for the past two seasons. But, he thinks he's reached a turning point.

“I’m not in my mid-20s anymore, but I do think based on what my situation has been like the last three or four years, I do think this [offseason] is drastically different,” Romo said Wednesday. “It takes me back five years ago when I was able to do things the way [I had]. I’m not there yet. I still got these months to just get after it, but it’s exciting to actually be able to get after it a little bit. But if ever...

Tony Romo To Be Cowboys QB For Another Half A Decade

2/27/2016 5:08pm EST
Tony Romo
The class of quarterbacks in this year's NFL draft looks pretty weak on paper. That's not an issue for the Dallas Cowboys because they aren't looking to pick up a starting QB.

Current first string Tony Romo will have shoulder surgery in March, supposedly a preventative measure.

He confirmed he'll have surgery and is getting a plate put in his shoulder, something he called "preventative" on Saturday.

“We're just going to do it for preventative,” Romo said. “As far as the way I feel, I feel good. We just want to make sure that obviously it doesn't happen again, so we'll probably just put ...

These NFL Players Make Insane Money

8/17/2015 3:00pm EDT
20 NFL Players Who Are Making A Crazy Amount Of Money
The NFL season is almost underway, and while the players are gearing up to compete for a championship, the league accountants are busy writing up the massive checks to pay them. Like every year, there are players that undoubtedly deserve the money they're making, but some players have the tendency to cause buyer's remorse. Either way, the amount that players in the NFL make is insane, and here are some of the salaries that are commanding the top of the list.

Aaron Rodgers

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the highest paid player in all of football. His team didn’t quite live ...

Jessica Simpson's Ex Tony Romo Welcomes Baby Boy Hawkins

4/11/2012 8:30am EDT
Tony Romo
Jessica Simpson's ex-boyfriend Tony Romo has beaten the singer in the baby stakes - he became a first-time dad on Monday.

The football star's wife Candice Crawford, sister of actor Chace Crawford, has given birth to a son, called Hawkins Crawford Romo.

A representative for the Dallas Cowboys star says, "Hawkins Crawford Romo is now a part of the Dallas Cowboys family. He came into this world on 4/9/12 at 5:30 p.m., 8 lbs. and 8 oz. All is well with mom."

Simpson, who dated Romo from 2007 to 2009, is set to become a mom later this month with fiance, Eric Johnson.

Celebrities Tying The Knot In 2011

1/11/2011 10:00am EST
Nick Lachey
In Hollywood it seems that marriages, engagements and divorces happen too often in a very short amount of time. There are a few lucky couples that can make a celebrity marriage work and some that can’t even make it through the honeymoon stage. Let’s hope these couples who plan on tying the knot this year can prove us wrong.

Nick Lachey – Nick and longtime girlfriend aka rebound girl, Vanessa Minnillo are finally making their relationship official by tying the knot. The 36 year old former boy band star popped the question to the 29 year old beauty queen and confessed, “She’s the love of ...

Tony Romo Proposes To Chace Crawford's Sister

12/17/2010 9:03am EST
Tony Romo
Jessica Simpson's former beau Tony Romo has proposed to his girlfriend Candice Crawford - just a month after the singer agreed to marry Eric Johnson.

Simpson and football star Romo split in 2009 and the blonde beauty began dating Johnson earlier this year.

He popped the question to Simpson on November 11th after just six months of dating - and now Romo has cemented his union with Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford's sister.

Romo's proposal came during a family meal to mark Crawford's 24th birthday on Thursday, according to KDAF-TV.

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Jessica Simpson Is Getting Better With Age

9/16/2010 1:36pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson wore a little black dress at the "Find Your Magic" campaign launch at Macy's in New York City on Wednesday. The tanned star looked great in the figure-hugging dress.

We may think Jess is looking particularly good these days, but she still suffers from insecurities. She recently admitted, "I have a white girl booty.

I don't have a big butt. I'd rather have a happy medium and take some off my chest and put it towards my butt so I could balance out a bit."

The actress/pop star is convinced she looks older since turning 30 summer. She tweeted, "It is official - I'm 30 and fou...

Jessica Simpson Gets Her Hands On Another Football Player

7/5/2010 8:38am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has scored with another sportsman following her split from Tony Romo - the pop singer is reportedly dating former football star Eric Johnson.

Simpson has been single since breaking up with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Romo last summer. And now she's being romanced by the ex-San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints player, reports

According to the website, the pair has been dating since May.

Johnson filed for divorce from his wife in February, while Simpson's romances with stars including John Mayer, Dane Cook and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine have hit headlines s...

July 10th Is Celebrity Wedding Day

7/1/2010 12:45am EDT
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt
July 10, 2010 is shaping up to be America's biggest celebrity wedding day - Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Carrie Underwood and former MTV VJ La La Vazquez will all exchange vows within hours of each other.

Life & Style reports Blunt will become Mrs. Krasinski, Underwood will exchange vows with ice hockey ace Mike Fisher in Georgia and Vazquez will wed her longtime boyfriend, basketball star Carmelo Anthony, on the same day.

The publication reports Vazquez will wear a Vera Wang gown for her big day. She says, "It's so exciting that everyone is getting married on this date."

The date has...

Kim Kardashian's New Boyfriend Is Dallas Cowboys Star Miles Austin

6/23/2010 3:59pm EDT
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian can't resist men in shoulder pads. On June 6 - more than two months after splitting from New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush - the E! Reality star cuddled up with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, 26, at Casa Vega in L.A.'s Sherman Oaks. "They sat in the back drinking margaritas," says a witness.

A source says Kardashian, 29, is taking things slowly. "They are dating," says a source close to her, "but she doesn't want to rush anything." Another Kardashian friend tells Us Magazine, "Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle."

Meanwhile, fans prob...

Jessica Simpson Wishes She Was Michelle Obama

5/3/2010 8:45am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson hails First Lady Michelle Obama as her role model. She explains, "I really do (want to be like her). She's such an incredible woman, and she's with such a powerful man."

Meanwhile, Jessica has hinted she's looking for love with a celebrity boyfriend, insisting anyone she dates must "understand her lifestyle."

The singer was married to former boy-band star Nick Lachey, and has since dated singer John Mayer and football star Tony Romo. Simpson has been single since splitting with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Romo last summer, and she admits she's ready to give love anoth...

Jessica Simpson Looking To Date Someone Famous?

4/29/2010 4:30pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson has hinted she's looking for love with a celebrity boyfriend, insisting anyone she dates must "understand her lifestyle."

The singer was married to former boy-band star Nick Lachey, and has since dated singer John Mayer and football star Tony Romo. Simpson has been single since splitting with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Romo last summer, and she admits she's ready to give love another go.

However, any potential suitor must be able to cope with her fame. She says, "They definitely have to understand my life and what I put up with and what I deal with. Being scrutinized pub...

Jessica Simpson: 'I'm Pretty Picky'

4/5/2010 4:00pm EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson is convinced she's still single because she's too "picky" when choosing partners.

The singer was previously married to Nick Lachey, and after their divorce in 2005 she went on to date rocker John Mayer and football quarterback Tony Romo. The 29 year old claims to have been single since splitting from Romo last summer, and admits she's since struggled to find a man.

Simpson is determined to be settled with kids by the time she reaches her 40th birthday, but fears it will be difficult because she has such high standards.

She tells Fox News, "By 10 years I would love to b...

Jessica Simpson: 'I Don't Wanna Squish Anybody In Bed'

3/16/2010 8:48am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson fears she's destined to settle down with a short guy after a fortune teller told her she'd find love with a man her own height.

The singer was in the Far East taping footage for her new TV show "The Price of Beauty" when she decided to seek out a little love advice after a string of failed romances with the likes of ex-husband Nick Lachey, John Mayer and sports star Tony Romo.

But she was far from impressed with what she was told.

She says, "The palm reader said it was not going to be a tall man and I usually like tall men...I don't wanna squish anybody in bed."

See mo...

29-Year-Old Jessica Simpson Fears Dying Alone; Is Not Such A 'Good Girl' Either (Video)

3/11/2010 8:48pm EST
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson, 29, is already fearing that she'll one day become an old maid after a failed marriage to singer Nick Lachey and well publicized breakups from rocker John Mayer and Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo.

"I hope I don't die alone, that's for damn sure," she says.

"Hopefully I can find a man that understands my life and understands my purpose. I just need to find the right man."

Time's running out, Jessica.

Jessica also adds that she's not such a 'good girl' after all in the video below...

Jessica Simpson Slams Billy Corgan Dating Rumors

2/16/2010 2:51pm EST
Jessica Simpson Slams Billy Corgan Dating Rumors
Jessica Simpson has played down rumors she's dating Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, insisting she's enjoying life as a single girl. The odd couple sparked reports of a romance in December after the stars were snapped together during a night out.

Simpson later revealed they had teamed up in the studio to record a new song, but refused to publicly address the dating claims. Corgan also failed to put a stop to the rumors last week when he dodged questions about the status of their relationship.

When asked if he was dating "Jessica", the 42 year old told, "Jessica R...

Billy Corgan Dodges Jessica Simpson Questions

2/11/2010 4:15pm EST
Billy Corgan Dodges Jessica Simpson Questions
Rocker Billy Corgan has fuelled rumors he is romancing Jessica Simpson - after refusing to confirm or deny if he is dating the pop singer. The odd couple is rumored to have begun dating in December after the stars were snapped together during a night out.

Sources claimed the longtime pals had taken their relationship to the next level and were "officially dating." However Corgan, 42, has refused to go public about the alleged romance - deflecting questions about the status of their relationship.

According to E! Online, when asked if he was dating "Jessica", Corgan responded, "Jessica...

Top Celebrity/Athlete Couples

10/21/2009 9:30am EDT
Celebrity /Athlete Couples
What goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? Celebrities and athletes of course. Here's our list of the top celebrity/athlete couples that have seen canoodling on red carpets and football fields.

Victoria and David Beckham - She's best known as Posh Spice form the girl group, Spice Girls, and he's the best soccer player in the world. They should have named their first child Soccer Spice.

- Click pic for next page -

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom - Among reports that the duo's recent marriage is a hoax, Khloe and Lamar claim to be going strong. The Los Angel...

Jessica Simpson & John Mayer Back Together?

9/10/2009 8:26am EDT
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have reportedly rekindled their romance after failing to find love with others since their break-up.

Simpson was dumped by football star Tony Romo on the eve of her 29th birthday in July and guitarist Mayer failed to find lasting love with Jennifer Aniston.

Reports suggest Romo split from the pop star after he uncovered text messages from her ex, Mayer, while they were dating - and now Simpson has reunited with the singer/songwriter, who dumped the blonde in 2007 after a year-long romance.

A source tells In Touch magazine, "They've always had an amazi...

Tony Romo Is Dating Chace Crawford's Sister (Video)

9/3/2009 11:32am EDT
Tony Romo
According to, Jessica Simpson's ex Tony Romo is dating another blonde: Chace Crawford's little sister Candice.

"She's not happy that it's out [in the media], but they weren't trying to hide," the source said. "They've gone out to dinner in Dallas a bunch." The 22 year-old Candice was Miss Missouri in 2008.

It's not the first time Romo was spotted with a 22 year-old blonde - US Weekly reported he was spotted flirting with Natalie Smith, the saughter of the associate athletic director at Romo's alma mater, Eastern Illinois University. He even brought her to a Jessica Simp...