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Khloe Kardashian Divorcing Lamar Odom To Have Babies With James Harden?

5/27/2016 2:36pm EDT
Khloe Kardashian Wants Family But Not With Lamar Odom, James Har
Lamar Odom is once again being divorced by Khloe Kardashian. Odom and Kardashian were spending a lot of time together leading up to the divorce. They even spent the Easter holidays with her family like a couple. For a while, it looked like a reconciliation was possible. Then, things changed. Khloe saw pictures of Odom drinking on TMZ while she was attempting to make him go to rehab for his substance abuse issues.

According to TMZ sources, Khloe sat Lamar down and told him that she needed a divorce. She wants a family but she can't start looking for a serious partner until she's legally si...

Nevada Brothel Owner Offers Lamar Odom Free Sex And Alcohol Because He 'Cares'

5/15/2016 10:50am EDT
Nevada Brothel Tries To Lure Lamar Odom Back With Free Sex, Alco
The owner of the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed and almost died welcomes the baller back with open arms.


Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof told TMZ Sports that he and his crew at the brothel "care" about Odom. They hope the former Los Angeles Laker will come back so badly they are offering him a special.

"First night and 2 girls are on me," Hof said ... "plus all the Remy Martin you can drink."

Huf realizes that his comments seem incredibly ignorant. Offering a person who struggles with substance abuse his vices back is normally frowned upon. Huf doesn't see it that ...

Lamar Odom Hits The Mall For Booze

5/8/2016 11:13pm EDT
Lamar Odom Is Drinking Again...At The Mall
Lamar Odom was spotted drinking at the Beverly Center (of all the places) in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon.

Current/ex-wife Khloe Kardashian was not with him. She does not approve of him drinking again. Rather, he was shopping with a few friends, according to TMZ. They reportedly shopped for shoes before heading into the mall's bar. Odom chatted with a few women and spent $60 dollars before heading out.

TMZ has pictures here.

Odom has progressed a lot since his accident in October when he overdosed and suffered multiple strokes. He's been at Los Angeles Lakers games as a guest of K...

Khloe Kardashian Had Lamar Odom's Father Evicted

5/2/2016 3:15pm EDT
Khloe and Lamar
Khloe Kardashian cut Lamar Odom's dad off while the former basketball player was hospitalized. Khloe didn't inform Joe Odom that he wasn't going to receive rent money anymore when she started handling Odom's money in October.

“Khloé didn’t even have the guts to tell me herself that my rent wasn’t going to be paid anymore,” said Joe Odom, 62. “She got the guys who handle Lamar’s money to call me and they said the rent wouldn’t be paid, I gotta move and my phone was going to get cut off.”

Odom's father is disabled so he had been paying his $4,000 monthly rent for the last 10 years.


Lamar Odom Will Be On 'KUWTK'

4/25/2016 10:45am EDT
Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom is returning to Keeping Up With The Kardashians following a drug overdose that left him near-dead. The former NBA star has agreed to appear on the upcoming season of the show. While some people may think that this is a good opportunity for Lamar to get back on his feet and make some money, others say that him doing the show is all for ratings.

According to Radar Online, Lamar Odom was actually "manipulated" into filming upcoming episodes of KUWTK.

"Lamar has been shooting and he is not well. He's very slow mentally. "The crew can see it's totally obvious he has some ongoing iss...

'KUWTK' Season 12 Preview: Rob Kardashian And Lamar Odom Are Back! [Video]

4/23/2016 9:34am EDT
'KUWTK' Season 12 Preview: Rob Kardashian And Lamar Odom Are Bac
Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns on May 1 with two familiar faces back on the E! reality show. The Season 12 KUWTK preview shows both Lamar Odom and Rob Kardashian back in front of the cameras after a one-season hiatus.

How often will Lamar and Rob on the show this season? Here's the scoop and a video preview (below) that hints at what's to come on KUWTK this season.

Rob was rarely seen in public prior to his relationship with Blac Chyna, but between his frequent social media posts and his return to Keeping Up with the Kardashians, it appears that the 29-year-old reality star is re...

Lamar Odom Wants To Have A Family With Khloe Kardashian

4/22/2016 9:01pm EDT
Khloe and Lamar
Former NBA player Lamar Odom hasn't given up on a happily ever after with reality star Khloe Kardashian. He reportedly still thinks that it is possible for them to start a family together.

“He still wants to give her a baby. That’s always been his plan,” a source spills to Back when they were happily married, Lamar and Khloe tried to hard to start a family without any success. He apparently still believes that even after all they’ve been through, starting a family with his one true love is in the cards."

“Even though he lost some of memory, he never forgot that he want...

Lamar Odom Blames 'KUWTK' For Downfall?

4/20/2016 8:53am EDT
Lamar Odom Blames 'KUWTK' For Downfall [Report]
Lamar Odom had a successful career and seemed to have a lot of things going for him. Then he met and married Khloe Kardashian... and things started heading in a different direction. According to a report from Radar Online, Odom's life changed because he got mixed up with the Kardashian crowd. And sources say that he feels as though reality TV ruined a perfectly good life.

"Lamar said that he was so happy playing for the Lakers and playing with Kobe and his life started to fall apart after he met Khloe. When he met her and started appearing on all of Kris Jenner's reality shows, that's when...

NBA Player Joins A Kardashian Sister For A Date At Nobu

4/19/2016 4:40pm EDT
Brandon Jennings
Khloe Kardashian is reportedly getting friendly with Orlando Magic star Brandon Jennings.

The two went to dinner with friends at Nobu in Malibu on Monday.

According to Perez Hilton, they seemed to be more than friends.

Khloe immediately hit up Twitter to handle the rumor.

Please stop linking me to every guy in the universe. SMH

— Khloé (@khloekardashian) April 18, 2016

However, a source told Hollywood Life that Khloe doesn't want to get serious about Brandon because she's not sure where the free agent will land next season.

“Neither Khloe or Malika are dating Brandon,” a sour...

Lamar Opens Up

4/16/2016 10:30am EDT
Lamar Odom Against Divorce, Wants To Return To NBA
Lamar Odom has spoken out for the first time since a drug overdose left him near dead. The athlete talked about his relationship with Khloe Kardashian and about his future as far as his career is concerned. According to TMZ, Lamar said that he had no intentions of going through a divorce with Khloe, even though the two are no longer involved with one another romantically. He also vowed to return to the NBA.

When Lamar was asked about Khloe and her decision to move forward with the divorce he said, "Everything is up for discussion. I mean we've been through a lot. It won't ever stop."


It's Over. Khloe And Lamar Are Done For Good

4/8/2016 12:21am EDT
Khloe and Lamar
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will never be Khloe and Lamar again.

"Khloé and Lamar are definitely not getting back together," an insider source told PEOPLE Magazine. "That is not on the table right now."

Odom's desire to drink and party are big reasons behind the lack of a chance the relationship currently stands. "Lamar refuses to listen to her," says a source. "He actually said to her, 'Nothing will happen to me. Look how I survived the last time.'"

The source doesn't say whether or not Khloe still has some romantic interest in her husband.

"She cares for him so much and she jus...

Guilt Is Keeping Khloé Kardashian Married To Lamar Odom

4/4/2016 9:17pm EDT
Khloé Kardashian Worries Lamar Odom Will Die If She Leaves
Khloe Kardashian's marriage to Lamar Odom continues on, even though Kardashian has filed for divorce and claims the relationship is not a romantic one.

Khloe worries Lamar might die if she leaves him again.

'Khloe is very worried about Lamar and his behavior,' an inside source told People. 'But Lamar refuses to listen to her.'

Khloe fears if she finally calls it quits with Odom for real, it will trigger the same series of events it did the last time she left him. After Khloe originally attempted to legally end the marriage, Odom sought comfort in drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes.


Lamar Odom Accepts Kobe Bryant's Lakers Game Invite

3/31/2016 7:01pm EDT
Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom attended his first Los Angeles Lakers game since his overdose in October. Former teammate Kobe Bryant invited him and left tickets for him.

Bryant went all out for Odom and provided two court side seats for the Lakers game against the Miami Heat. Bryant called Odom a "miracle" in his post game press conference. Bryant talked to his old teammate before and after the game.

“It was just like old times,” Bryant smiled when talking about catching up with his former teammate. “We talked before the game, we talked after the game, and it was great to just talk basketball with him. We...

Find Out Where Lamar Odom First Met Caitlyn Jenner

3/31/2016 9:39am EDT
Lamar Odom Was Hospitalized When He Met Caitlyn Jenner For The F
Lamar Odom first met Caitlyn Jenner when she visited him in a Las Vegas-area hospital. According to Gossip Cop, Odom didn't know about Caitlyn's transition, so seeing her for the first time after being in a coma was a bit of a shock, or, at least, that's what Khloe seemed to be hinting at.

"When he had his accident and he was in the hospital, Caitlyn was like, 'I wanna come and see Lamar.' Lamar did not [know] about Caitlyn at that time," Khloe said on a recent episode of Kocktails With Khloe. "So, Lamar was in a coma. and Lamar was in the hospital for four months, and I kept Lamar very sh...

Khloe Wants Lamar To Enter Rehab After Drinking Photos Surface

3/30/2016 1:23pm EDT
Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Wants Lamar Odom To Head For Rehab
Khloe Kardashian is extremely upset with Lamar Odom after photos of him in a bar surfaced on TMZ. She's urging Odom to go to rehab and would even settle for an outpatient program.

Odom is not about it. He reportedly think's he's capable of drinking in moderation.

Sources tell TMZ that Khloe's doing everything in her power to convince her husband to get treatment for his apparent addiction problems. While Odom's fine with regularly attending a physical rehab program, he refuses to deal with his substance abuse issues.

Khloe's not the only one. TMZ reports that nobody close to Odom belie...

Lamar Odom's Friends Upset Over New Drinking Reports

3/29/2016 2:50pm EDT
Lamar Odom's Friends Believe He's In Trouble Again
Lamar Odom reportedly believes he's capable of being a casual drinker since his accident in a Nevada brothel five months ago. However, people close to him think he's headed down a dangerous path.

TMZ's reporting that Odom's drinking is creating issues between him and Khloe Kardashian. She's helped him through the recovery process but she disagrees with his choice to start drinking again.

She tweeted she felt "helpless" after the TMZ report surfaced.

One source told TMZ said, "We all are really, really sad he's decided to do this."

After spending a couple of hours on Saturday night i...

Lamar Odom Is Back At It

3/29/2016 11:19am EDT
Lamar Odom
TMZ reports that Lamar Odom was at an Irish pub in Sherman Oaks, Calif. on Easter Sunday.

Bar staff say the former basketball player ordered three Remy Martin drinks.

Multiple staffers and patrons have verified to TMZ that Odom arrived at the Johnny O'Brien pub in Sherman Oaks with two male friends just before midnight on Saturday. They stayed for about two hours, until about 1am on Sunday.

There's even a picture to prove it.

Just a few hours later, Odom was spotted at church with Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian's two children. They attended a public Easter church service...

Lamar Odom Celebrates Easter With Kardashians

3/28/2016 10:19am EDT
Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom was looking happy and healthy as he celebrated Easter Sunday with his ex, Khloe Kardashian, and her whole family. According to People Magazine, the 36-year-old appeared to be having a great time hanging out with the people whom he says have been the closest to him. He was walking, talking, laughing, and dancing -- some things that many people didn't think he'd ever be able to do again after an overdose in Las Vegas left him near-dead.

Lamar was a part of many Kardashian-Jenner Snapstories, hanging out with Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian's kids, all of whom seemed to reme...

Lamar Odom Asked Khloe To Renew Wedding Vows [Report]

3/10/2016 10:18am EST
Lamar Odom Wedding Vows: Did He Ask Khloe Kardashian To Renew?
Khloe Kardashian has stayed by Lamar Odom's side while he continues his rehab following a drug overdose that left him on death's door. While the two have called off their divorce, Khloe has been pretty adamant about not having romantic feelings for her ex, but reports that the two are reconciling just won't quit.

According to Life And Style Magazine & Hollywood Life, Khloe recently turned down Lamar's proposal to renew their wedding vows.

"Lamar recently proposed again, saying they should have a marriage vow renewal. Khloe said no. [She] just can’t forget that Lamar cheated on her through...

James Harden Cheated On Khloe Kardashian

2/23/2016 2:05pm EST
Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian reveals that James Harden of the Houston Rockets cheated on her after talking her into monogamy.

On her new show "Kocktails with Khloe," Kardashian alleged the Rocket guard begged her for an exclusive relationship but then wasn't committed to it.

"He sought me out, he wanted to be committed ... then wasn't committed."

It's very likely that when Harden meant exclusive relationship, he meant please stop dating your husband. During her relationship with the NBA star, Kardashian continued to maintain close contact with her husband Lamar Odom. The former Los Angeles Laker w...

Does Khloe Want To Reunite With Lamar?

2/23/2016 11:25am EST
Did 'KUWTK' Khloe Kardashian Just Say She Wanted To Reunite With
Khloe Kardashian talked reunions with estranged husband Lamar Odom on her latest episode of "Kocktails with Khloe."

In the latest episode, the reality star was very candid about her relationship with her recovering ex-husband.

She opened up to her guest JoJo, Carmen Electra and Ross Matthews about her relationship with Odom since his near-death experience after being found unresponsive after a drug overdose in a Nevada brothel in 2015.

The reality star was asked if she wanted to get married again.

In response, Kardashian exclaimed she's "still f**king married!"

"But I do one day, honey...

Lamar Odom's Children Upset He Doesn't Visit Them

2/18/2016 1:50pm EST
Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom made his first planned public appearance last week. He only recently left the hospital to enter a rehab program. Odom got on a private plane and flew to New York City with the Kardashian/Jenner/West family. The crew attended Kanye West's New York Fashion Week show, Yeezy Season 3. NYC is where Odom's two children live with his ex-girlfriend. He did not see his children during the trip and left New York very soon after arriving.

Odom was spotted at the fashion show. West personally showed his seat.

#LamarOdom attends the unveiling of #YeezySeason3 with @kanyewest and the #kar...

Lamar Odom To Attend NY Fashion Week, Kanye West's Album Listening Party

2/11/2016 9:38am EST
Lamar Odom Appears In Good Health While Traveling From LA To NY
Lamar Odom is apparently feeling well enough to travel. The former NBA star was photographed boarding a flight to New York City with Khloe Kardashian on Wednesday.

Odom spent several months recovering in a hospital and rehabilitation center after being found unconscious following a reported drug overdose at a Las Vegas brothel in October.

Odom and Kardashian, who have yet to finalize their divorce, were spotted at Los Angeles' Van Nuys Airport boarding a private jet around 9 p.m. on Feb. 10, reports TMZ.

It's speculated that the pair will attend his brother-in-law Kanye West's Yeezy fash...

Lamar Odom Is Back With The Kardashians

2/8/2016 4:08pm EST
Khloe Kardashian Posts Interesting Instagram Photo After Spendin
Kim Kardashian revealed that she's hanging out with Khloe and Lamar Odom.

On Super Bowl Sunday, Kim, Khloe, and Lamar all went for a hike together.

Super Soul Sunday time before Super Bowl Sunday time with Khloe & Lamar

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) February 7, 2016

The sisters shared a video of the hike because they live stream their lives now, in addition to never-ending social media posts and a television show. The photos are via Terez Owens.

While the video doesn't feature Lamar's face, Kim confirmed that the arm and the large shoes belong...

Lamar Odom Hangs With Khloe, Kim

2/8/2016 11:00am EST
Khloe And Lamar: Kim Kardashian Spends Super Bowl Sunday With Si
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom spent Super Bowl Sunday with her sister, Kim Kardashian. The three went for a hike ahead of Sunday night's big game (which saw the Denver Broncos dominate the Carolina Panthers in a 24-10 victory). Kim took to her Instagram account to let her millions of followers know that she was spending time with her former brother-in-law, who is doing miraculously well following a drug overdose.

Super Soul Sunday time before Super Bowl Sunday time with Khloe & Lamar

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Feb 7, 2016 at 2:11pm PST

Lamar Odom is...

Khloe Won't Divorce Lamar For James Harden?

1/23/2016 4:04pm EST
Khloe Kardashian, James Harden
James Harden is not happy that his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian remains married to Lamar Odom.

A source told Life & Style Magazine that James is awkward about the whole situation.

“James has been pressuring Khloé to put the divorce back in motion,” a source tells the magazine. “He doesn’t like that Khloé is still married to Lamar. It’s awkward for him.”

"And Khloé is torn over what to do. “She loves James,” the insider adds. “But she feels like she needs to give Lamar more time to recover before she makes a decision on the divorce.”

James has been behaving badly lately. He was spotted ...

Khloe Talks More Sex With Lamar

1/18/2016 12:08pm EST
Khloe Kardashian On Sex Tape With Lamar Odom
Khloe Kardashian is on a publicity tour so that means she will say anything for attention. While appearing on a talk show, she was asked if she has a sex tape, like sister Kim Kardashian.

Khloe says that she and Lamar Odom have a few homemade videos.

“I’ve definitely recorded myself having sex with my ex-husband but not like talking to camera.”

“Do you remember those little cameras?” she continued. “They were little video cameras that you put in your pocket. That was my jam for a moment.”

Host Andy Cohn asked Khloe if she still has the tapes, “I do." She says. "In my safe.”


Khloe Kardashian: 'I've Definitely Recorded Myself Having Sex With My Ex-Husband'

1/18/2016 9:38am EST
Khloe Kardashian Admits She Made A Sex Tape With Lamar Odom, Kee
Khloe Kardashian has gotten candid about her relationship with ex Lamar Odom, revealing she made a sex tape with the former NBA star.

During an interview with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live," the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star said: "I've definitely recorded myself having sex with my ex-husband. But not like, talking to camera."

And she still has the video, admitting she keeps it "in my safe."

Khloe's sister, Kim, famously made a sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J in 2003. In 2007, Vivid Entertainment wound up distributing the tape as "Kim K Superstar," and it catapulted h...

Mark Cuban Talks Khloe Kardashian Saying Lamar Odom Experienced Racism In Dallas

1/14/2016 3:54pm EST
Mark Cuban
During an interview with Howard Stern, Khloe Kardashian reveals that she and Lamar Odom experienced racism in Dallas when Lamar played for the Mavericks. Mark Cuban has responded to her comments, saying this is the first time he's heard of Khloe and Lamar's horrible experience.

The Mavs owner told TMZ that he never heard a word about the racism the couple was dealing with when he spoke to Khloe and Lamar. "Anytime I talked to her I asked how things were going, and did she need anything. Never a word. Not from Lamar or anyone."

Lamar's issues began to surface in Dallas. It was extremely ...

Khloe Talks Hot Sex With Lamar

1/13/2016 7:59pm EST
Khloe Kardashian On Sex Life With Lamar Odom: 'It Was Just The M
Khloe Kardashian appeared on Howard Stern's radio show to promote her new talk show. Since it was Stern, Khloe talked sex. And, the reality star revealed some steamy details about her sex life with Lamar Odom.

She says that she and Odom did everything that Lamar wanted, sexually.

"Sex, b--wjobs, whatever the f--k he wants," Khloe said. "Because it's my husband. I don't care."

Khloe also told Stern that Odom was the best sex she's ever had. "Obviously, we had phenomenal sex, that's for sure," she shares. "It was just the most intense relationship I've ever had — in a great way."

In t...