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Kobe And LeBron Could Have Been Traded For Each Other

2/10/2016 4:59pm EST
King James
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers discussed swapping Kobe Bryant for LeBron James in 2007.

At the time, Bryant was upset with the Lakers and even more upset with then-teammate Shaq. He was forcing the Lakers to do something. The team responded by looking through all of their options. But, if they were going to trade Kobe, they wanted equal value.

Before Bryant’s final game in Cleveland, ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst shared:

According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the event, the Lakers once contacted the Cavs to investigate whether Cleveland would make James...

Does Kanye Like LeBron's New Nike Shoes?

2/9/2016 9:40pm EST
LeBron James
LeBron James recently released another new Nike shoe. The shoe is the one he will wear during the Toronto 2016 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday. It's a luxury version of the Nike LeBron 13.

Kanye West went on another Twitter rant today and brought up LeBron's new shoe. He tweeted a photo of the new shoe with the comment, "Wow this is pretty cool... good job NIKE team... LeBron is my brother."

West famously hates Nike so it's unknown he was being sarcastic or legitimately nice. In a recent Drake rip off song, Mr. West threw serious shade at both LeBron and Nike. Given the rest of the content o...

Miami Heat Owner Says LeBron Is A Coach Killer

1/26/2016 5:39pm EST
LeBron James
There is still a lot of debate regarding whether or not LeBron James got his coach fired last week.

Raanan Katz, a part-owner of the Miami Heat, believes that LeBron and/or his camp was behind the David Blatt firing.

Why would Katz think that? Well, he tried to get Erik Spoelstra fired during his time in Miami.

Miami Heat part-owner Raanan Katz said LeBron had Blatt fired. In same breath: "He tried the same with Spo, but failed."

— David Pick (@IAmDPick) January 26, 2016

If first you don't succeed, try again.

The Cleveland Cavaliers fired Blatt on Friday. It was reported that Le...

NBA Highlights From Saturday

1/23/2016 9:47pm EST
Carmelo Anthony, Jeremy Lin
A lot of non-basketball things happen during NBA games. Thanks to social media, those moments are now documented by the world wide web.

Here are Saturday night's non-basketball highlights.

It was rumored that Carmelo Anthony disliked Jeremy Lin when the two played for the Knicks. Looks like those rumors were true...

melo hit jeremy lin right in the face pic.twitter.com/QCn83lL9bN

— James Herbert (@outsidethenba) January 24, 2016


This is actually a basketball highlight but it's cool so it counts. New Cavs coach LeBron James and his team played the Bulls. James came out ...

David Blatt Lost Team Because He Was Scared Of LeBron

1/23/2016 1:07pm EST
LeBron James
Cleveland Cavaliers head coach David Blatt was hired before LeBron returned to the city. The Cavs probably didn't anticipate that the best player of the decade would elect to return to Cleveland when they hired him. As a result, James and Blatt weren't a perfect fit for each other.

Brendan Haywood shared with NBA.com that Blatt was scared of LeBron. It caused him to lose the respect of the rest of the team.

“Coach Blatt was very hesitant to challenge LeBron James,” Haywood said. “It was one of those situations where, being a rookie coach, and LeBron being bigger than life, it was a litt...

Cavs Thought Kevin Love Was Traded Today

1/22/2016 9:36pm EST
Kevin Love
Some of Kevin Love's teammates thought he had been traded on Friday when the Cleveland Cavaliers called a team meeting.

Word is that people in the Cavaliers' most inner circle knew it would be either Love or David Blatt on their way out.

David Blatt told friends in Israel last week, "It's either me or Kevin Love." Just surprised LeBron didn't decide sooner...

— Peter Vecsey (@PeterVecsey1) January 22, 2016

The second part of the tweet is obviously a joke in reference to LeBron's influence over the team and its management. There are many reports that say Lebron James wasn't consul...

Kevin Love Calls LeBron James Out After Cavaliers Lose To Warriors

1/19/2016 9:30pm EST
Kevin Love
The Cleveland Cavaliers were devastated after a 132-98 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

After the game, Kevin Love spoke to Cleveland.com’s Chris Fedor about what happened on the court.

"We got beat up on our home floor tonight," Love said. "I think a lot of things went wrong, a lot of things we need to clean up in our preparation, but I think they're the better team right now. We have a lot of things to get better at. That's going to take a lot of guys looking themselves in the mirror and it all starts with our leader (James) over there and dwindles on down."

The power forward himsel...

The Cavaliers Still Aren't Over Losing To The Warriors Last Year

1/17/2016 7:38pm EST
LeBron James
Last summer the Cleveland Cavaliers lost 105 - 97 to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. The Cavs will play Stephen Curry & Co. again on Monday night.

Guard Kyrie Irving told Cleveland.com that the team still isn't over the loss from last year.

"As a team, within our locker room we know what we have to take care of, and that's just being there for one another," Irving said. "Despite what's going on outside our locker room, doesn't really matter. That rage is still burning inside us. We all share it and we definitely have a chip on our shoulder and we need that."

LeBron James s...

LeBron James Goes Weeks Without Seeing Children Due To NBA Schedule

1/16/2016 11:22pm EST
LeBron James
LeBron James returned to Cleveland very early Friday morning after being on the road with the Cavaliers for almost two weeks. Upon his return, he took to Twitter and explained how difficult the NBA schedule can be, even though, he loves his job.

The NBA life. Get home from a 12 day 6 game road trip at 5am and I wouldn't trade it for nothing in the world! #ILoveThisShhhhhh #GoodNight

— LeBron James (@KingJames) January 16, 2016

LeBron also shared that one of the struggles of being on the road all the time is the lack of family time.

When asked by Cleveland.com about the Cavs upcomi...

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Get Sentimental

1/15/2016 1:25pm EST
King James
LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a big time loss the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night.

After the game, James posted a tribute to Tim Duncan on Instagram.

Don't know how many times we got left to go against one another but I've never have and I never will take them for granted! The consistency you've shown over the years goes unmatched and as a competitor it's always a treat to be competing on the same floor as you! Being a professional(professionalism) is so overlooked in our sport but I always knew who I could look to if I ever wasn't professional about this lovely game ...

LeBron James Is Surprised To Find The Cowboys Mascot In His Hotel Room

1/13/2016 1:31am EST
LeBron James
LeBron James had a special late night visitor in his Dallas hotel room.

James is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so his trainer Mike arranged for the Cowboys mascot to meet LeBron when the Cavaliers were in town to face the Mavericks.

King James walked into his room and saw his trainer stretching out the mascot on LeBron's table. He thought the whole thing was the best. He even got his own giant Cowboy hat.

Is anybody else a little surprised that LeBron stays at a hotel about as nice as a Quality Inn? Like, that room is rough.

Kevin Love Gets Left Out Of Cavs' Group Pictures, Fixes It

1/9/2016 4:37pm EST
Kevin Love
Kevin Love is constantly being left out of LeBron James' squad group photos.

No Love.

No Love again.

Love began to notice that he was never invited to the photo party. Maybe he didn't have a cool winter jacket? So he fixed it with a little Photoshop.

Teammate Jared Cunningham was sacrificed for the making of the photo but he's been in a lot of team photos so it was his time.

Love isn't being ignored completely. LeBron recently said he's very happy with the way that Love's traded for Andrew Wiggins worked.

"It’s a lot of things that goes into a trade, and everyone always ki...

LeBron James Sees His Coach David Blatt Naked

1/5/2016 9:00pm EST
LeBron James On After Game Meeting With David Blatt: 'That Man W
LeBron James had an awkward encounter with his naked coach David Blatt after the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors 122 - 100.

Jason Lloyd of Ohio.com reports.

As James was leaving the locker room, Blatt — wearing only a towel — swung open the door to his office and called James over to him.

“C’mon Coach,” James said. “I can’t talk to you like this.”

He did, though. James obliged and after the two briefly chatted, James turned and walked toward Tristan Thompson. “That man was naked,” James said.

It's very typical for players to watch around in only towels after games. H...

LSU's Ben Simmons The Best Player Since LeBron James

1/5/2016 8:20pm EST
LSU's Ben Simmons Is Officially Being Called The Best Thing Sinc
Is a 19-year-old Australian who plays for Louisiana State University the next LeBron James?

He has Magic Johnson's endorsement.

LSU's Ben Simmons is the best all around player I've seen since LeBron James came out of high school straight to the NBA!

— Earvin Magic Johnson (@MagicJohnson) January 6, 2016

The Los Angeles Lakers legend isn't the only one calling the LSU power forward the next one.

Phil Martelli, the head coach of the Saint Joseph's Hawks men's basketball also drew the comparison.

“He is [Lebron James],” Martelli said when asked about Simmons. “That’s who he is.”

Did LeBron James Defend Nike Or Agree With Kanye West?

1/4/2016 2:10pm EST
LeBron James
LeBron James is loyal to Nike in the wake of Kanye West's criticism of the brand, in which, he drags James and his new lifetime contract into.

In West's new song, Facts, he says:

Nike, Nike, treat employees just like slaves

Gave LeBron a billi' not to run away.

James told Joe Vardon of Cleveland.com he's aware of the song but has not yet heard it.

"Obviously I'm going to side with Nike no matter who it is," James said. "It's just, it's family when you talk about Nike, and I'm always on their side no matter what the situation is."

He continued:

"We don't look upon nobody on our ...

Is Delonte West's Social Media Fake?

1/3/2016 2:44pm EST
Are The Delonte West Instagram And Twitter Accounts Insulting Le
Over the last month, Delonte West has been insulting LeBron James on social media. But, is it really him?

The best answer? Maybe.

The Twitter and Instagram accounts, @dluckyleftywest, have thousands of followers. However, so does a private account that also apparently belongs to West. The username @CharleeRedz13 has over 95,000 followers and it has said negative things about LeBron before. In 2014, West's sister told Larry Brown Sports the account was fake. She says that West no longer uses social media. The issue with that is if West does not use social media, where are all of the pers...

Former Teammate Implies He Dated LeBron James' Mother In Nasty Tweet

1/2/2016 12:27pm EST
Delonte West ‏Throws Shade At LeBron James, Claims Relationship
Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West posted a nasty tweet regarding LeBron James.

Recently, James and West had words on social media. On Friday, West posted a meme of Stephen Curry's father and himself. In it, he asks which player had the better dad, implying he was James' father.

Since @kingjames wanna talk bad bout his pops I had to repost dis #Ha #NawReallyDoeImLebronSPops #AskGloria pic.twitter.com/QXiY13yPxl

— Delonte West (@dluckyleftywest) January 2, 2016

Between 2010 and 2012, it was rumored that Gloria James, LeBron's mom, and West had a relationship. It was being ...

Kanye West Calls Out Big Name Athletes On New Song

1/1/2016 10:15pm EST
LeBron James
Kanye West has called out Nike. He also mentions several of the superstar athletes who endorse the brand in his new song.

West released a song called "In Facts (Jumpman)" on New Year's Eve. It sounds very much like Drake and Future's recent release "Jumpman." In that track, Drake praises Jordan Brand, which is a part of the Nike family and the shoe brand Drake endorses.

West's song promotes his new shoes, which he made with Adidas. West has had issues with Nike in the past. He was formerly signed to the company but jumped to Adidas when things went sour.

West made reference to the way...

LeBron James Asked To Get Involved In Social Activism

12/30/2015 3:11pm EST
LeBron James
People seeking justice for Tamir Rice are asking LeBron James for help on social media.

Police shot 12-year-old Rice in November 2014. He was carrying a pellet gun when officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed him.

On Monday, prosecutors said a grand jury elected not to indict the officer, deciding he thought the gun was real and feared for his life.

The hashtag "NoJusticeNoLeBron" is trending on social media, with activists and students asking James to sit out games as a protest to the grand jury's decision.

James commented on Tuesday evening after scoring 34 points in a win over t...

LeBron James And The Cleveland Cavaliers Love Drake

12/28/2015 2:16pm EST
LeBron James
LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers went out Sunday night in Arizona.

The Cavs play the Phoenix Suns on Monday. To start the visit to Arizona off right, the team paid a visit to INTL in Scottsdale. Although, there are photos all over Instagram and Twitter, none of the Cavs appear to be drinking in any of them, as it's a night before the game. Instead, the uber-talented squad danced to Drake's Jumpman.

Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Iman Shumpert, and JR Smith last night in Arizona. #Jumpman pic.twitter.com/P0KjUM78fF

— Word On Road...

LeBron James Won't Put 100% Into Warriors Game

12/24/2015 3:37pm EST
LeBron James
LeBron James downplayed the Warriors/Cavaliers finals rematch after the Cavs beat the Knicks on Wednesday.

.@KingJames knows the Finals rematch with the @warriors will be a big game, but he's also keeping it in perspective https://t.co/ZrvfSpav9u

— FOX Sports Ohio (@FOXSportsOH) December 24, 2015

LeBron told Fox Sports.

Understand that it’s one of 82, and I’m not going to put everything into this game,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity for our fans to have five games on Christmas and for our game to continue to get so much exposure, but for us as a team, Friday will not be the...

LeBron James Hits Kevin Love With A Wrestling Move

12/24/2015 2:15pm EST
LeBron James
All is well in the world of the Cleaveland Cavaliers when they win. On Wednesday, the Cavs beat the New York Knicks 91 to 84.

LeBron was obviously very happy. He provided 24 points and Love had 23 points and 13 rebounds. He showed Love how impressed he was with an underwhelming Stone Cold Stunner.

Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith joined Love and LeBron for some more fun after the interview ended.

LeBron definitely needs to put in some more work to improve his Stone Cold Steve Austin move. However, he's perfected the silly postgame dance.

Carmelo Anthony May Miss Showdown With LeBron James

12/22/2015 3:59pm EST
Carmelo Anthony May Miss Knicks’ Game Vs. LeBron James And Caval
Carmelo Anthony might miss Wednesday's game against LeBron James with a sprained right ankle.

He's listed as questionable.

Anthony sustained the injury late in the third quarter Monday night against to the Orlando Magic when he got tangled up with the Magic's big man, Robin Lopez.

Anthony gave an update on his ankle. He says, “it’s a little sore. We’ll see what happens. I had treatment this morning, last night. It’s around the clock. It could’ve been worse. At this point, I didn’t run today, so I don’t know. I probably won’t know until game-time tomorrow. I don’t know how to explain [...

What Does LeBron James Put In His Cake?

12/17/2015 12:45am EST
LeBron James
LeBron James puts kale into his cake, according to a new Twitter post by King James himself. Kale is a leafy green vegetable, not typically served with cake, much less in it.

Showed these guys my secret post-training cake recipe. Secret ingredient: kale. #BringYourGame #StriveForGreatness pic.twitter.com/8OBK45rMaK

— LeBron James (@KingJames) December 16, 2015

The tweet also suggests that James bakes his own post-workout cakes and has developed special cake recipes. Kale cake is definitely not served in even in the most extreme health food stores.

LeBron's diet has changed signifi...

How Much Will LeBron James' Lifetime Nike Deal Pay?

12/8/2015 6:54pm EST
LeBron James
On Monday, LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers inked a lifetime deal with Nike. Details about how much the NBA star will receive for the contract are finally coming to light.

Sam Amick reports James will make $30 million a year. For the rest of his life.

On annual earnings front, person w/ knowledge puts figure north of $30 million annually. It's a lifetime deal, & he's 30...years...old.

— Sam Amick (@sam_amick) December 8, 2015

On LeBron-Nike deal front, I'm told by person w/ knowledge of financials that estimates of between $400 & $500 million are significantly low

— Sam ...

Why Would LeBron James Buy A Mansion In Los Angeles?

11/11/2015 9:01am EST
LeBron James Buys $21 Million Dollar Home In Los Angeles
LeBron James and his family have purchased a $21 million dollar home in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

The six-bedroom and seven-bathroom, 9,350-square-foot home was built in 2011.

LeBron bought a Los Angeles vacation house for nearly $21 million, source says purchase not related to basketball https://t.co/hl5Kh9dlsj

— Joe Vardon (@joevardon) November 10, 2015

A source told Cleveland.com the purchase of the home was related to James' off-court business opportunities, and not to basketball. It will serve as a vacation home. However, LeBron will be able to opt out of his two-year, $47 mill...

Does Lebron James Have Issues With Kevin Love?

11/6/2015 8:34am EST
Lebron James Reportedly Froze Out Kevin Love Because He Felt He
LeBron James was upset with Kevin Love that he arrived in Cleveland out of shape last season.

Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon Journal reports:

In truth, James was frustrated in part because Love showed up out of shape. He didn’t work out much at all the summer he was traded here and he wasn’t the player James was expecting. His legs bothered him all season. His back was hurting. All of the parts were connected and none of them were firing properly.

James loves talent and he loves playing with elite talent. Love’s physical condition prevented him from being the player James thought he...

Poll: With A Loss, Should LeBron James Still Get The MVP Award?

6/16/2015 3:58pm EDT
Jerry West Won The NBA Finals MVP As A Loser, Should LeBron Jame
Fasten your seatbelts; results of this poll are downright shocking.

On Tuesday, ESPN analyst, Chris Broussard joined the crew on First Take, hours before tipoff for Game 6 of the 2015 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors at the Cleveland Cavaliers. He shared the results of a poll over the “best” candidate for the NBA Most Valuable Player Award.

Win Or Lose, Give The 2015 NBA Finals MVP To LeBron James http://t.co/aSqNbPE5kA #ROIMentor #yycwalks

— Vipul Jasani 100%ROI (@Taxtreats) June 16, 2015

Broussard polled 52 league executives and coaches about LeBron James’ Finals MVP c...

King James Has A Major Wardrobe Malfunction

6/12/2015 9:32am EDT
Cavs' LeBron James Flashes Royal Jewels: King James Suffers Ward
Did LeBron James flash his royal jewels on live TV in Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors Thursday night? If you were among the lucky few to screenshot or Vine the wardrobe malfunction of the century, then yes – Cleveland Cavaliers’ King James accidentally flashed his private parts.

Television viewers, NBA fans at Oracle Arena and a handful off photographers who captured the NSFW-esque moment, were – depending on how you look at it – mesmerized, grossed out or left fanning away perspiration at LeBron’s hasty flash, citing an SB Nation report.

James’ millisecond flicker of his unmenti...

British Royals Meet King James During Trip To NYC

12/9/2014 3:35pm EST
Duke And Duchess William and Kate with LeBron James
Prince William and Princess Kate continued their brief visit to the New York on Monday night by catching the Brooklyn Nets basketball game -- but they weren't there to see the hometown team.

The Nets took on the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the British Royals got to meet the visiting team's star player LeBron James after the game.

According to ESPN.com, the LeBron and his team turned it on when the couple finally arrived to the game shortly after the second half began, outscoring the home team 49-27 to win the game handily 110-88.

Following the game, King James had a photo opp with the coupl...