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New Hulk Hogan Bombshell Involves LGBT Community

7/28/2015 8:53am EDT
Hulk Hogan
Just when you think Hulk Hogan's racist celebrity scandal can't get any deeper and repulsive in the entertainment world, it does indeed. The latest update on the disgraced WWE wrestler claims the Hulkster can add homophobe to his list of troubles.

According to the National Enquirer, which first broke the story about Hogan's racist controversy, new audio from the same-sex tape revealed disparaging comments about the LGBT community.

On the tape, Hulk Hogan, real name, Terry Bollea, 61, is talking to Heather Clem, ex-wife of his former pal Bubba “The Love Sponge." After Hogan and Clem comple...

Brooke Hogan On Hulk Hogan's N-Word Rant: 'If You Knew My Father'

7/24/2015 4:38pm EDT
Brooke Hogan Defends Father, Pens Poem On Social Media In Wake O
Brooke Hogan Bollea, the daughter of the embattled professional wrestler, Hulk Hogan, spoke out after a backlash ensued over her father's use of the N-word and racist admission in a sex tape. The scathing discovery led to the WWE firing the wrestling legend.

Hogan, birth name, Brooke Ellen Bollea, 27, took to her social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter in a cryptic manner. She did so after it became apparent media sources were tugging at her for a statement over her father's controversy surrounding a racist-laced rant.

You want my comment, media sharks? Here it is:

Is Hulk Hogan Being Paula Deen'ed Over N-Word Controversy?

7/24/2015 10:26am EDT
Hulk Hogan
Has the Hulkster been Paula Deen'ed?

Reportedly, Hulk Hogan is embroiled in an N-word controversy. In the wake of a controversial radio audio clip of the Hall of Fame wrestler surfacing, the brass at World Wrestling Entertainment (that's WWE, brother!) yanked all references to Hogan from its website.

Scroll down for the N-word audio clip, allegedly of Hulk Hogan.

Hogan, 61, real name, Terry Gene Bollea, no longer appears on main segments of the official WWE website, according to Wrestling News Source.

"On, Hogan is no longer listed on the WWE Hall of Fame page, and all of his me...

8 Action Stars Over Sixty We Want For 'Expendables 4'

8/15/2014 10:00am EDT
Expendables 3
This weekend marks the opening of our third "Expendables" film. Yes it leaked online weeks ago, but that's small potatoes.

No minor setback could hinder Sylvester Stallone's box office take, not when he's in a film so inundated with action stars that each one has roughly 4.2 seconds of screen time (at which point they have their choice of high-fiving Stallone, casually ignoring an explosion or shooting an intern dressed in SWAT gear, before being hurriedly shuffled off-screen).

It is our firm belief that "The Expendables" should continue for at least seven more sequels, enough that Stallo...

Worst of the Worst: Hulk Hogan's "Hulk Rules"

8/1/2014 7:00pm EDT
Hulk Hogan, BROTHER!
It's almost impossible to describe anything as "the worst ever" because if there's one thing humans are good at, it's having opinions on things, and describing something as being bad can often be taken so far as to be seen as a personal attack. And invariably, there is almost always something that's even worse.

People will always also argue that things they don't like are bad, but that's just their opinion, and that is only one way of looking at it, because realistically not everyone will love everything, it's how it works. However, there are truly some songs that are so bad that they can ...

Hulk Hogan's Ex Wife Sued By Her Ex Lover For Making Him Do Hard Labor

8/1/2014 6:27am EDT
Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill
Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Bollea is being sued by her former boy-toy fiance, who is looking for a $1.5 million payday for performing numerous "laborious tasks" for her during the time they were together.

Bollea, 54, began dating Hill shortly after her 2007 separation from the wrestler, when Hill was just 19 years old.

The couple dated until 2012.

The legal docs, obtained by TMZ, list things like waxing her yacht, landscaping and construction at her Simi Valley, California home and fertilizing 25 acres of avocado trees.

After amicably splitting, the couple reached a settlement and Charl...

7 Celebrity Sex Tapes No One Wanted To See

4/27/2014 11:00am EDT
Hulk Hogan
Not everyone should make a sex tape and these celebrities aren't any different. Apparently in Hollywood, some celebrities have more money than brains and we're here to point out these fools for our own amusement (and yours).

Maybe these select few rich people should've reconsidered before pressing record on the video camera?

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan's sex tape hit the internet with a fury back in 2012. It was 30 minutes long and featured his best friend's wife, Heather Clem. Clips of the tape spawned a lawsuit against Gawker Media for publishing it on the internet. It was so strange t...

Hulk Hogan Wears A Thong & Rides A Wrecking Ball In Miley Cyrus Spoof

10/4/2013 1:01pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Several people have spoofed Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" music video, and now Hulk Hogan has gotten into the act.

The original video features the former "Hannah Montana" star swinging naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledge hammer.

The wrestling legend couldn't help himself and shot his own version of the provocative video.

Hogan promotes his new web hosting company Hostamania in the clip, which starts with two men eating crayons before the wrestler appears in a black thong and yellow feather boa and riding a wrecking ball.
The one-minute video ends with Hogan slapping his own bu...

Hulk Hogan Sorry For Tweeting Gory Hand Photos

5/28/2013 2:07pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan has apologized to his Twitter followers after he shared a gory photo of his hand with severe burns.

The 59 year-old former wrestler was hospitalized over the weekend in Tampa, Florida after a radiator he was working on exploded and scalded his hand.

Hogan posted photos while at Tampa General Hospital, showing giant blisters on his hand and his skin peeled off after the blisters were removed.

Hogan posted an apology Monday after fans shared their displeasure in being shown the pictures. "I apologize for posting my burned hand photos, with all the feedback I now realize I really...

Website Reveals Personal Finances Of Celebs Including Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Political Figures

3/13/2013 8:27am EDT
Britney Spears
An unidentified hacker has posted the personal financial details of several celebrities online. The individual somehow managed to breach security and obtain information about some of the most famous people in the world.

The targeted celebs are: Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Jay Z, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Sarah Palin, Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, Kanye West, Kris Jenner, Mitt Romney, Tiger Woods, Robert Mueller (FBI Director), Eric Holder (U.S. Attorney General), Stacia Hylton (U.S. Marshal...

Brooke Hogan Defends Hulk's Leggy Picture

1/30/2013 5:07pm EST
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan has defended her father Hulk Hogan after he shared a photo of his daughter's legs (see it at on Twitter. The professional wrestler uploaded the pic above with the quote "Brooke's legs."

"A dad can't even be proud of his daughter without sickos makin it something it's not. Really?? Go back to your farm animals. #ignorant," Brooke Hogan snapped after critics took to social media to call her father a pervert.

Still, this isn't the first time Hulk has been questioned over his... hands-on relationship with his daughter. Back in 2008, a firestorm erupted when photos of Hul...

Hulk Hogan Refiles $100 Million Lawsuit Against Website Over Sex Tape

1/4/2013 9:46am EST
Hulk Hogan
Earlier this week Hulk Hogan refiled a lawsuit against the website that leaked his sex tape after dismissing the action "without prejudice" last month.

In October, the wrestler filed a $100 million lawsuit against shortly after the six-year-old footage of him making love with the wife of New York radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge hit the internet.

According to, last month Hogan dismissed the lawsuit in federal court without prejudice but refiled it in Florida state court this week.

In addition, Hogan is suing his sex tape partner Heather Clem, accusing her of lea...

Hulk Hogan To Open Margaritaville & Hooters-Style Restaurant -- Times 10

1/1/2013 10:33am EST
Wrestler-turned-reality TV star Hulk Hogan is launching his own restaurant.

The 59 year old will open the doors to the Hogan's Beach venue in Tampa, Florida on Monday - and he hopes his fame will bring customers flocking to the venue.

He tells the Tampa Bay Times, "It's going to be Jimmy Buffett's (Margaritaville) times 10; Hooters times 10. It's a logical extension of the Hogan brand, with my image and likeness.

"In 36 years I've become so tangible to the public, and not just Americans. We have a chance to have an international draw. I see myself almost like a general manager, creativel...

2012 Celebrity Sex Scandals & Nude Photo Leaks

12/25/2012 8:00am EST
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
Real life often mimics soap operas, and 2012 was no exception. Several celebrities were embroiled in sex scandals and nude photo leaks. As much as these stars try to keep some things to themselves, sometimes their private moments result in a media frenzy.

In September, a video featuring Kanye West getting down and dirty with a woman looking very similar to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was being shopped around. RadarOnline reported that they viewed the 20-minute sex tape and posted a non-nude screen shot from it.  The video was allegedly made before the rapper started dating the reality st...

Hulk Hogan Settles Sex Tape Lawsuit With Bubba The Love Sponge

10/29/2012 4:07pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan has settled his lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge over the leak of his sex tape with Bubba's ex-wife. The details were sealed, but Bubba released a public statement clearing Hogan of leaking the sex tape.

According to TMZ, the statement reads in part, "It is my belief that Hulk is not involved, and has not ever been involved, in trying to release the video, or exploit it, or otherwise gain from the video’s release in any way." 

He also says he is "committed to helping Hulk and his attorneys find whoever is responsible for the release of the tape."

Hulk Hogan still has outs...

10 Dysfunctional Celebrity Families

10/24/2012 6:00pm EDT
Lindsay & Dina Lohan
Lindsay Lohan and her family seem to make headlines every week these days. The Lohans have a lot of drama in their lives that seemingly gets worse year after year.

Most recently, the actress' father Michael attempted an intervention with his daughter, whom he believes is back on drugs. She called the cops, and her father had to leave her property.

Prior to that incident, Linday and her mother got into a nasty fight that ended in police going to their Long Island family home. Meanwhile, Lindsay's younger sister Ali has been accused of having an eating disorder because of her incredibly ski...

Hulk Hogan's Sextape Not The Only One Recorded With Heather Clem

10/19/2012 12:07pm EDT
Hulk Hogans
According to reports, Hulk Hogan isn't the only guy caught on tape having sex with Bubba the Love Sponge's ex-wife Heather Clem - there's several, and allegedly there are tapes involving more than one man!

TMZ reports they have seen three additional sex tapes involving Heather with men who are niether Hulk nor Bubba. She was also aware of the camera capturing every moment, even making sure it's on.

"Is this thing recording? Okay, not that I don't trust you but I will get in trouble if it doesn't," she says in one of the tapes acquired by TMZ. They posulate that there was some sort of mari...

Boxing Promoter: $1 Million For Hulk Hogan-Bubba The Love Sponge Fight

10/16/2012 4:07pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
A boxing promoter is offering $1 million to Hulk Hogan and Bubba the Love Sponge to settle their fued over Hulk's leaked sex tape.

According to RumorFix, Damon Feldman is putting up the cash as a prize if the two agree to duke it out - presumable on TV. Feldman is the guy behind Celebrity Boxing promotions, and offered a similar deal to Drake and Chris Brown this year.

Hulk is suing Bubba and the Gawker network for around $100 million for the leak of a sextape involving himself and Bubba's ex-wife. He has also attempted to involve the FBI to investigate how the video was leaked.

Hulk Hogan To Sue Bubba The Love Sponge Over Sex Tape Leak

10/15/2012 3:03pm EDT
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan promised to sue whoever was responsible for leaking his sex tape, and now it appears he will be taking (former?) best friend Bubba the Love Sponge to court in Florida.

According to TMZ, Hulk will be suing the radio host for invasion of privacy, alleging that he did not know of the camera being used to tape him while he was with Bubba's wife at the time, Heather (they finalized their divorce this year).

After Hogan leaves the scene on tape, Bubba says, "If we ever did want to retire, all we'd have to do is use this footage."

Hogan also plans to sue websites that leak the footag...

Website Offers Hulk Hogan Big Bucks For Sex Tape

10/8/2012 9:11am EDT
Hulk Hogan
Bosses at are offering Hulk Hogan a lot of money for his leaked sex tape. Last week posted a 90-second preview clip of the footage, which reportedly shows the star getting down and dirty with a mystery brunette.
Hogan's attorneys immediately drafted a cease and desist letter demanding the website remove the footage. However, bosses at are willing to pay a lot of money to post the video on their site.
In a letter, obtained by, Martin Ellison of writes, "As we have all read and seen a sex tape was recorded and posted online without your permissio...

Hulk Hogan's Ex-Wife Busted For DUI

10/5/2012 4:28pm EDT
Linda Bollea
Hulk Hogan's ex-wife Linda Bollea was arrested on Thursday morning on suspicion of DUI.

The reality TV star, 53, was pulled over by police in Malibu, California for speeding, but was subsequently booked for driving under the influence and driving on a suspended licence.

She was later released on $5,000 bail.

Her representative has confirmed the arrest to, but has played down the incident, claiming Bollea was on her way home from an event in Los Angeles, where she had had a glass of champagne on an empty stomach.

News of Bollea's arrest emerged hours after footage from a sex tape...

Hulk Hogan Threatens To Sue Over Leaked Sex Tape

10/5/2012 9:25am EDT
Hulk Hogan
Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan is preparing to launch a legal battle over his leaked sex tape.

Editors at gossip website posted a 90-second preview clip of the footage, which reportedly shows the star cozying up to a mystery brunette.

However, Hogan has moved swiftly to shut down publication of the tape, instructing his lawyers to draft a cease and desist letter demanding bosses of the website remove the footage, according to

His attorney David R. Houston says, "This tape was made secretly without Hulk's knowledge or permission. We are going to do everything in our po...

Hulk Hogan's Son Nick Granted An Early Probation Release

5/4/2012 2:28pm EDT
Nick Hogan
Wrestler Hulk Hogan's son has had his five-year probation terminated early after completing all of his mandatory requirements.

Nick Bollea pleaded no contest to reckless driving with serious bodily injury in 2008 after a car accident the year before left his friend and passenger John Graziano fighting for his life.

Judgment was withheld and he was ordered to serve eight months behind bars, complete 500 hours of community service, pay for court costs and endure five years probation.

However, Bollea impressed Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Philip Federico when he returned to a Florida cou...

Britney Spears Elected Into International Bowling Hall Of Fame

4/16/2012 2:27pm EDT
Britney Spears
Britney Spears has a bizarre new award to add to her list of achievements - she's been inducted into a bowling Hall of Fame.

The Toxic hitmaker saw off competition from stars including Drake, Hulk Hogan and her one-time rival Christina Aguilera to enter into the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame.

Steve Johnson, executive director of the Bowling Proprietors' Association of America, says, "With mega stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in our Celebrity Bowling Hall of Fame, this year's raced proved to be a tight showdown between fierce female finalists."

"We cong...

Celebrity Business Ventures That Failed

4/15/2012 1:00pm EDT
Celebrity Business Ventures That Failed
Not everything that celebrities touch turn into gold. Recently, Oprah Winfrey admitted that she made "101 mistakes" when she decided to launch her network OWN, which attracts just under 200,000 viewers daily. The former "Queen of Daytime TV" admits, "The idea of creating a network was something I wanted to do. Had I known that it was this difficult, I might have done something else." Oprah's network may eventually become a failed business amongst the long list of failed celebrity business ventures. Let's take a look at some of the other celebrity businesses that have flopped due to disorgan...

Lars Ulrich: 'I Didn't Ask Hulk Hogan To Be A Member Of Metallica'

4/12/2012 7:59am EDT
Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has no recollection of asking the wrestling icon Hulk Hogan to join the band, dismissing remarks the fighter made in January.

Hogan told The Sun newspaper that Ulrich had once asked him to play bass for the rockers, but claimed the idea "didn't work out."

However, Ulrich insists he can't remember making the offer to the ring legend, telling shock jock Howard Stern, "I'm blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with having more or less a photographic memory for pretty much anything that I've been a part of (and) when that one (story) showed up... ...

Hulk Hogan's Attorney Seeking To Prevent Release Of Sex Tape

3/7/2012 2:23pm EST
Hulk Hogan
A lawyer for wrestler Hulk Hogan has vowed to take "all necessary steps" to prevent an unauthorized sex tape from hitting the porn market.

Grainy video footage of the explicit encounter, featuring Hogan and a mystery brunette, has reportedly been sold to bosses at adult film company Vivid Entertainment without the grappler's knowledge.

David Houston, a legal representative for Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, insists the tryst was "secretly filmed" and he has blasted the tape as an "outrageous invasion of privacy."

A statement issued by Houston to reads: "Terry Bollea is appalled...

Hulk Hogan Addresses 'Insane' Gay Rumors

12/12/2011 8:12am EST
Hulk Hogan
Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has spoken out to address his ex-wife's allegations he cheated on her with a male wrestler, branding the rumors "insane".

Hogan filed a defamation lawsuit against Linda Bollea last week after she accused him of being violent and engaging in homosexual encounters. The star admits he was baffled by her claims, which were published in her book, Wrestling the Hulk - My Life Against the Ropes.

He tells Us Weekly, "After the four-year crazy divorce I thought I'd heard everything I could hear in the courtroom. Then, all of a sudden she says I abused her, that I was vi...

Hulk Hogan Suing Ex-Wife For Defamation

12/9/2011 3:25pm EST
Hulk Hogan
Wrestler Hulk Hogan has launched a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, accusing her of lying about him in her memoir.

Hogan, real name Terry Bollea, has claimed Linda attempted to revive her career by writing false statements in her book, Wrestling the Hulk - My Life Against the Ropes, and spreading rumors about their marriage during her promotional tour for the tome.

In the novel, Linda accuses the sportsman of physically abusing her and engaging in homosexual encounters.

Her salacious account has prompted Hogan to take legal action in a bid to clear his name and the wrestling ic...

Nick Hogan Hit With Lawsuit From 2009 Crash

12/1/2011 8:59am EST
Nick Hogan
Hulk Hogan's son Nick is facing a lawsuit from a woman who accuses him of leaving her with lasting injuries after their cars collided in 2009.

The reality TV star walked away unharmed following the collision in Los Angeles in November 2009. Now a driver who was allegedly caught up in the crash is suing Hogan after complaining she suffered long-term injuries.

Marcela Posada is demanding at least $25,000 in damages, according to

Hogan was driving home from a charity event at the time of the crash, which came two years after he wrecked his sports car in a devastating accident th...