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P!nk Confirms Her Pregnancy

November 17th, 2010 10:23am EST
Pop star P!nk has confirmed she's pregnant - and revealed she kept the happy news a secret for so long as she previously suffered a devastating miscarriage.

Rumors the singer is expecting have been rife since she was recently spotted on a beach holiday with a bulging belly, and in a new taped TV interview with pal Ellen DeGeneres, the Trouble singer reveals, "I'm eating for two these days."

Pink tells the host she has been keeping her pregnancy a secret because she previously suffered a miscarriage and was "nervous" about going public with the news. She says, "I didn't want to talk about...

P!nk Is Pregnant!

November 10th, 2010 9:35am EST
Pink and Carey Hart
Pop superstar P!nk is pregnant with her first child, according to reports.

The 31-year-old singer and her husband Carey Hart, 35, are said to be expecting a baby next year.

A source tells Us Weekly, "She's 12 weeks along. She wanted to do it between tours, when she has some time off. Pink was determined to make the relationship solid. Now she's really happy, and she's excited she got pregnant so fast! She'll be a brilliant mother."

The couple, who married in 2006, reunited in 2009 after a year of estrangement.

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P!nk Infuriated Over Fan Visits

November 5th, 2010 8:20am EDT
Pop punk P!nk has issued a warning to fans who visit her home in a bid to meet their idol, insisting it's "never okay" for them to approach her property.

The So What hit-maker is fuming after a string of overeager devotees showed up at her Los Angeles property this week to try and secure pictures of the star.

And she's taken to her page to order fans to stay away from the house she shares with husband Carey Hart.

In a post on the site, Pink writes, "It is NEVER OKAY 2 ring someone's doorbell and ask them for a picture or an autograph. Why people don't know this truly boggl...

Pink: 'I've Been Really Mean'

May 7th, 2010 8:30pm EDT
Pink was forced to re-evaluate the way she treated her husband Carey Hart following one particularly nasty domestic dispute - after the motocross star confessed he was "hurt" by the way she spoke to him.

The singer married Hart in 2006 but the relationship soon ran into problems and they separated just two years later. The couple reconciled last year, but the singer continued to be "mean" to her partner - until Hart made his feelings clear.

She tells Cosmopolitan magazine, "I'm so dramatic... and in the past, I've been really mean. Carey sat me down one day when we were fighting and sai...

Pink Jokes About Having A 600 Pound Baby

April 17th, 2010 11:01am EDT
Pop star Pink has poked fun at rumors she's expecting her first child with husband Carey Hart by joking about having a "600 pound baby."

The hitmaker, real name Alecia Moore, sparked reports she was pregnant after she was snapped with a slight tummy bump earlier this week.

The singer has so far refused to confirm or deny the claims, but took to Twitte on Thursday to suggest the renewed baby speculation is just the latest in a longrunning joke.

She wrote, "Off to the gym. Lord knows when this 600 pound baby comes out that I've been growing for 8 years, i better be strong and physically pr...

Pink Opens Up About Drug Use, More On 'Behind The Music' (Videos)

September 22nd, 2009 11:50am EDT
The second episode of "Behind The Music" aired last week chronicling the life of pop's wild child Pink. The Pennsylvania native's upbringing is far from sugary sweet or a page out of a fairy tale; then again nor is the singer. During the episode, Pink (real name Alecia Moore) spoke about how she used music to get her through her parent's separation and inevitable divorce.

By the time Pink was 13, she had already experienced events in her life that an ordinary 13-year-old never knew existed. At the age of 11, Pink started experimenting with recreational drugs like marijuana. She had grad...

The Dirty Dozen: Hottest Celebrity Wives!

June 17th, 2009 9:55am EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Being a celebrity is hot. Being the wife to a celebrity is hotter. Being a celebrity wife is even hotter. Here's the list of the hottest celebrity wives!

12) Adrianne Curry
Spouse: Christopher Knight
Hot for being beautiful while coming off as being able to beat the crap out of you if you do her a wrong.

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11) Jennifer Lopez
Spouse: Marc Anthony
How can I put this delicately...she is hot because of her butt and because she probably works out hours each day so as to not allow her butt to take on a life of its own and ther...

Carey Hart Confirms Pink Reunion

April 9th, 2009 3:06pm EDT
Carey Hart
Pop singer Pink is giving her romance with estranged husband Carey Hart another chance, the motocross racer has confirmed.

The couple has remained close since its separation last year, and the stars were rumored to have rekindled their love in January. Carey tells British newspaper The Sun, "We're working s**t out, I admit it. She's just totally normal and low-key."

The sportsman and Pink, real name Alecia Moore, married in Costa Rica on January 7th 2006.

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On Again, Off Again Celebrity Couples Spotlight

March 20th, 2009 9:22am EDT
Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson
When it comes to relationships, Hollywood is comparable to high school. Everyone dates everyone else and when they break up, it's the hottest gossip of the day. The hot couple goes from being engaged to non-speaking terms faster then Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney's marriage. The new "it" couple breakup and get back together more times than Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab. Here are the most on again, off again Hollywood couples.

Kate Hudson & Owen Wilson

After rumors of Kate's infidelity to her husband, Chris Robinson, she and Owen hooked up after the filming of You, Me and D...

Pink Considers Remarrying

January 26th, 2009 2:55pm EST
Pop singer Pink hasn't let her failed marriage to ex Carey Hart put her off walking down the aisle again - insisting she "doesn't regret a minute" of their newly-reconciled relationship.

The star - real name Alecia Moore - rekindled her romance with the motocross racer earlier this month amid reports Hart had moved back in with the singer after nearly a year apart. But Pink admits she could still be swayed to walk down the aisle in the future.

She tells Seventeen magazine, "I don't know if I ever really believed in the institution of marriage. For both of us, our upbringings mad...

Pink's Anger Management

January 16th, 2009 11:39am EST
Pop star Pink resorted to anger management classes to help her deal with her split from husband Carey Hart.

The couple parted ways last February after two years of marriage and the singer has admitted she found the break-up tough. But Pink - real name Alecia Moore - decided to enroll on a course to help her deal with bouts of rage in a positive way.

She says, "Anger is the most necessary emotion. I took a class called Demystifying Anger a couple of months ago. I learned so much. That anger is a survival instinct and we're meant to feel it - a fight or flight kind of deal. If exp...

Pink And Carey Hart Celebrate New Years Together, But No Kiss

January 2nd, 2009 9:00am EST
Pink has refused to give up on her relationship with estranged husband Carey Hart - they rang in 2009 together despite having split last year.

The pop punk joined her motocross star ex at his club in Las Vegas, and spent the hours up to the New Year with Hart and pals in the nightspot's VIP room.

And Hart proved his gentlemanly qualities by escorting his former partner to the stage for her 30-minute performance at Sin City's Hard Rock Hotel.

But despite frequent rumors of a reconciliation, the pair failed to share a New Year's eve kiss.

A source tells, "They d...

Pink Proud To Be Considered Gay

October 21st, 2008 1:06pm EDT
Pop star Pink is unfazed by rumors she's bi-sexual, insisting she is "proud" to be considered a part of the gay community. The "So What" singer was often mistaken for a lesbian in the early days of her career because of her tomboy looks.

And Pink, who recently split from husband Carey Hart, admits she loves challenging the public's image of her.

She says, "I'm proud people think I'm gay. Everyone has always thought I was gay because of the tattoos, the short hair, the attitude. But I don't care. I love to challenge people's preconceptions."

And the star admits she would gladl...

Pink Regrets Nothing About Marriage Split

October 11th, 2008 12:45pm EDT
Pop punk Pink has no regrets about her marriage break-up with motocross star Carey Hart - she's just thankful for the time they had together.

The So What hitmaker split from Hart in February after two years together as husband and wife. The former couple has remained close ever since and Pink, real name Alecia Moore, is glad she'll always have a friend in Hart.

She tells Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, "Of course I was disappointed that my marriage didn't work out - you want it to work. I wanted the fairytale and we didn't quite make it. Yes, it's sad but I don't have any regrets...

Pink: 'I Want A Man'

October 10th, 2008 8:57am EDT
Lesbian Until Graduation
Pop punk Pink could never have a serious relationship with a woman - because she loves men too much.

The singer admits she has had lesbian experiences, but will never have a long-term relationship with a woman. She says, "I'm not gay so I guess I wouldn't try a relationship with a woman... I didn't say I haven't experimented but I love men too much to make it a permanent thing."

Pink split from husband Carey Hart in February after two years together.

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Pink Blames Work For Marriage Failure

September 24th, 2008 5:03pm EDT
Pink has blamed her hectic life as a pop star for her marriage break-up— confessing she became sick of trying to organize quality time with her ex, Carey Hart. The couple's two-year marriage ended in February this year and Pink, real name Alecia Moore, is adamant that she still loves the motocross racer— but their busy lives drove them apart.

She says, "It's such a cliche when you talk about a Hollywood divorce, but the scheduling did get very hard. And it seemed that I was always the one left in charge of it. I got tired of being the Schedule Woman."

The "Trouble" hit maker admit...

Pink's Video Shock For Ex-Husband

September 20th, 2008 6:30pm EDT
Pop star Pink's ex-husband Carey Hart agreed to appear in her latest music video - but didn't realize the song was about him. The fiery singer split up with motocross biker Hart last year, and used her latest single, love/hate anthem "So What," to help her move on.

The star invited her ex-husband to feature in the track's promo - which sees the singer hack down a tree with the former couple's initials carved into it.

Hart had no idea of the single's content - but Pink insists he is used to her mad ways.

She tells BBC Radio One, "He hadn't heard the song before he showed up fo...

Carey Hart Joins Pink For Video Slam

September 4th, 2008 6:00pm EDT
Pink's ex-husband Carey Hart appears in the "Trouble" maker's new video-- even though the song dismisses her marriage to the action sports star. In the promo for new single "So What," the singer-- real name Alecia Moore-- chops down a tree with 'Alecia + Carey' carved into it and attacks a just married couple who recognize her at a stop sign.

Despite that, and the fact she sings, "I don't need you/And guess what/I'm having more fun/And now that we're done/I'm gonna show you tonight/I'm all right, I'm just fine/And you're a tool/So so what," Hart appears in the video.

He dances and...

Pink Considers Adoption

September 4th, 2008 2:42pm EDT
Pop star Pink would rather adopt a child than give birth - because there are too many people in the world already.

The singer, real name Alecia Moore, and first-husband Carey Hart split in February. The Trouble hit-maker insists she hasn't given up hope of having a family - but would rather "rescue" a child through adoption than have one of her own.

She tells Star Magazine: "I don't know if I need to have my own (children). I rescue dogs, so I would probably rescue kids. I feel like with global warming and all, why produce more? Foster parent. Adoption."

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Pink Declares Love For Her Estranged Husband

September 1st, 2008 5:30pm EDT
Pop punk Pink has declared her love for husband Carey Hart, even though they have split.

The singer, real name Alecia Moore, and Hart split in February - but the Trouble hit-maker is still fond of the motocross ace.

She says, "We are insane and we love each other and we always will, even if we are not husband and wife. He knew what he was getting into six and a half years ago. We are best friends, we really are. It's confusing for most people but that's the way it is."

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Carey Hart's Brother Dies In Motorcycle Accident

August 11th, 2008 8:37am EDT
Carey Hart
Motocross ace Carey Hart's brother Anthony has died after a tragic motorcycle accident in Connecticut on Saturday. He was 21.

Anthony Hart was killed in a crash during a practice session for the Doug Henry New England Grand Prix on Saturday night at the Stafford Springs racetrack. A Stafford Motor Speedway spokesperson said in a statement: "The Speedway extends their condolences to the family and friends of Anthony Hart."

Officials at the track from the American Motorcyclist Association, which sanctioned the event, were not available for comment.

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Pink Slams Ex In New Song

August 8th, 2008 5:30pm EDT
Pop punk Pink is using her new song and accompanying video to slam her estranged husband Carey Hart, according to new reports. In her new song "So What," the singer dismisses her relationship with the motocross rider and insults him in the lyrics.

The singer, real name Alecia Moore, is currently in Los Angeles shooting the video, in which she rides through Hollywood on the back of a lawnmower, while guzzling vodka from the bottle, jetting around swanky Hancock Park, Los Angeles on a custom-made superbike and leaping on a pair of newlyweds' `Just Married' car.

She also takes a chai...

Good Charlotte Twins & Carey Hart Open Rock Club

July 16th, 2008 5:19pm EDT
Carey Hart
Pink's ex-husband Carey Hart and Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji Madden have teamed up to create Las Vegas' hottest new rock club. The Maddens are partners in the new venture, Wasted Space, created by action sports star Hart and baseball player Jason Giambi.

The venue, which is housed at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, will officially open on July 19 with a private VIP party and a special acoustic performance from Gavin Rossdale.

Hart says, "I wanted a place where my friends and I could hang out and listen to some great rock music with a cool atmosphere. There were no options in Veg...

Pink's New Man?

April 14th, 2008 9:15am EDT
Newly single pop punk Pink is showing off a new man - Juliette And The Licks guitarist Todd Morse. The singer has been snapped frolicking in the surf on a Malibu, California with a tattooed mystery man claim is Morse.

If Morse is Pink's new beau - he's her second in just a month. In March she was spotted cosying up to producer Butch Walker in a Los Angeles nightclub.

Pink and motocross rider Carey Hart split in February, two years after marrying in January 2006.

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Pink Celebrates Single Life By Rocking Out

March 5th, 2008 8:00pm EST
Pink 'celebrated' her marriage split with a raucous night out in Hollywood on Monday. The "Trouble" singer, who recently announced she had separated from her husband of two years Carey Hart, was spotted partying with longtime collaborator Butch Walker at one of her favorite Los Angeles haunts, the Key Club.

And Pink was not in the mood to mourn her marriage - she got the party started when she jumped onstage to join rockers Metal Skool, who perform at the venue every Monday night.

It isn't the first time Pink has joined the group onstage - she teamed up with the tribute act onstag...

Carey Hart Says Pink Is The Love Of His Life

March 4th, 2008 7:30pm EST
Pink's estranged husband Carey Hart insists the couple is still the best of friends - despite splitting up last month. The motocross star is adamant the marriage break-up is totally amicable and admits they are still in regular contact.

He says, "Above and beyond everything, we are the best of friends and she is the love of my life. We talk all the time."

Pink, real name Alecia Moore, and Carey were married in January, 2006, in Costa Rica.

Carey's words echo those of his estranged wife - last month, Moore told fans, "The most important thing for you all to know is that Carey...

Pink Says Husband Carey Hart Isn't To Blame For Split

February 21st, 2008 11:44am EST
Pop star Pink has urged her fans to go easy on estranged husband Carey Hart, after announcing the couple had split on Tuesday. The "Stupid Girls" singer insists she still loves motocross racer Hart, who she wed in January 2006, very much, and that the sportsman remains her best friend.

In a posting on her website, Pink writes, "I wanted to reach out personally to all my fans/friends out there in the world. First and foremost, thank you for all of your support and love, it means a lot to me right now. The most important thing for you all to know is that Carey and I love each other so so...

Pink Dreams Of Animal Sanctuary

October 17th, 2007 2:07pm EDT
Pink threw animal activist Ingrid Newkirk a party at her Hollywood home at the weekend - and announced dreams of turning the place into a rescue shelter for stray animals.

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) president Newkirk was looking for a place to launch her new book, Let's Have A Dog Party: 20 Tailwagging Celebrations To Share With Your Best Friend, and animal lover Pink jumped at the chance to play hostess.

The longtime PETA supporter invited Hollywood dog lovers Kevin Nealon and Bill Maher to bring their own pooches to the bash, and

Fascinating Facts

September 13th, 2007 6:00pm EDT
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End has been crowned 'the number one worldwide movie of the year' after scoring $960 million at the global box office.

Actor Jake Mclaughlin, who plays a Iraq War veteran in new Tommy Lee Jones movie In The Valley Of Elah, was actually part of the American forces' initial military push into Baghdad.

Olympic skier-turned TV presenter Jonny Moseley and his wife, Malia, are celebrating after becoming first-time parents. Little Jonathan William Moseley, Jr. was born early on Tuesday in San Francisco, California.

A 'virtual' Bob Dylan concert ...

Pink Sued For Copyright Infringement

August 16th, 2007 9:52am EDT
Pop star Pink is facing legal action over a painting featured in the music video for her hit song U + Ur Hand, after the New York artist, who created the artwork, accused her of copyright infringement.

Painter Vladimir Kush claims Pink - real name Alecia Moore - used reproduced images from his work Countes Erotiques in her 2006 single promo without his permission.

Kush has also named the singer's record label, Zomba, in the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan District Court earlier this week, reports the New York Post's gossip column Page Six.

Moore recently hit headlines w...

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