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John Cena Doesn't Want Kids Or Marriage With Nikki Bella

4/22/2016 5:08pm EDT
John Cena, Nikki Bella
Rolling Stone magazine profiled WWE superstar John Cena on Thursday. In the piece, Cena got candid about his past and current relationships, including the one with girlfriend Nikki Bella. Cena says that they have major differences regarding marriage, kids, and their dog Winston.

Cena revealed that he doesn't see marriage in the couple's future. He admits he's been married before and he wasn't capable of being a husband. His marriage ended badly.

“A lot of that was because of my inability to be a good husband, but then Nicole strolled into my life, and that did it,” he says.

Dogs and ...

How Much Do WWE Superstars Make?

4/9/2016 11:29pm EDT
John Cena
Forbes recently looked at the cash money that top WWE superstars pull in. It's really hard to find details on the pay of a wrestler but Forbes somehow managed it.

While wrestlers aren’t making the same amount of money that athletes in other sports like football and basketball are, they still do mighty fine.

According to the financial publication, wrestlers give the WWE the right to negotiate on their behalf for merchandising, endorsements, personal appearances, and performances in non-wrestling events. Wrestlers are granted a base salary plus a share of other revenue sources like merchan...

WrestleMania 32 Primer

4/2/2016 2:38pm EDT
What To Expect From WrestleMania 32
It's WrestleMania 32 weekend in Dallas, Texas.

The WrestleMania event is the Super Bowl of wrestling. And, since the WWE has the ability to script the outcome of the show, it's sure to be full of big moments.

Here are four things to expect from WrestleMania 32.

Dean Ambrose to beat Brock Lesnar

IT'S ON THIS SUNDAY at @WrestleMania!!!!!! @BrockLesnar @TheDeanAmbrose

— WWE (@WWE) April 1, 2016

The build up to the Dean Ambrose/Brock Lesnar match has highly favored a Lesnar win. However, the storyline has perfectly set up an underdog win. It's very likely A...

John Cena Hinting At WWE Return?

3/27/2016 9:03pm EDT
John Cena
Injured John Cena is looking pretty good in a new workout video he posted on Twitter on Easter Sunday.

On one heck of an #Easter leg hunt! @TapoutFitness @AmericanGritFOX @WWE #HappyEaster @TapouT @espn #squat

— John Cena (@JohnCena) March 27, 2016

Cena's newest video shows a significant improvement from last month's.

2/2 squat max 20kg 2/12 squat max 140kg + arm gaining range. One must push limits to find them #nevergiveup #LaceUp

— John Cena (@JohnCena) February 12, 2016

Cena suffered a shoulder injury and is careful t...

Injured WWE Wrestlers Trying To Get Back In Time For WrestleMania

3/6/2016 8:26pm EST
John Cena
Several WWE superstars are gearing up their rehab process. The Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Orlando, posted a photo of John Cena, Seth Rollins and Cesaro on Facebook. This is a good sign that all of them are back on the road to returning to the ring.

The photo was accompanied by the caption: "Dr. Jeff Dugas checking in on the rehab progress of a couple of ‪#‎WWE‬ superstars today in Orlando," the post read. "#‎SportsMedicine‬ ‪#‎KeepEmHealthy‬."

All of the wrestlers pictured are injured. Rollins is expected to be sidelined until May but according to sources within th...

John Cena Gets Smacked By Reporter’s Ponytail (Watch)

2/22/2016 8:54am EST
John Cena Gets Snubbed By FOX Reporter At Daytona 500 (Watch)
John Cena's catchphrase is "You can't see me," but on Sunday at the Daytona 500, it worked a little too well.

The WWE superstar was in attendance at Daytona International Speedway as the honorary pace car driver, and when FOX Sports reporter Jamie Little came through for her pre-race grid walk, she was so caught up in cracking jokes about Jeff Gordon not being in the No. 24 car that she didn't notice she'd walked right past Cena.

Not only that, but in doing so, she hit him in the face with her ponytail. You can watch the contact - and Cena's priceless "what just happened?" face - in the v...

John Cena Is Heading To Daytona -- Again!

2/15/2016 11:43am EST
John Cena Daytona 500
WWE's John Cena is returning to the Daytona International Speedway, this time as an honorary Daytona 500 pace car driver, according to a NASCAR press release.

The WWE superstar, real name, John Felix Anthony Cena, is leading the 43-car field to the green flag at this year's Daytona 500 race. The 15-time World Wrestling Entertainment heavyweight champion, who has several acting roles under his belt -- most recently, Sisters and Trainwreck -- makes his second Daytona appearance. In 2008, Cena, 38, was the honorary starter for the big race.

Joie Chitwood III, president of Daytona Internati...

These Wrestlers May Have To Retire Soon Due To Injury

1/19/2016 8:49pm EST
Top WWE Wrestlers May Have To Retire Soon Due To Injuries
Randy Orton, Jona Cena, Goldust, and Daniel Bryan may have to retire soon due to serious injuries.

Orton has dealt with shoulder injuries his entire career. Recently, he hurt his shoulder while taking out the garbage. It took three hours to pop it back into the correct spot. reported that Orton will be sidelined for a "developed timeframe" in the wake of the injury.

It's difficult to see Orton returning to the ring for a long stretch if he can't even handle daily household tasks anymore.

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reported that in addition to needing shoulder sur...

Athlete Eye Candy - The Sexiest Legs, Butts & Abs In Sports

4/24/2014 3:00am EDT
Athlete Eye Candy - The Sexiest Legs, Butts & Abs In Sports
Not suprisingly, professional athletes have some of the best bodies in the world. They train daily to make sure their legs, arms, and abs (and other parts) are in peak physical condition. They don't just work out to look good - they work out to win.

Russian beauty Anna Kournikova has spent the last few years playing exhibition matches after retiring from competition at age 21 due to back and spinal injuries. Despite her lack of professional status, she is still one of the hottest athletes in the world.

She is known just as much for tennis as she is for her relationship with singer Enrique...

10 Celebrities the Internet Loves to Kill

3/26/2014 8:00am EDT
10 Celebrities The Internet Loves To Kill - Top Celebrity Death
A lot of celebrities have become the target of death hoaxes during their time in the spotlight, but there are some celebs that the internet just loves to kill off. Some of these death hoaxes were believable while others, not so much. These beloved (mostly) celebrities have had the most brushes with internet death that we've ever come across.

Here is our list of the top ten celebrities that the internet has whacked -- in one fashion or another.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman just may hold the world record for the most amount of death hoaxes created by the internet. To that we must ask...

WWE Wrestler Darren Young Comes Out & John Cena Says Is 'Proud Of Him'

8/15/2013 11:30pm EDT
WWE Star Darren Young
World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Darren Young stunned fans on Wednesday after he confessed during an interview with that he was gay.

A cameraman ran into Young at a Los Angeles airport and asked the sportsman if a gay wrestler could be successful in the WWE. Young responded, "Absolutely. Look at me, you know. I'm a WWE superstar, and to be honest with you, I'll tell you right now, I'm gay. And I'm happy. Very happy."

Young went on to say that he's comfortable with himself and wants people to understand that a person's sexual preference shouldn't matter.

The WWE issued a s...

Celebrities With Insane Car Collections

3/29/2013 3:00pm EDT
Celebrities With Insane Car Collections
Celebrities have a lot of money, and many of them have more than just a few cars. Some celebs have become known for their out-of-this-world car collections, while others fly under the radar and feed their obsessions out of the public eye. Here are a few celebrities with the craziest car collections.

Jay Leno Owns More than 200 Cars and Motorcycles: Comedian and TV show host Jay Leno is so infatuated with wheels, he has to have his own storage warehouse to keep all of his two and four-wheeled possessions. Overall, he owns more than 200 cars and motorcycles, and it's quite the varied collect...

Wrestler John Cena Settles Divorce

7/18/2012 10:12pm EDT
John Cena
Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena and his estranged wife have reached a divorce settlement.

The 12 Rounds star moved to end his three-year marriage to his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau, in May, claiming their union was "irretrievably broken."

Huberdeau challenged the petition several days later, alleging the legal document was riddled with errors.

However the former couple has now come to an undisclosed agreement.

Her attorney, Raymond Rafool, tells, "All matters have been settled and resolved amicably."

Wrestler John Cena Files For Divorce

5/10/2012 6:09pm EDT
John Cena
Professional wrestler-turned-actor John Cena has filed for divorce.

The World Wrestling Entertainment star wed his high school sweetheart Liz Huberdeau in 2009, but Cena has now moved to end their marriage, calling their union "irretrievably broken".

According to, the 12 Rounds star filed the legal papers in Florida on Thursday - and the news has come as a shock for his wife.

Huberdeau's attorney, Raymond Rafool, says, "Although it is indeed unfortunate that John Cena decided to divorce his high school sweetheart Liz Cena; particularly, after they have come so far in their lives ...

Celebrities Who Would Make Great Wrestlers, In Honor Of WrestleMania 28

3/31/2012 11:00am EDT
Channing Tatum
WrestleMania is just a day away and millions of WWE fans will tune into Pay-Per-View to watch the biggest matches of the year and appearances by celebrities like Maria Menounos, who will be competing in the women's match. Celebs competing in wrestling events is nothing new. Donald Trump, Hugh Jackman, and Snooki have all stepped into the squared circle in recent years against top WWE superstars, but their performances have been average to subpar. Here's a list of celebrities who would probably fare better in the ring and make great wrestlers:

Metta World Peace

Catchphrase: "Metta World ...

Q&A: Ashley and David Eckstein Celebrate Fandom With 'Her Universe'

3/21/2012 11:15am EDT
Her Universe
One of the joys of fandom is being able to share your passions. And thanks to Ashley and David Eckstein, that just got a lot easier (and cooler) for women.

Representing one's fandoms can be a difficult task for the female gender. I say that from experience; I'm all about showing off my allegiances. One of those happens to be to the San Diego Padres, and I went on a rant when there wasn't a T-shirt for my favorite second baseman, a certain David Eckstein. You can imagine my delight to hear that someone that I am a huge fan of was making it easier for me to represent the things I love.


DVD Review: 'Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred'

2/8/2012 11:22am EST
Fred 2 photo
The squeaky voice – could it be Pee Wee Herman? Nope! It’s high-pitched hero Fred Figglehorn on another wild adventure via the new to DVD "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred" out this week from Lionsgate. Check out the scary review below!

Title: "Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred"

Grade: 0

Cast: Lucas Cruikshank, John Cena, Daniella Monet

Director: John Fortenberry

Rating: Not Rated

Runtime: 83 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate


The Flick: I’ll admit it – I never saw "Fred 1." But I will watch and review anything sent my way, plus with t...

Q&A: 'Psych's' Maggie Lawson Tells All About Juliet!

10/26/2011 12:30pm EDT
USA's Psych is on a roll so far in its sixth season. Before tonight's Halloween-themed episode, I sat down with star Maggie Lawson to ask her what else we can look forward to - and the journey her character, Juliet O'Hara, has taken.

You've wrapped shooting season six - so what are you doing with your downtime?

I'm spending a lot of time with my dog. There's some other work and stuff that's out there; hopefully I'll get to do some stuff. Eventually, I'd like that, but honestly right now I'm just chilling and catching up with my family, my friends and my dog. Life is good.

What fr...

Happy 40th Birthday, Sacha Baron Cohen!

10/13/2011 8:53am EDT
Sacha Baron Cohen
British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has every reason to celebrate on Thursday - he turns 40.

The funnyman is famous for creating comedy characters Ali G, Borat, and Bruno - and between his alter-egos he's pulled pranks on stars including David Beckham, Eminem and Paula Abdul.

Cohen, who's married to actress Isla Fisher, keeps his personal life private, but there's no hiding his big day.

To mark Cohen's 40th, WENN has compiled 10 fascinating facts about the star. Happy birthday, Sacha!

- Born in London in 1971, Cohen was raised in a Jewish family and attended the U.K.'s prestigious Univer...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Resident Evil Afterlife,' 'The Virginity Hit,' & More

9/7/2010 9:32am EDT
Resident Evil Afterlife
Over the Labor Day weekend, I caught Robert Rodriguez’s action epic “Machete,” which is bullet riddled, eye candy, not intended for the faint of heart. Originally a fake movie trailer in the 2007 double feature “Grindhouse,” it wowed audiences with its brutal subject matter and wild visuals. It was not long afterward, that viewers demanded that “Machete” be made into a feature length film however it took Rodriguez a couple of years to make the project happen.

“Machete” is delightfully over-the-top with its many explosions and extensive gore that skillfully pay homage to the exploitation ...

Dwayne Johnson: Should He Go Back To Pro Wrestling?

1/21/2010 11:00am EST
Dwayne Johnson
In his upcoming film "Tooth Fairy," Dwayne Johnson plays an intimidating hockey player who is punished for his senseless behavior and transformed into a tooth fairy. That's right, a tooth fairy. This is a far cry from the old days when Dwayne Johnson played a wrestling character who was brash, cocky, and laid the smack down on any WWE wrestler that crossed his path. Johnson has gone from being "The Rock" to now wearing a tutu like Tinker Bell. This new movie role doesn't sit well with some fans who have been following Johnson since his WWE days. With his last two kid-friendly movies ("Race ...

Professional Wrestling Vs. Boxing Vs. MMA - Which Is Better?

4/27/2009 1:57pm EDT
John Cena
Professional boxing used to be the #1 fighting sport with boxing greats like Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield. It was highly successful on cable and pay-per-view beginning with the Mike Tyson era in the 80s. But with the success of the UFC and other Mixed martial arts organizations, MMA is quickly replacing boxing as the #1 fighting sport. Professional boxing may even be surpassed by Professional wrestling, which is a fake sport but still garners high ratings on cable and millions of viewers on pay-per-view. While MMA and boxing fans argue about which is the better fighting sport, wrestli...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 23

4/23/2009 3:00am EDT
Melina Kanakaredes
Happy Birthday to Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova (1983), "Sin City" actress Jamie King (1979), WWE champ John Cena (197), Mexican singer Patricia Manterola (1972), "CSI NY" actress Melina Kanakaredes (1967), sitcom actor George Lopez (1961), Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark (1960; d. 1991), "One Day At A Time" actress Valerie Bertinelli (1960), filmmaker Michael Moore (1954), "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt (1949), actress Sandra Dee (1942; d. 2005), "The Six Million Dollar Man" star Lee Majors (1939), singer/songwriter Roy Orbison (1936; d. 1988), American singer Ray Peter...

John Cena Touts Wrestlemania 25

3/25/2009 9:57am EDT
John Cena
WWE superstar John Cena has a new movie opening Friday. In 12 Rounds, a killer puts him through the paces. That's nothing compared to the fight he faces at Wrestlemania 25 on April 5.

"I have a Triple Threat match with the world heavyweight champion Edge and a seven foot, five hundred pound giant named The Big Show," Cena said. "I'd like to think that on that day I do pretty well, but I'm sure if you asked those two guys they'll tell you the same."

If you remember watching Hulk Hogan fight Andre the Giant, it's okay to feel old when you see the number 25 following Wrestlemania. It...

Opening March 27: 12 Rounds

3/24/2009 9:56am EDT
WWE star John Cena headlines his sophomore action picture as a police officer whose wife is kidnapped in New Orleans. Daniel Kunka provides the script, with Deep Blue Sea's Renny Harlin... Continue summary

Hilary Duff's Wrestling Championship Belt - Hot Or Not?

12/5/2008 12:42pm EST
Hilary Duff Michelle Trachtenberg belts
Hilary Duff wore a somewhat odd outfit last night to the opening of the SLS Hotel in LA. The "belt" she's wearing looks like a wrestling championship belt spray painted black. Pairing that with a skirt that looks like it was made from drapery and matching tank top and leggings is not flattering on the 21-year-old.

Duff wasn't the only one with oversize waist accessories at the event. Michelle Trachtenberg's elegant black dress featured a huge crystal-encrusted belt.

What do you think of their outfits? Leave a comment below!

Hilary and John Cena show off t...

Slideshow: Sexy Athletes

8/4/2008 8:45am EDT
Andy Roddick
These athletes not only play sports remarkably well - they also look remarkable. With the Olympics starting Aug. 8, what better way to celebrate an athlete than to celebrate his or her sexiness. Click through our photo slideshow featuring 10 hard working and hard bodied athletes.

Tennis star Anna Kournikova

-Anna Kournikova Pictures

WWE superstar John Cena

-John Cena Pictures

Tennis star Maria Sharapova

-Maria Sharapova Pictures

Soccer star David Beckham

-David Beckham Pictures


Celebrity Birthdays, April 23

4/23/2008 3:00am EDT
Melina Kanakaredes
Happy Birthday to Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova (1983), "Sin City" actress Jamie King (1979), WWE champ John Cena (197), Mexican singer Patricia Manterola (1972), "CSI NY" actress Melina Kanakaredes (1967), sitcom actor George Lopez (1961), Def Leppard guitarist Steve Clark (1960; d. 1991), "One Day At A Time" actress Valerie Bertinelli (1960), filmmaker Michael Moore (1954), "Three's Company" star Joyce DeWitt (1949), actress Sandra Dee (1942; d. 2005), "The Six Million Dollar Man" star Lee Majors (1939), singer/songwriter Roy Orbison (1936; d. 1988), American singer Ray Peter...

WWE: The Music, Volume 8 Released

3/27/2008 5:10pm EDT
WWE: The Music, Volume 8
Columbia Records and World Wrestling Entertainment join forces to unleash WWE: The Music, Volume 8, the latest installment in the WWE's top-selling series of Superstar Entrance Themes, available everywhere Tuesday, March 25.

The second musical release under the new Columbia Records/WWE Music Group arrangement announced in December 2007, WWE: The Music, Volume 8 showcases all-new, never-before-released entrance themes for the WWE's biggest contemporary Superstars, premiering new tracks by Disciple, Collie Buddz, EndeverafteR, Saliva, Airbourne, Theory of a Deadman and more.

Mr. K...

Zac Efron Beats Michael Jackson For 'Most Wanted' Celebrity Title

12/6/2007 10:09am EST
Zac Efron
Zac Efron is The "Most Wanted" Celebrity of 2007 according to, a research firm based in West Hollywood, California that provides celebrity contact information to fans, businesses, nonprofits and the media.

The Top 10 "Most Wanted" Celebrities of 2007 are the "most wanted" for autographs, donations, endorsements and media requests from fans, businesses, nonprofits and the media out of's list of over 54,565 celebrities worldwide.

"Even with his less-than-stellar image, Michael Jackson is #2 and would probably be #1 if it weren't for Za...