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Jason Whitlock Calls Kobe Bryant A Fraud

4/15/2016 10:52pm EDT
Kobe Bryant
Fox Sports' Jason Whitlock is not impressed with the Kobe Bryant era of basketball. In fact, he says that Bryant is a complete fraud, calling him the most "fraudulent superstar celebrity athlete."

Whitlock says that Bryant destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers by failing to realize that basketball is a team sport, not an individual one like golf. He called out Bryant for running Shaq out of Los Angeles, rather than learning to work with him.

“His narcissism and selfishness destroyed a franchise,” Whitlock said a day after Bryant dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz in his final game. “The Lake...

The Best Reactions To Kobe Bryant's Retirement

4/15/2016 9:34pm EDT
Best Reactions To The End Of Kobe Bryant's Career
Kobe Bryant retired on Wednesday night. He finished things off by putting up 60 points for the Los Angeles Lakers against the Utah Jazz.

It was a Game 7 performance.

The reactions were mixed. Some people didn't think he deserved the praise. Others used humor to describe the end of the Kobe Bryant era.

Here are the best reactions to Kobe's final game and his retirement.

IM NOT pic.twitter.com/AMM1Y6bAC2

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) April 14, 2016

Smush Parker's invitation appears to have gotten lost in the mail

— Rob Perez (@World_Wide_Wob) April 14, 2016

Just spoke ...

Vanessa Bryant Talks Family Sacrifice For Kobe Bryant's Career

4/14/2016 5:25pm EDT
Vanessa Bryant Talks About Her Family's Sacrifice For Kobe
The basketball world celebrated Kobe Bryant on Wednesday, coining April 13, "MambaDay." Wife Vanessa Bryant took to her Instagram account and wrote a long post about how much the family sacrificed for Bryant during his 20-year NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Vanessa thanked her daughters for their understanding:

This is it!!! Today’s the day!!!! My family and I are so excited. So happy to hear, “the 4th and FINAL period” one last time. My girls and I are so happy to have Kobe home more often. We’ve all sacrificed so much time, birthdays, holidays, family functions and special ...

Kobe Bryant's Retirement Game Will Be Bigger Than The NBA Finals

4/10/2016 2:39pm EDT
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant's retirement game will take place on April 13 against the Utah Jazz, just three days from now. And, it will be an event. The game is expected to be a bigger ordeal than the NBA Finals, which is the biggest game of the basketball season.

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly going all out for No. 24.

"The game is going to be a 'zircus'—a zoo and a circus," team publicist John Black told the Los Angeles Times' Mike Bresnahan.

The team won't spill many details but Black will say that about 30 of Bryant's former teammates will be there. Including Shaq and Rick Fox. Less liked t...

Did Kobe Bryant Give His Wife His Championship Rings?

4/7/2016 5:44pm EDT
Did Kobe Bryant Gift His Wife Vanessa All Five Of His Championsh
Vanessa Bryant now has six very special rings from husband Kobe Bryant.

Bryant has won five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, and so, he has five championship rings to show it.

On Wednesday night, Kobe's wife Vanessa posted a photo of her wearing the rings on Instagram.

Vanessa first indicated that Kobe gifted her all five of his original championship rings. She later added a comment, clarifying that the rings she is wearing in the photo are exact copies of Bryant's, but in her size.

Only 5 more games left!!! Had to post the 5 Championship rings my boo-boo gave me...

Want To See Kobe Bryant's Last Game? It Will Cost You

4/7/2016 12:25pm EDT
Kobe Bryant
The Lakers are just about the only team to decrease the price of their tickets over the last few seasons. Next Wednesday, the price tag on the team's tickets will jump higher than its ever been when Kobe Bryant takes the floor at the Staples Center for a final time.

The only way to get tickets to Bryant's last NBA game is through resale websites, unless you purchased before the retirement announcement. Currently, there is a pair of courtside tickets on StubHub for $500,000. Although, you can also get them for as low as $17,531,00.

Kobe's last game. Seats in the lower bowl. pic.twitter...

Lamar Odom Accepts Kobe Bryant's Lakers Game Invite

3/31/2016 7:01pm EDT
Lamar Odom
Lamar Odom attended his first Los Angeles Lakers game since his overdose in October. Former teammate Kobe Bryant invited him and left tickets for him.

Bryant went all out for Odom and provided two court side seats for the Lakers game against the Miami Heat. Bryant called Odom a "miracle" in his post game press conference. Bryant talked to his old teammate before and after the game.

“It was just like old times,” Bryant smiled when talking about catching up with his former teammate. “We talked before the game, we talked after the game, and it was great to just talk basketball with him. We...

Twitter Takes On D'Angelo Russell's Nick Young Video

3/30/2016 4:47pm EDT
D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell reportedly posted a video of teammate Nick Young talking about cheating on Iggy Azalea on his Snapchat, not realizing that other people were able to save it.

According to Bleacher Report senior writer Kevin Ding: “He thought that he could post this and take it down right away and no one would ever see it, no one would ever save it. He and Nick had been joking around, trying to prank each other, and this obviously went too far. They’ve learned the hard way, both of them, that if you rig your phone a certain way, you can switch the app and save videos on Snapchat. It’s gott...

How The Lakers Are Dealing With D'Angelo Russell's Nick Young Video

3/30/2016 10:58am EDT
D'Angelo Russell
Sources tell ESPN the Los Angeles Lakers are isolating D'Angelo Russell after a video he recorded of a teammate admitting he cheats on his girlfriend surfaced online.

The video has been the talk of the locker room.

Russell secretly recorded teammate Nick Young in a hotel room, as Russell questioned him about the various women he's slept with over his basketball career. Young told him he had sex with a 19-year-old girl "last summer."

"You was 30 and she was 19?" Russell asked Young of the girl he met in a club. He seemed judgemental of the age difference in the video.

Young's currentl...

LAPD Recieved Terrorist Threat At Lakers/Clippers Game

3/25/2016 6:45pm EDT
Terrorist Threat At Lakers Vs. Clippers Game: 'You Are All Going
TMZ is reporting that there was a terrorist threat before a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Los Angeles Clippers game in January.

A voice recording informed the Los Angeles Police Department that terrorists were in the crowd at the game with explosive devices. They were going to carry out an attack for Allah and Jihad.

"TMZ has obtained an officer at 7:29 PM on January 29, 2016."

A robotic voice told officers: "Several people in the crowd seated strategically have explosives strapped to their chest and explosives in their shoes."

The voice continued: "Some of them are also strapped with Gl...

Rajon Rondo And Kobe Bryant Are Friends For A Strange Reason

3/16/2016 9:16pm EDT
Rajon Rondo and Kobe Bryant
It's pretty well known that Kobe Bryant doesn't have a lot of friends in the NBA. However, it turns out, Rajon Rondo and Bryant are friends for the exact reason that the Los Angeles Laker doesn't have many friends in the league.

Rondo and Kobe grew close. Why? Rondo: "I don’t have a lot of friends. I’m just friends with a lot of a--holes."

— Baxter Holmes (@BaxterHolmes) March 16, 2016

Of course, Rondo uses the term "a--hole" lovingly. Bryant's referred to both himself and the Sacramento King player as such in the past.

Kobe on how Rondo will survive the rebuild: "From what I unde...

Lakers Defy Logic In Victory Over Warriors

3/6/2016 9:01pm EST
The Los Angeles Lakers have pulled off the biggest upset in the history of the NBA.

Never has a team with such a poor win percentage (.190) beat a team with such a high one (.917) in a regular season game. The teams had a .727 difference in win percentage.

This will really be the largest NBA upset ever. #Lakers pic.twitter.com/yLK51Hjpwj

— DRK Sports News™ (@drksportsnews) March 6, 2016

The Lakers beat the Warriors 112 - 95 on Sunday afternoon. The Lakers' Jordan Clarkson put up 25 points and rookie D'Angelo Russell had 21. Kobe Bryant contributed 12 points to the victory.


Drake Gives Stephen Curry A Great Gift

3/4/2016 10:39pm EST
Drake, Stephen Curry
Drake gifted the custom made ‘Farewell Kobe’ All-Star jacket to Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.

Drake wore the jacket to Kobe Bryant's last NBA All-Star Game. It quickly went viral. Curry played for the Western Conference in the game.

Drake joined the Toronto Raptors broadcast on Friday and he confirmed Curry is now the proud owner of the jacket. The jacket was made in collaboration with OVO and Jordan Brand, according to the 6 God.

Drake reveals that he gave the custom Kobe Bryant jacket he wore at 2016 All-Star Game to Warriors' Stephen Curry pic.twitter.com/80EJDepXe3...

Kobe Bryant Named His Dog After A Harry Potter Curse

3/4/2016 9:17am EST
Kobe Bryant's Dog Has An Awesome Harry Potter-Inspired Name
Kobe Bryant had some fun with a few Lakers fans on Wednesday night by promising to give them the shoes on his feet if they were able to guess the name of his dog.

A pair of boys and two young ladies wanted to know the name of his pet, and he gave them a big hint.

When asked if it the autographed sneakers were a gift, Bryant told the Denver Post: “No, they earned them. They wanted to know what the name of my pet dog was so I gave them a clue. I said, 'It's in a (Harry) Potter film.' So every time, they threw out like 15 names. The deal was if they got it, I’d give them my shoes. And they g...

Is The New Nice Kobe Legit?

2/28/2016 6:42pm EST
Kobe Bryant
ESPN reporter Shelley Smith isn't buying the new nice Kobe Bryant.

She told the New York Post that Bryant's changed his attitude so he can go out like Michael Jordan.

From the NYPost:

Q: Is Bryant’s new niceness working?

A: I don’t quite buy it. Everyone I talk to, no one believes it, because he wants to go out beloved like [Michael] Jordan did. He wants to go off into the sunset as a superhero, but we all remember how badly he treated a lot of us.

Smith covered Bryant's sexual assault trial in Colorado. During the trial, Bryant did not agree with some of Smith's coverage. The Lake...

Kobe Bryant Got Upset When Coach Said Vince Carter Was The Better Player

2/26/2016 9:38pm EST
Kobe Bryant
For the last 20 years, Kobe Bryant has been using the fact a high school coach told him Vince Carter is better than him as motivation.

Complex Sports reports via the Los Angeles Daily News:

Way back in 1995, Carter helped his Mainland High School team win a Florida state championship despite suffering wrist and ankle injuries during his senior season. In an effort to motivate Kobe, his Lower Merion High School coach Gregg Downer used to tell him that Carter was a better player than he was after seeing what Carter did at Mainland. It pushed Kobe to lead Lower Merion to their first Penn...

Scot Pollard Says He Didn't Like Kobe Bryant

2/17/2016 11:57am EST
Kobe Bryant
While most people are celebrating Kobe Bryant during his final season before retirement, Scot Pollard decided to go a different route. He joined the crew on CBS Sports Radio’s "Tiki and Tierney." On the show, he shared that he never really liked Bryant.

“Personally, I never really liked Kobe,” Pollard said. “I didn’t like the way he carried himself, but I absolutely respect the way he played the game. If I was a GM, I absolutely want him on my team. I got to find the right guys that can play with him, but there’s very few players you’d want in front of him in the history of the NBA having...

Kobe And LeBron Could Have Been Traded For Each Other

2/10/2016 4:59pm EST
King James
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Cleveland Cavaliers discussed swapping Kobe Bryant for LeBron James in 2007.

At the time, Bryant was upset with the Lakers and even more upset with then-teammate Shaq. He was forcing the Lakers to do something. The team responded by looking through all of their options. But, if they were going to trade Kobe, they wanted equal value.

Before Bryant’s final game in Cleveland, ESPN.com’s Brian Windhorst shared:

According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the event, the Lakers once contacted the Cavs to investigate whether Cleveland would make James...

Jeanie Buss Will Reportedly Clean Out The Los Angeles Lakers' Office

2/8/2016 10:34pm EST
Jeanie Buss
Jeanie Buss has been the boss of the Los Angeles Lakers since the death of her father, Jerry. Rumor has it, she might fire her own brother to refresh the team. Jeanie's got the good office so it seems she's the one who's really in control of things.


— Jeanie Buss (@JeanieBuss) January 14, 2016

Jim and long-time general manager Mitch Kupchak will be the first to go if the report by Stephen A. Smith is accurate.

Stephen A: "If (Jeanie Buss) does that, you know she's gonna bring Phil back. And I think Dolan will let him out of his deal to go to LA."

— Tom...

Kobe Bryant Doesn't Forgive and Forget

1/27/2016 8:59pm EST
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant hasn't let the Mike D'Antoni situation go because of how it changed his friend's legacy.

When D'Antoni coached the Los Angeles Lakers, he benched Bryant's then teammate Pau Gasol because he was ineffective in the triangle offence system that D'Antoni was attempting to implement at the time. The coaching style never ended up working for the Lakers and they have never recovered from the seasons under D'Antoni.

Bryant thinks that his former coach hurt Gasol's legacy. Reflecting back, Kobe doesn't have nice things to say about the coaching system.

Kobe on Pau/D'Antoni: "Every...

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant Get Sentimental

1/15/2016 1:25pm EST
King James
LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers suffered a big time loss the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night.

After the game, James posted a tribute to Tim Duncan on Instagram.

Don't know how many times we got left to go against one another but I've never have and I never will take them for granted! The consistency you've shown over the years goes unmatched and as a competitor it's always a treat to be competing on the same floor as you! Being a professional(professionalism) is so overlooked in our sport but I always knew who I could look to if I ever wasn't professional about this lovely game ...

Kobe Bryant Doesn't Let Tarik Black Have A Locker

1/8/2016 5:26pm EST
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant didn't want to sit next to Tarik Black? Or, does Bryant require two lockers to get ready for a game?

Both are possibilities after the Lakers posted a new photo.

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Lakers played Bryant's final game in Sacramento. Before the game, Reporter Mike Bresnahan tweeted a photo of Black's makeshift locker, which was just a folding chair and a Lakers plaque with his name on it.

It seemed at first that Sacramento's ailing arena did not have enough locker spaces for the 15 visiting Lakers players. But, it turns out they do. One player just needed two lockers....

Which Jersey Will The Lakers Retire For Kobe Bryant?

1/3/2016 6:35pm EST
Kobe Bryant
The Los Angeles Lakers might retire both No. 8 and 24 for retiring Kobe Bryant.

At a season ticket holder event on Sunday, Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak spoke about Bryant's eventual jersey retirement.

"I don't know the answer. Obviously it's going to be 8, 24 or it could be both," said Kupchak.

For the first half of his career, Bryant wore No. 8. He won three championships with the Lakers. However, in 2006, he changed his number from 8 to 24 when the Lakers lost to the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 2006 playoffs.

When Bryant was growing up in Italy his favorite play...

Kobe Bryant Motivates His Teammates, The Kobe Way

12/31/2015 2:05pm EST
Kobe Bryant Motivates Roy Hibbert: 'Come On Motherf***er, I Beli
Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers has become a lot more compassionate in his final years in the NBA.

On Wednesday night, the Lakers played the Bostom Celtics and Bryant took a moment to give teammate Roy Hibbert a prep talk. Bryant yelled, "Come on motherf***er, I believe in you!"

The Lakers won 112 to 104 in Boston so maybe it helped.

While Bryant's motivation speech may seem brass, former teammates could only hope for such kind words.

The Black Mamba once made a teammate cry.

Michael Jordan Pays Respect To NBA Legend

12/28/2015 8:06pm EST
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan shared a special message with Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers before his final game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Before Bryant took the floor at the Time Warner Cable Arena, a video from Hornets owner Michael Jordan played on the big screen.

Michael Jordan pays his respects to Kobe Bryant before his final game in Charlotte. #Legends https://t.co/7W1jKpGTvN

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 29, 2015

Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to Michael Jordan since Michael Jordan. MJ really acknowledges this in the video which probably means a lot to ultra-c...

Biggest Fails From The Lakers/Clippers Christmas Game

12/26/2015 2:08am EST
There Were A Lot Of Issues In The Los Angeles Lakers/Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Clippers Christmas Day game against the Los Angeles Lakers wasn't exactly a basketball clinic. The Clippers won the game 94 to 84. They led Kobe Bryant's last Christmas game through the first three-quarters. With a strong lead of 28 points, the starters left the court and the bench came in. They were supposed to maintain the lead for about 12 minutes. That plan didn't work very well.

The Lakers scored 27 points in the fourth quarter and the Clippers starters had to come back and finish the game.

But, there were other blotchy moments as well.

The first one came from La...

LeBron James Is Not Leading NBA All-Star Voting

12/25/2015 2:28pm EST
NBA All-Star Voting
The NBA's first return of All-Star Game votes is in. The Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry and the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant lead the pack with the most votes.

LeBron James placed a very respectable third with over 357,000 votes. Curry has over 510,000 and Bryant almost 720,000.

Kobe & LeBron lead first returns of #NBAAllStarTO Voting presented by @Verizon! Vote: https://t.co/7SYpaqHa1f pic.twitter.com/A31HDvJHm2

— 2016 NBA All-Star (@NBAAllStar) December 25, 2015

Bryant has a very large following in China and this typically accounts for his large percentage of vote...

Which NBA Superstars Had Dinner Together?

12/19/2015 3:18pm EST
Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant had dinner together on Friday night before the Los Angeles Lakers played the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday.

While the evening could have been casual, it could have also been a recruitment pitch. Bryant announced his retirement earlier this season and Durant's free agency is upcoming.

In October, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said the Lakers are Durant's preferred choice, if he were to leave the Thunder. KD denied this and the report led to a fight between the ESPN reporter and the Thunder star. It resulted in Smith telling Durant, "You don't want to make an en...

Shaq Thinks Kobe Bryant's Retirement Poem Is Really Funny

12/9/2015 12:38am EST
Shaquille O'Neal was very amused to learn that Kobe Bryant wrote a poem to announce his retirement for basketball.

Shaq paid a visit to the Seth Meyers show on Monday night. When Seth told Shaq that Bryant broke the news about his retirement via a poem, Shaq thought Meyers was making a joke.

Shaq's reactions:

1st reaction: “No he didn’t.”
2nd reaction: “Oh, like, roses are red, violets are blue, type poem? No way. No way.”
3rd (delayed) reaction: “A poem? Seriously?”

Shaq was never fully convinced Seth was serious. So the talk show host had to recite parts of the poem he remembere...

Which NBA Player Could Lose His Spot On Team USA For The 2016 Olympics?

12/5/2015 7:42pm EST
Kobe Bryant's Performance Struggles Could Cost Him Team USA Spot
Kobe Bryant might lose his free pass onto the USA Men's National Team due to his recent lackluster performances.

Jerry Colangelo, the team's head coach, says Bryant will have to earn his spot like everybody else. Colangelo told USA Today:

“When I was approached originally about Kobe's interest in potentially playing in the Olympics — this goes back early last summer, I guess, or spring — and the concept being that it would be great to end a career, win a gold medal and ride off into the sunset. That was just thrown my way by his agent, Rob Pelinka. I just took it in and I said, ‘Rob, I ...