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'Bellflower' Screening Week #5 - Today's The Day!

12/9/2011 7:40am EST
It's here man! It''s finally here!! For those who want the chance to once and for all see the cinematic masterwork that is "Bellflower" on the big screen (in beautiful Pasadena, California!) this is your final shot! For info, directions and all the details (in case you've missed out week long coverage!) simply...


See you all at the movies! Viva la "Bellflower!"

'Bellflower' Screening Week #4 - The Review

12/8/2011 7:40am EST
Only one more day till the awesome and mighty midnight screening of "Bellflower" Friday, Dec. 9 at the Regency Academy 6 in Pasadena, California! Want to know what to expect? (At least movie wise?!) Well then check out my previous review of...


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Today’s review is brought to you by the...

Regency Academy 6

...the theater that houses the midnight shows you want to see! (Like..."Bellflower!")

Advance tickets for the Dec. 9 Bellflower event can NOW be purchased at the Regency Academy 6 Theater box office at 1003 E...

'Bellflower' Screening Week #2 - Jessie Wiseman Interview

12/6/2011 8:00am EST
In anticipation of the destined-to-be-memorable upcoming midnight screening of "Bellflower" this Friday, Dec. 9 at the Regency Academy 6 in Pasadena, California, we’re keeping the week-long tribute going! Up today is a previous one-on-one interview with a gal I sincerely consider to be one amazing actress to watch for. Putting to shame all former preconceived stereotypes of women in both film and Hollywood, this gal is adding fresh talent to a dwindling craft just when it needed her. It would be ‘wise’ not to dismiss the captivating presence of lovely "Bellflower" actress…


Blu-ray Review: 'Bellflower' + Early Screening Announcement For Pasadena California!

11/15/2011 12:15pm EST
Bellflower photo
Ready to see check out one of the films that’s already carved out a firm place on my Top Ten list for 2011? Hitting Blu-ray and DVD Nov. 15 from the cinema loving folks over at Oscilloscope Laboratories, comes the original film "Bellflower" which is a must see for any film fan. (Plus the extras are equally engaging!) But for those who still have the need to view the films various apocalyptic trinkets (including homemade flamethrower and 1972 muscle car Medusa!) on the big screen in it’s lush Scope format, there’s also an early midnight screening announcement below – this five-star flower...

Five Actresses 'To Watch For'

8/10/2011 6:00pm EDT
Vinessa Shaw
There’s a current stigma that says young actresses of today don’t have the goods. That acting greats like Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and Meryl Streep are simply a thing of the past - I say meet five exceptions. And while there are a ton of up and coming actresses currently working in film, these ladies are a handful of hopefuls who have managed to stay engrained in the brain with possibly only one or two striking performances under their ample belts. This is a group of gals who deserve to be seen more (aka give them more projects!) and we at Starpulse feel possess the ability to deliv...

'Bellflower' Week - Interview Evan Glodell - The Boyfriend

8/5/2011 8:12am EDT
Evan Glodell photo
As the writer, director and lead actor of the powerful new film "Bellflower," Evan Glodell is a cinematic force to be reckoned with. Taking intense real-life ideas from his own past and mixing them with a serious dose of high-powered nitroglycerin, Glodell has ended up making one unique and potent piece of celluloid. The film is in contrast to the mild-mannered Glodell himself, a humble guy who always seems like he doesn’t want to toot his own horn. (I’ll do it for him – five star work sir!) Finishing our 'Bellflower Week' with a bang, Starpulse sat down one-on-one with the normally gua...