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Now Playing: Let Kate Winslet Tell You the Story of Her Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunction Let Kate Winslet Tell You the Story of Her Most Epic Wardrobe Malfunction
2015-10-09 Michael Fassbender Studied Ashton Kutcher for Steve Jobs Role
2015-10-08 Age Is Nothing but a Number for Some Hollywood Stars
2015-10-08 'Steve Jobs' Cast All Carries iPhones
2015-10-07 The Snap: Why We're Still Obsessed with Kate Winslet
2015-10-06 Kate Winslet: My Kids Don't Have IPhones!
2015-10-06 Kate Winslet Says Her Kids Do Not Have ANY Apple Devices
2015-10-06 Steve Jobs's Widow Takes Aim at Hollywood Biopic
2015-10-05 Kate Winslet Stuns on the Red Carpet Ahead of Her 40th Birthday
2015-10-05 Movie Trailer: 'Steve Jobs'
2015-09-30 What Does Kate Winslet Want for Her 40th Birthday?
2015-09-29 Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet on 'Jobs' Film
2015-09-29 Exclusive Interview: Liam Hemsworth Reveals He Didn't Enjoy Undressing for Kate Winslet
2015-09-29 You Won't Believe What Kate Winslet Wants for Her 40th Birthday!
2015-09-29 Winslet on 'Challenging' Steve Jobs Film
2015-09-29 Kate Winslet Has 'No Reservations' About 'Jobs' Movie
2015-09-29 Who Said That: 'A Little Chaos'
2015-09-24 'Steve Jobs' Trailer 2
2015-09-19 Kate Winslet: “This Year's Been Quite a Good Year” For Smart Female Roles
2015-09-16 Liam Hemsworth Says Australian Sense of Humor Is 'Really Sarcastic'
2015-09-15 Winslet, Hemsworth Premiere 'The Dressmaker' at TIFF
2015-09-15 Natalie Portman: I Got Drunk and No One Knew
2015-08-06 A Letter for Bear
2015-08-03 Face Forward to the Finish
2015-08-03 Lessons of the Fire
2015-08-03 Fear Gives Strength
2015-08-03 'The Dressmaker' Trailer
2015-07-28 Stars Gather at Leonardo DiCaprio's Gala
2015-07-23 DiCaprio Foundation Grants $15M to Environmental Groups
2015-07-14 Stars Glisten in Paris to Celebrate Lancome's 80th Anniversary
2015-07-08 Amid Paris Couture, Beauty in Spotlight at Lancome Anniversary
2015-07-08 'Steve Jobs' Trailer
2015-07-03 Kate Winslet Is Not a Fan of Waist Training
2015-06-19 Alan Rickman Apologizes for Two 'A Little Chaos' Titles
2015-06-17 The Lowdown on 'A Little Chaos'
2015-06-11 Danny Boyle Tips Kate Winslet for 'Steve Jobs' Oscar
2015-05-31 'Steve Jobs' Teaser Trailer
2015-05-20 Michael Fassbender Looks Just Like Steve Jobs in Trailer for New Biopic
2015-05-19 Watch the First 'Steve Jobs' Trailer
2015-05-18 Steve Jobs - Trailer No. 1
2015-05-18 Go See 'A Little Chaos'
2015-05-01 Kate Winslet Loves Wearing Corsets
2015-04-27 Kate Winslet Reveals Pregnancy Lies and Acting Tips
2015-04-17 Kate Winslet Says She Can 'Never Stop Learning' How to Act
2015-04-17 Helen McCrory: 'Wearing a Corset Is Great!'
2015-04-16 Kate Winslet Wows At 'A Little Chaos' Premiere
2015-04-15 Kate Winslet Takes on Versailles Gardens in New Film Role
2015-04-14 Kate Winslet Takes on Versailles Gardens in New Film Role
2015-04-14 Tuesday's Showbiz News: 'Downton Abbey' Spinoff Rumors Dismissed and More
2015-04-14 Kate Winslet Causes Chaos At The Premiere Of Her New Movie
2015-04-14 Kate Winslet Falls in Love in 17th Century France
2015-04-14 'A Little Chaos': The King's Gardener Clip
2015-04-10 'A Little Chaos': Order Over Landscape Clip
2015-04-10 INSURGENT “Perfect Subject” Clip
2015-04-01 INSURGENT “Train” Clip
2015-04-01 INSURGENT “Consume You” Clip
2015-04-01 'A Little Chaos': Exclusive Clip
2015-03-31 Miles Teller Thinks Shailene Woodley Is in Love with Him
2015-03-22 Kate Winslet on Body Shaming: 'I Don't Want to Spend My Life Worried About How I Look'
2015-03-19 'Insurgent', the Second Movie in 'The Divergent Series' Holds Its World Premiere in London
2015-03-13 Happy Birthday Ansel Elgort
2015-03-13 Shailene Woodley Is Confident 'Insurgent' Will Leave You Wanting More
2015-03-11 'Insurgent' Star Kate Winslet Is Well Aware of Her Character's Mundane Name
2015-03-11 Jeremy Sisto Was ''Heartbroken'' After He Lost Titanic Role to Leonardo DiCaprio
2015-03-06 Insurgent - 'Stand Together' Final Trailer
2015-03-06 Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Environmental Film Documentaries for Netflix
2015-03-06 'A Little Chaos' Trailer 2
2015-02-26 Insurgent - 'Worth It' Clip
2015-02-25 Insurgent - 'Go With Happiness' Clip
2015-02-25 Insurgent - 'Fight Back' Trailer
2015-02-25 Top 10 Best Actress Oscar Winners
2015-02-24 Sam Smith on Grammy Wins: ‘I Feel Like Kate Winslet at the Oscars'
2015-02-09 Sam Smith Victorious at Grammy Awards
2015-02-09 9 Things You Didn't Know About 'Divergent'
2015-01-25 Rihanna's Inviting Leonardo DiCaprio To Barbados To Meet Her Family