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2015-04-14 Oprah Winfrey's 'O Magazine' Turns 15: Here Are The 7 Most Important Covers
2015-04-03 'Empire' Creator Danny Strong -- Catfight Between Cookie and Olivia Pope? ... Interesting
2015-03-19 'Empire' Creator Danny Strong -- Crossover With Scandal?
2015-03-19 Why Oprah Said to This Woman, "You Define the Art of Procrastination"
2015-03-19 Oprah Winfrey Is Auctioning Away Her Chicago Belongings
2015-03-18 Oprah Announces Oprah's Book Club (Do You Remember the First Book She Picked?)
2015-03-17 Gayle King "Felt Cold Air on My Bottom" While Having Wardrobe Malfunction
2015-03-14 Oprah Winfrey Prevails in 'Own Your Power' Lawsuit
2015-03-06 Which 'Selma' Star Thinks the US Could Learn a Lesson from the Film?
2015-03-05 Oprah Closes Harpo Studios, A-Listers Celebrate Paul Newman
2015-03-04 Oprah Closing Harpo Studios, Stars Honor Paul Newman
2015-03-04 5 Things You Don't Know About Tyler Lepley
2015-03-03 Oprah Opens Up About 'Selma' Family and Post-Oscars Pizza!
2015-02-24 Oscar Winners Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne Party With Their New Hardware!
2015-02-24 Oprah Winfrey's Surprise Bathroom Break
2015-02-24 Amy Adams Dishes 'Batman V Superman' Deets
2015-02-23 Kevin Hart Hosting the 2016 Oscars?
2015-02-23 Oprah Shares Her Pride for 'Selma'
2015-02-23 'Birdman' and Julianne Moore Triumph at Independent Spirit Awards
2015-02-23 Oprah Celebrates with the Oscar Winners
2015-02-23 John Legend Tackles Slavery, Modern Life for Black Men
2015-02-23 Oprah? 'Stand-Ins' Line Up at Oscars
2015-02-22 Alejandro G Inarritu on the 'Extinction' of Independent Film
2015-02-22 Black Women in Hollywood: Oprah Winfrey
2015-02-21 Diane Keaton on Plastic Surgery: "I'd Like to Go Out Authentic"
2015-02-20 Meryl Streep on Her Life Achievement Award: "It Felt Like I Was Watching It from 500 Feet Up"
2015-02-20 Why Being an Actress Is Saying No to the Things That Make You Happy
2015-02-20 The "Out There" Outfit Diane Keaton Wore to the 50th Academy Awards(R) Ceremony
2015-02-20 Oprah Winfrey and More Attend Essence Luncheon
2015-02-20 Tom Hanks on Why His Second Oscar(R) Win Was Bigger Than His First
2015-02-14 Tom Hanks' Secret to Giving Amazing Acceptance Speeches
2015-02-14 Oprah Announces Her 4th Pick for Oprah's Book Club 2.0
2015-02-10 The 46th Annual NAACP Image Awards: Diversity in Hollywood
2015-02-07 Oscars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep to Present
2015-02-07 Oprah Winfrey -- Chokes Up Over Bobbi Kristina
2015-02-06 Oprah Winfrey Returning to TV With Queen Sugar From Selma's Ava DuVernay
2015-02-03 Angelina Jolie Named Most Admired Woman in the World
2015-02-03 When Stories of the Civil Rights Struggle Are Passed Down Through Generations
2015-02-03 How Police Treated Civil Rights Protesters After an Intervention From Washington, D.C.
2015-02-03 How the Civil Rights Movement Created a New Political Awareness
2015-02-03 She Passed Out During the Civil Rights Marches
2015-02-03 How the Civil Rights Movement Forced Young People to Grow Up Quickly
2015-02-03 The View From Birmingham, Alabama, During Turbulent Months of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement
2015-02-03 He Risked His Teaching Job to Support the Civil Rights Marchers
2015-02-03 1960s Civil Rights Supporters on Why Selma Is Important
2015-02-03 She Joined the Civil Rights Marches When She Was a Teenager
2015-02-03 He Started an Underground Railroad for Teachers Who Wanted to March for Civil Rights
2015-02-03 'Selma': Exclusive European Premiere Report
2015-01-29 'Selma' Stars on London Red Carpet
2015-01-28 Why Rainn Wilson Isn't a Fan of Hipster Foodies
2015-01-28 Tika Sumpter on 'The Have and the Have Nots'
2015-01-27 'Selma': Next Great Battle Clip
2015-01-23 'Selma': Courthouse Clip
2015-01-23 Oscar De La Hoya to Launch TV Channel
2015-01-22 Oprah, 'Selma' Cast Honor MLK With March in Alabama
2015-01-20 'Selma' Sparks Interest in Historic Alabama City
2015-01-20 'Selma' Stars Honor Martin Luther King at March and More
2015-01-19 'Selma' Cast March for Martin Luther King's Birthday
2015-01-19 "Selma" Stars March in Alabama
2015-01-19 'Selma': Featurette - The Woman Of Selma
2015-01-16 'Selma': Featurette - David Oyelowo As MLK
2015-01-16 AFI Awards: Everyone's a Winner as Film and TV Contenders Kick Off Globes Weekend
2015-01-10 Oprah Winfrey Gushes Over Ellen DeGeneres' Selfie-Taking Skills and the Oscars Photo That ''Changed the Selfie World''
2015-01-10 Golden Globes: Oprah Winfrey, Don Cheadle Join List of Presenters
2015-01-09 Oprah Made Kevin Hart a Prisoner in His Own House
2015-01-07 Oprah Winfrey on Selma, Ferguson and Eric Garner
2015-01-03 Oprah Winfrey Opens Up About Her Violent Scene in Selma
2014-12-30 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Selma'
2014-12-25 David Oyelowo Says Oprah Gets Kind of Punchy on Movie Sets
2014-12-23 Michael Sam to Oprah -- Gays in The NFL ... Reached Out to Me
2014-12-23 Ava DuVernay Wouldn't Turn Down the Chance to Direct a Marvel Film
2014-12-21 Tim Roth Says Politicians Hide Their Bigotry Better These Days
2014-12-21 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Tracey Ullman on Meryl Streep, Oprah & Social Media
2014-12-17 Jimmy Fallon and Oprah Winfrey's Auto-Tuned Soap Opera Midnight Meadows Has Everyone Laughing!