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Shereè Whitfield I hope u guys r having a BLESSED week!!! XOXO... check out my blog if ya want a little reading- some hot topics!! :)
Thursday 21st of October 2010 04:25:02 PM
Shereè Whitfield And, for the record I was a little skeptical @ 1st but I did have a good time on my date.... what did y'all think?
Tuesday 12th of October 2010 10:51:08 AM
Shereè Whitfield U guys wanna know if there was a second date??... gotta "watch what happens!" ;)
Tuesday 12th of October 2010 10:49:11 AM
Shereè Whitfield I'm calling it a nite....I can't believe I'm n NY and too tired to get out! I have an early day 2morrow. Nite nite, LUV u all!
Tuesday 5th of October 2010 09:04:41 PM
Shereè Whitfield What do you guys think???

Shereè Whitfield | Plixi

Tuesday 5th of October 2010 09:04:05 PM
Shereè Whitfield OHH EM GEE!!! Real Housewives of ATL premier tonight on Bravo @ 9pm!!! You guys watchin???
Monday 4th of October 2010 11:32:37 AM
Shereè Whitfield IN NY doing promo for the NEW season... starting TONIGHT!
Monday 4th of October 2010 11:31:25 AM
Shereè Whitfield don't ever doubt yourself!
Wednesday 22nd of September 2010 12:47:59 PM
Shereè Whitfield has been running around with the kids ALL week....TGIF!!!! Luv u guys and I'm wishing u a very blessed weekend! Any plans?!
Friday 17th of September 2010 01:32:24 PM
Shereè Whitfield mixin' up my workout 2day!! def gonna b feelin it tomorrow!
Wednesday 15th of September 2010 11:58:30 AM
Shereè Whitfield has been reading what you guys have been writing... y'all crack me up!!
Sunday 12th of September 2010 09:16:36 PM
Shereè Whitfield 4 all my "who gon' check me, boo?" fans!!!

...for my FABULOUS fans!!!
tag yourself in this album... anywhere you see fit! luv u guys!!!
Wednesday 8th of September 2010 12:55:12 PM
Shereè Whitfield less than one month until season 3... get ready!!
Wednesday 8th of September 2010 12:07:19 PM
Shereè Whitfield If you've used this Line, TAG YOURSELF... or anyone you know that's likely to use it!!! Luv hearing from you guys!

...for my FABULOUS fans!!!

Wednesday 8th of September 2010 11:29:29 AM
Shereè Whitfield Good Morning facebookers! I'm about 2 get my morning workout on!! Exercise 2 FEEL and BE your very BEST! You deserve it!
Friday 3rd of September 2010 09:29:33 AM
Shereè Whitfield seems like y'all have made up your mind!! #1 was the fav! Thanks 4 helpin!!
Wednesday 1st of September 2010 12:36:45 PM
Shereè Whitfield check out my new headshots! I need 2 decide which is my fav... and since y'all have gr8 taste, "like" ur favorite & i'll pick what u guys pick! thx!! xo
Tuesday 31st of August 2010 11:28:26 AM
Shereè Whitfield I need your help, fans!! Tell me which one y'all like best!! "vote" by "liking" the one that is your favorite! thx guys!!

Which one is your favorite??

Tuesday 31st of August 2010 11:24:48 AM
Shereè Whitfield looking forward 2 some time at the gym 2day!! Who's with me?!
Saturday 28th of August 2010 10:58:31 AM

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