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'Face Off's McKenzie Westmore: Not Your Ordinary Host

3/4/2014 12:10pm EST
'Face Off's McKenzie Westmore: Not Your Ordinary Host
SyFy's Face Off may be the most unique competition series on television. It's not a talent show, it's not about crazy stunts - instead, it takes us inside the world of movie makeup to see who can create the most magic. BFTV connected with series host McKenzie Westmore last week to chat about the currently airing sixth season and her own Hollywood career - including if soaps or Star Trek has the more passionate fan base.

"When I started Face Off, I really went into it with what's meant to be will be," she told us, reflecting on the success of the show. "You just don't know. In the beginning...

The Artists Take On Demons On 'Face Off'

1/30/2013 1:40am EST
This week on “Face Off” the 12 remaining artists will again team up to complete their spotlight challenge; but this time there's a big twist waiting for them.

Twenty-six year old special effects artist Anthony Kosar has risen to the challenge each week and taken home the top prize in every challenge. Can anyone topple the man who worked on the hit movies “Avatar” and “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” during his internship?

The challenge begins when the artists are taken to a desert to find host McKenzie Westmore standing next to six pitch forks with unusual names on th...

Super Heroes Come to 'Face Off'

1/23/2013 1:30pm EST
Anthony's Lava Superhero
It's super hero week on “Face Off” as the 13 remaining artists face their first solo challenge of the season. This week the challenge is even bigger because the winner will also have their creation featured in an upcoming DC Comic book.

The artists met host MacKenzie Westmore at the ComiCon in San Diego to learn their spotlight challenge for the week – to create an original super hero.

After spending some time with DC Comic creators for tips and ideas, the artists head for the lab to begin sculpting and molding their new characters. Some of the artists had trouble with their sculpting and...

'Face Off': Season 4 Premiere - Make It Reign

1/16/2013 10:26am EST
makeup by Anthony and Meagan

Season four of “Face Off” began in royal fashion when the 14 special effects makeup artists – Alex, Troy, Kris, Katie, Eric F., Meagan, Anthony, David “House”, Alam, Eric Z., Jenna, Wayne, Michael, and Autumn - met aboard the Queen Mary to learn their first challenge of the season – to create a queen to match the chosen crown and shows off who the artist is.  Oscar and nine time Emmy Award winning makeup artist and creature designer Michael Westmore judged the challenge.  Westmore joined the cast this season as a mentor to the artists giving them tips and suggestions of how best to bring...

'Face Off' Final Challenge and Grand Finale with Winner

11/1/2012 4:30am EDT
Face Off TV Series
In a two night event “Face Off” will reveal the winner for the season in a live television event after the fans choose the winner for the first time in show history; but first the three finalists will have to face a double challenge.

Before making their way to the lab the artists receive video calls from family members.

Finalists Laura, Nicole, and Derek are met in the lab by a big Halloween display and host McKenzie Westmore.  The challenge Immortal Enemies the artists must create two original characters – a demon who creates chaos in the world and a good witch to vanquish the demon.  Th...

It Gets 'Grimm' on 'Face Off'

10/24/2012 10:14am EDT
Face Off TV Series
This week on “Face Off” the four remaining makeup artists must take on the job of detective as they try to determine the culprit of the crime scenes they encounter in the woods.  How well they create their characters will determine who will move on to the finale.

The challenge this week is to create a creature based on clues left at a crime scene in the woods.  Special guest Silas Weir Mitchell gave the artists a little advice saying that different characters kill differently and the reflection of the creature can be found in the crime scene.

The artists had 30 minutes to study, film, and...

'Face Off' - Season Three Premiere - 'Star Wars'

8/22/2012 8:06am EDT
Face Off TV Series
On Tuesday night the Syfy reality competition show “Face Off” made its season three premiere with 12 new special effects makeup artists - Laura, Nicole, Sarah, CC, Alana, Tommy, Rod, Jason, Roy, Joe, Derek, and Eric.

Each week the artists must take on challenges issued by show host McKenzie Westmore. The judging panel of Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Patrick Tatopoulis, and new judge Neville Page will determine whom will move on and whom will be eliminated based on the artists work. After the season premiere Patrick will be leaving the show to work on a project in Bulgaria.

The season began ...