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Top Ten Secret Celebrity Weddings

1/2/2015 6:27pm EST
Top 10 Secret Celebrity Weddings
Several stars entered 2015 as newlyweds, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt who secretly tied the knot with his girlfriend Tasha McCauley in December. The couple exchanged vows at their home on Dec. 20 after dating since 2013.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis may have also wed in secret. The "Two And A Half Men" star posted a message on Facebook suggesting he and his former "That 70s Show" co-star are not only new parents, but newlyweds as well. "Happy New Year (love) The Kutchers," said the message written in sand.

Several celebrities have decided to keep their nuptials private. The question is...

The Hottest Celebrity Women In Their 40s

10/30/2013 3:03pm EDT
Kate Beckinsale
Who says life ends at 40? There are plenty of hot women in Hollywood going into their fifth decade - and here they are, in no particular order:

Kate Beckinsale (Above), born July 26, 1973

Alyssa Milano, born December 19, 1972

Jeri Ryan, born February 22, 1968

Cameron Diaz, born August 30, 1972

Sofia Vergara, born July 10, 1972

Rachel Weisz, born March 7, 1970

Carmen Electra, born April 20, 1972

Rebecca Romijn, born November 6, 1972

Cate Blanchett, born May 14, 1969

Naomi Watts, born September 28, 1968

Sandra Bullock, born July 26, 1964


Daniel Craig & Wife Rachel Weisz To Pair Up In Broadway's 'Betrayal'

4/6/2013 9:44am EDT
Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig
James Bond star Daniel Craig and his wife Rachel Weisz are teaming up again - this time on Broadway. The couple will be working together on the upcoming production "Betrayal."

The pair met and fell in love while making "Dream House" in 2011. They wed the same year.

Harold Pinter's "Betrayal" centers on a publisher whose wife has an affair with his literary agent friend. According to E! News, the actress  admitted she and her husband hoped to land roles in the production.  Weisz has also admitted she'd love to play a Bond girl in one of her husband's films. Now that's something we'd like t...

Rachel Weisz Says She'd Love To Be A Bond Girl Opposite Husband Daniel Craig

3/10/2013 6:01pm EDT
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz looks stunning in a Greg Williams-shot pictorial for the April 2013 issue of Esquire UK magazine.

The star of Oz The Great and Powerful opened up in the new issue, revealign that she'd love to work with husband Daniel Craig -- particularly as his leading lady in an upcoming James Bond film.

"I'd like to! I wouldn't say no," she said about becoming a Bond girl. "I'm not a snob about entertainment. Some of the material I'm attract to is not... it's just not commercial. Which means it's really f**king interesting, you know? It's off-center. It doesn't fit in a genre."


A Newly Single Michelle Williams Dazzles In Feathers At 'Oz' Premiere

3/1/2013 8:48am EST
Michelle Williams
Follow the yellow brick road, and you'll encounter a bevy of beautiful actresses. Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, and Rachel Weisz attended the European premiere of "Oz the Great and Powerful" in London on Thursday, and they impressed fans with their Hollywood looks.

Williams, 32, looked incredible in a bright blue Burberry Prorsum dress. The strapless gown featured feathers all over it, and looked incredibly soft. The actress is newly single after splitting with funnyman Jason Segel.

The eldest, but not less attractive member of the group, Rachel Weisz, 42, dazzled in a cream colored stra...

2013 Golden Globe Awards Fashion: Stars Dazzle In Black, White & Red

1/14/2013 9:21am EST
Golden Globes 2013 Fashion
Sunday night was one of the of the biggest events in Hollywood - the 2013 Golden Globes Awards. Red, white and black were some of the more popular choices on the red carpet, with stars such as Zooey Deschanel, Jennifer Garner, Claire Danes, Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence opting for crimson gowns.

Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey wore black and white, and Eva Longoria looked very leggy in a black gown with a slit up the thigh. Salma Hayek also stunned in a strapless black dress that showed off her curvy figure. Rachel Weisz wore black with a sheer polka dot skirt and her best accessor...

Rachel Weisz Thrilled With Wicked Witch Role In 'Oz: The Great And Powerful'

11/24/2012 1:27pm EST
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz was thrilled to land a role as the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard Of Oz prequel because it gave her the chance to play a villain.

The British actress stars alongside James Franco as the wizard in upcoming movie Oz: The Great and Powerful, which is based on the books of L. Frank Baum and tells the story previous to Judy Garland's famous 1939 film.

Mila Kunis plays Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West, while Weisz tackles the role of Evanora, the Wicked Witch of the East - and she relished the chance to show off her bad side.

She tells, "It's the preque...

Jeremy Renner In 'Bourne Legacy' And 10 Other Franchise Recasts

8/9/2012 12:07pm EDT
The Bourne Legacy
Jeremy Renner isn't playing Jason Bourne, but he's taking over the Bourne franchise for Matt Damon in The Bourne Legacy. Renner's also not the first actor or actress to become the new face of a franchise. Here are 10 other franchise recasts:

Bruce Banner - Eric Bana/Edward Norton/Mark Ruffalo: Bana signed for three Hulk films, but was replaced by super fan Norton when Marvel re-acquired the rights. Norton re-wrote The Incredible Hulk and starred in a hit, but was unable to come to a deal when a role in The Avengers was available. Ruffalo filled in, and was given positive reviews.


Review: 'The Bourne Legacy' Has Its Moments But Lacks Originality

8/8/2012 8:37am EDT
The Bourne Legacy
So what happens when Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass decide that they no longer want to be a part of the super successful franchise known as Bourne?

Do the producers say fine and walk away from their billion dollar cash cow or find another way to keep it going? Silly question, right?

Which brings us to "The Bourne Legacy," written and directed by Tony Gilroy (writer of the previous Bourne films) and starring Jeremy Renner as the new super spy who the evil CIA wants to kill. Sound familiar? Of course it does, and that's the problem.

You've seen this same plot before...many, many...

Rachel Weisz Heats Up 'The Bourne Legacy' Red Carpet In A Strapless Black Dress

7/31/2012 8:22am EDT
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz sizzled at "The Bourne Legacy" world premiere in New York City on Monday. The actress wore a strapless black dress that showed off her curves. She paired her look with strappy black sandals, a single bracelet.

The fourth installment of the Bourne series sidelines main character Jason Bourne and focuses on a fellow estranged assassin Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner).

As agents are killed off, Cross escapes death and tries to find a peaceful life. Weisz plays a scientist on the project that escapes the labs when the project and its workers are terminated.

"The Bourne Legacy" hits...

Rachel Weisz Tried To Her Change Name

7/21/2012 3:04pm EDT
Rachel Weisz
Actress Rachel Weisz was rebuked by her agent for changing her name at the start of her career because her chosen moniker made her sound like a porn star.

The Constant Gardener star grew so tired of teachers botching the pronunciation of her surname, she altered the "weird" spelling in a bid to avoid confusion while breaking into the entertainment industry, but the 42 year old's efforts were shot down by her manager because he didn't want casting directors to get the wrong impression.

She explains, "I did try and change it. In England there's this catalogue called Spotlight, where the ...

'Bourne Legacy' Trailer Explains Jeremy Renner's Arrival

5/31/2012 1:22pm EDT
The Bourne Legacy
An extended trailer for August's Bourne Legacy has explained why Jeremy Renner is leading the film instead of Matt Damon, who was the star of the original trilogy.

The project that trained Jason Bourne also resulted in other agents, one being the man Jeremy Renner plays, Aaron Cross. Distraught by the rebellious Bourne, the powers that be decide to end the program and eliminate anyone involved.

As agents are killed one by one, Cross escapes death and tries to find a peaceful life. Rachel Weisz stars as a scientist on the project that escapes the labs when the project and its workers are t...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'The Hunger Games,' 'The Raid: Redemption,' & More

3/19/2012 11:00am EDT
The Hunger Games Poster
Honestly I didn’t have high hopes for the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum comedy “21 Jump Street,” but I was very pleasantly surprised last week. I laughed my ass off at the antics of the two hapless cops sent back to high school on an undercover mission. Equal parts parody and homage, it simultaneously mocks buddy cop movie clichés and celebrates them. Hill and Tatum are the perfect team, thoroughly convincing you that they’re best buds. My Grade: B+

Things have quieted down a bit at the box office this week in terms of the number of films coming out, but I think a lot of that has to do wit...

From 'Hunger Games' To The 'Twilight' Saga: The Best & Worst Book To Film Adaptations

3/18/2012 3:00pm EDT
Lions Gate Entertainment
The Hunger Games hits theaters Friday in what looks to be a battle for box office gold (it’s already sold more pre-sale tickets than any of the Twilight movies, according to Fandango). And while it’s current 100 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes is reassuring, anxious fans still have a week to go before they’ll know for sure if director Gary Ross paid good enough tribute to Suzanne Collins’ literary franchise.

Before then, let’s take a look back at Hollywood’s best and worst popular franchise adaptations...

BEST: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Before Peter Ja...

Nicole Kidman Replaces Rachel Weisz In 'The Railway Man'

3/5/2012 8:40am EST
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman has stepped in to replace Rachel Weisz in upcoming movie The Railway Man after the British actress dropped out.

The Mummy star was due to play Colin Firth's onscreen wife in the new drama about a prisoner of war who reunites with one of his Japanese captors 30 years later.

However, Weisz was forced to exit the project to complete extra filming on upcoming action movie The Bourne Legacy, and Kidman has stepped up to take her place, according to

The Railway Man will start shooting in Scotland later this year, before moving to Australia's Gold Coast. It is due ...

Rachel Weisz Cosmetics Ad Banned In Britain

2/1/2012 7:48am EST
Rachel Weisz
A cosmetics commercial starring Rachel Weisz has been banned in the U.K. after officials at a watchdog group ruled the L'Oreal ad misrepresented what the product could do.

Scottish politician Jo Swinson complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Repair ad, claiming it "misleadingly exaggerated" the performance of the product because Weisz's skin was digitally altered to make it look smoother, and officials have upheld the complaint, stating the commercial can no longer air in its current form.

ASA bosses have also ordered L'Oreal chiefs to avoid...

Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Buy NYC Penthouse

1/13/2012 9:06am EST
Rachel Weisz
Daniel Craig and his new wife Rachel Weisz are putting down roots in New York City after buying a marital home in Manhattan, according to a report.

The Bond star married fellow Brit Weisz in a secret ceremony in the city in May following a whirlwind romance, and they are now preparing to settle down in a lavish $11.5 million penthouse, according to the New York Post.

The publication reports the couple has purchased the three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment in SoHo.

The property also boasts a media room with a wood burning fireplace and a large private roof garden.

2011 - The Year In Review, June

1/1/2012 2:00pm EST
Review - June 2011
As summer blossomed, June marked a baby boom in Hollywood. Pop star P!nk became a first-time mum at the beginning of the month when she welcomed little Willow, while drummer Adrian Young added to the No Doubt family with daughter Magnolia. Natalie Portman became a first-time mom to son Aleph, actress Tia Mowry also welcomed a little boy, and model/actress Devon Aoki was another addition to the first-time mom club with the arrival of Hunter. Denise Richards made headlines when she announced she'd adopted a baby, Eloise, into her brood, while Meat Loaf became a grandfather when his daughter P...

Rachel Weisz Opens Up About Her Marriage To Daniel Craig

11/21/2011 9:50am EST
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz has opened up about her whirlwind marriage to Daniel Craig, revealing they have known each other for years after meeting at university while in their twenties.

The British actress hit headlines in June when she married the James Bond star in a secret ceremony in New York after just a few months of dating.

The couple has since remained tight-lipped about the romance, but Weisz has now revealed she has known her new husband since they attended Britain's prestigious Cambridge University together.

They became friends while performing in a play called Les Grandes Horizontales,...

Nicole Kidman's Sex Change Film Put On Hold After Another Actress Drops Out

10/10/2011 8:30am EDT
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman's new film The Danish Girl has been shelved following the departure of actress Rachel Weisz, according to a U.K. report.

The movie was due to star Kidman as Lili Elbe, the first person in the world to undergo a sex change, and Gwyneth Paltrow was initially signed up as the lead character's wife.

Paltrow pulled out, as did her replacement Charlize Theron, and the project, backed by Kidman's Blossom Films company, was due to move forward with Weisz in the role.

Filming was due to begin in Germany last month, but the movie has now reportedly been put on hold following the depa...

'Dolphin Tale' Flips To Top Of Weekend Box Office

10/3/2011 8:32am EDT
Dolphin Tale
Family drama "Dolphin Tale" has stunned movie experts in America by landing at the top of the box office in its second week on release.

The surprise hit, about a dolphin with a prosthetic fin, has netted over $37 million in 10 days - more than most film pundits expected the Harry Connick, Jr. movie to make in its entire run.

With takings of over $14 million from its second weekend on release, the film toppled "The Lion King 3D" and stepped ahead of Brad Pitt's baseball drama "Moneyball" to claim the top spot.

Cancer comedy "50/50" landed the highest debut at four with $8.8 million.


Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - '50/50,' 'Dream House,' & More

9/26/2011 12:00pm EDT
Trailer Talk: This Week in Movies 50/50
After hearing all the hype about “Drive,” I couldn’t believe how much I hated it. It starts out promising: director Nicolas Winding Refn has some cool backseat perspectives of the driver (Ryan Gosling), and a sleek electronic soundtrack gives his shots of LA a seedy, neon glow.

However the directing quickly becomes pretentious, since Refn frequently reuses the same types of shots. Then the 80s style pop starts to feel COMPLETELY wrong, especially when you’re hit by unexpected, excessive violence on screen. These things would be more tolerable though, if the film effectively built drama...

Rachel Weisz Is 'Deathly Serious' About Her Shoes

9/5/2011 6:00pm EDT
Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz lights up Lucky's October issue. She's the thinking woman's movie star with very—very—strong opinions about footwear. Newlywed Weisz opens up to Lucky about having more children, her upcoming film Dream House and growing up in a "freaky place."

Highlights from the interview:

On having more children: "Oh, I wouldn't make one just for the sake of giving my son a sibling, But…you never know." She smiles again, nervously, proclaims her fondness for Baby Gap and then—an interesting thought in passing, considering her new husband: "There's nothing like a blue-eyed boy in a stripy s...

Kate Winslet Forms The 'British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League'

8/18/2011 8:08am EDT
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet has joined forces with fellow British actresses Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz to rally against the cosmetic surgery trend in Hollywood.

The Titanic star is adamant she won't ever go under the knife and has formed what she's dubbed the 'British Anti-Cosmetic Surgery League' with fellow Oscar-winners Thompson and Weisz.

She tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "I will never give in. It goes against my morals, the way that my parents brought me up and what I consider to be natural beauty. I am an actress, I don't want to freeze the expression of my face."

And Thompson agrees, a...

Style Stars Of The Week: Freida Pinto, Rachel Weisz, And Selena Gomez

8/1/2011 12:30pm EDT
Freida Pinto and James franco
This week, our style stars are proving simple is better - unless you are up on stage.

First, we have Freida Pinto, who dazzled at the premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes in this beautiful green dress. The elegant number was picturesque when flowing due to the windy weather in L.A.

Rachel Weisz looked great as well in her red dress. We could have gone without the shoulderpad-like covers, but other than that we think it is a perfect outfit. She also has a pair of nude heels on - perhaps she and Freida are hopping onto a new trend?

Finally, we have Selena Gomez in this sequine...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes,' 'The Change-Up,' & More

8/1/2011 9:39am EDT
Planet of the Apes
I was anxiously anticipating last week’s “Cowboys & Aliens,” hoping that it would effectively mix action and humor in the same way as director Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man” films. Favreau takes a more serious approach though, creating a stiff western that happens to include science fiction elements. While his idea is admirable, the movie is marred by poorly written dialogue and slow pacing. For more of my thoughts, check out my review.

Coming to theaters this week are the sci-fi prequel “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” the body swapping comedy “The Change-Up,” the international drama “The ...

Rachel Weisz Initially Turned Down Role In 'The Whistleblower'

7/27/2011 9:04pm EDT
Rachel Weisz
Actress Rachel Weisz almost missed out on her starring role in upcoming thriller The Whistleblower - she initially snubbed the part as a mom-to-be because she couldn't cope with the harrowing plotline.

In the movie, Weisz plays real-life whistleblower and Bosnian peacekeeper Kathryn Bolkovac, who brings to light a child sex-slave scandal allegedly being covered up by the United Nations.

The actress was first offered the part in 2006, when she was expecting son Henry with her then-fiance, Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky - but the star wasn't mentally or physically prepared to tackle t...

U2 Documentary Set To Open Toronto Film Festival

7/26/2011 11:01pm EDT
Rock band U2's documentary has been selected to open the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada in September.

The film, From The Sky Down, is directed by Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim and chronicles the Irish band's longtime success since its formation in 1978.

The 2011 celebrations will be a star-studded affair - other celebrities set to showcase their latest works include Brad Pitt (Moneyball), Hugh Jackman (Butter), Keira Knightley (A Dangerous Method), and Glenn Close (Albert Nobbs).

George Clooney will screen two movies at the festival (The Ides of March, The Descendants), as...

Daniel Craig's Marriage To Rachel Weisz Stuns Ex-Fiancee Satsuki Mitchell

7/6/2011 9:29am EDT
Satsuki Mitchell
Daniel Craig's shock wedding has left the family of his ex-girlfriend floored.

The James Bond star married fellow Brit Rachel Weisz in New York last month, and the nuptials that stunned Hollywood also served up a huge surprise for the actor's ex-fiancee Satsuki Mitchell and her folks.

Her father Christopher Mitchell has opened up to Britain's Daily Mail, explaining his daughter has forbidden family members from mentioning Craig's name.

He says, "His sudden marriage came out of nowhere. We heard about it like everyone else - by reading the newspapers. She doesn't mention his name now a...

Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Secretly Marry

6/26/2011 12:00pm EDT
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz
James Bond star Daniel Craig has married British actress Rachel Weisz in a secret ceremony in New York.

The couple, who reportedly began dating after meeting on the set of upcoming movie Dream House, exchanged vows on Wednesday in an intimate ceremony only attended by Craig's teenage daughter Ella, Weisz's five-year-old son Henry, and two family friends, according to Sky News.

Craig's publicist Robin Baun, of Slate PR, confirmed the news to the Associated Press, but didn't reveal any more details.

The Mummy star Weisz split from her long term partner and father of her son, Darren Aronofs...