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'LOST': The Ten Best Episodes

4/6/2011 8:34am EDT
Now that 'LOST' has been off the air almost a year, it seems the appropriate time to re-visit the series.

In the coming weeks, I will re-visit many series - some old, some new, some current - and reveal my picks for the ten best episodes of each.

With the 'LOST' anniversary looming, here then is my list of the ten best episodes of the series, in descending order. It was very difficult to narrow down. Do you agree? Please sound off in the comments.

10. 'There's No Place Like Home' - Season 4, Episode 13

The fourth season finale features bloody battles (Ben stabbing Keamy), emotional ...

'House' Recap: 'Open And Shut'

4/28/2010 1:20pm EDT
I think I need to be more specific when I ask things of House, like less stories of Thirteen (which never happens since she's the new star of the show), and a spotlight on Taub. All of the other characters got their moment to shine or annoy so far, but the sardonic former plastic surgeon rarely does. It was exciting to think he'd get more attention this week ... until it turned out to be negative attention.

The patient of the week is a pretty woman who has a successful open marriage with her loving husband. Naturally this causes House to get obsessive and try to prove that there's no such ...

House Recap: 'Knight Fall'

4/20/2010 4:03pm EDT
This week's episode of House was a little personal for yours truly because I used to work at a Renaissance Faire. They're fun places to visit and be a part of, and usually they have a great sense of humor about being made fun of. On the other hand, people can take it rather seriously, like the Patient of the Week 'Sir' William. He wants to impress the lovely 'Queen' of the Faire, and after winning a sword match he falls down with blood in his eyes. From there on his eyes look like a demon, which is a pretty cool trick, but one has to wonder if the actor had to wear scary eye contacts for it...

'LOST' Recap - 'Everybody Loves Hugo'

4/14/2010 2:31pm EDT
One of the best parts about a show like "LOST" is that even after years, fans still remember the details. For example, it may have been the end of season two when Michael shot Libby and Ana Lucia, but in season six this horrific act of betrayal is still very fresh to LOST fans. Michael tried to seek redemption in season four by going on the freighter back to the Island, and once he accomplished what he was meant to, he died in the freighter explosion. Now it seems like Michael didn't really get the redemption he's looking for, because he's still stuck on that damn Island ... this time as a ...

'Lost' Mysteries To Be Answered And Fan Favorites To Return

1/28/2010 10:51am EST
You have a lot of questions about Lost and the show's stars and creators have the answers. Well, sort of. In typical Lost fashion, they teased possibilities which only lead to more questions.

"The season premiere picks up right after the finale," said producer Carlton Cuse. "We really don't want to say too much about it."

You will see some old faces again though. "Harold Perrineau will be back on the show this year, if you guys remember from a couple years ago," Cuse revealed.

Series creator Damon Lindelof added another. "While we're on the subject, I think we can probably also an...

'Lost' Recap: Smoke Monster Appears, Locke Turns The Wheel & More

2/12/2009 10:41am EST
Ever since the "Lost" writers declared an exact ending date the show has improved drastically. There are no pointless or filler moments in the show anymore; every scene is vital, every action spurs the story on, and every choice has consequences. There are a few shows out there that would really benefit from this same kind of focus (looking at you, "Heroes"). A cast member does die in this episode, although everyone kind of saw it coming, and the Oceanic 6 are that much closer to getting to the blasted Island already. Plus, the smoke monster is back!

The Oceanic 6 are coming tog...

'Lost' Recap: Jughead

1/29/2009 3:37pm EST
The Oceanic 6 are nowhere to be found for the newest episode of Lost titled 'Jughead.' Strangely, it did not suffer in the least without Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid, Hurley and Ben. Instead it focused entirely upon two intertwining stories, that of the Losties left on the Island and Desmond in the present day. It starts out with a scene that probably made most fans sigh with happiness: the birth of Desmond and Penny's son. That estranged and doomed couple was always the most believable and genuine on the show, so it is wonderful to see them married and settled in a happy family now. Then again, ...

'Lost' Recap: The Season 5 Premiere

1/22/2009 3:57pm EST
In order to properly recap the two hour season premiere of "Lost," it is going to have to be mapped out in a linear fashion. Before I start, understand that during these two hours, all of the stories are constantly moving intertwined with one another, so that one second you may be in the present time with Hurley and Sayid, and then immediately flash to three years earlier (or sixty years earlier) with the Islanders. The fact that all of this is done in a coherent way should earn the entire "Lost" staff an honorary Emmy immediately. Technically these two episodes, "The Lie" and "Because You ...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 2

9/2/2007 3:00am EDT
Salma Hayek
Happy Birthday to K-Ci and JoJo singer Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey (1969), "Lost" actress Cynthia Watros (1969), "Frida" star Salma Hayek (1966), British boxer Lennox Lewis (1965), "A Scanner Darkly" star Keanu Reeves (1964), "Navy NCIS" star Mark Harmon (1951), "Fifth Beatle" Billy Preston (1946; d. 2006), "The Last Boy Scout" actor Clarence Felder (1938), and jazz pianist Horace Silver (1928).

Celebrity Birthdays, September 2

9/2/2006 3:00am EDT
Salma Hayek
Happy Birthday to K-Ci and JoJo singer Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey (1969), "Lost" actress Cynthia Watros (1969), "Frida" star Salma Hayek (1966), British boxer Lennox Lewis (1965), "A Scanner Darkly" star Keanu Reeves (1964), "Navy NCIS" star Mark Harmon (1951), "Fifth Beatle" Billy Preston (1946; d. 2006), "The Last Boy Scout" actor Clarence Felder (1938), and jazz pianist Horace Silver (1928).

Ubisoft To Develop And Publish 'Lost' Video Game

5/23/2006 9:52am EDT
Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced a long-term worldwide licensing agreement with Touchstone Television to develop and publish a video game based on the Emmy Award-winning television series Lost Developed by Ubisoft’s award-winning Montréal studio and scheduled to hit retail shelves worldwide in 2007, the game will be offered for home and portable consoles as well as PCs.

“We are delighted to work with Bryan Burk, one of the biggest producers in Hollywood and with Touchstone Television,” said Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft. “That they have chosen...