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'Law & Order: UK' Recap: 'Fault Lines' (6.07)

11/9/2011 10:03pm EST
The series six (and possible series) finale of Law & Order: UK sees Kelly From Forensics stabbed to death in her apartment. That pretty much guarantees that the whole episode is going to be awkward. It's also a good one.

DS Brooks and DS Casey probe into Kelly's last hours, from the cabbie that drove her home to the grieving fiancee who inexplicably cleared out their joint savings account. While they're doing so, Sam gets a bit too close to Lucy, a colleague of Kelly's who appears to be a second victim. Ronnie has words with him over it, but they fall on deaf ears. Sam ends up sle...

'Law & Order: UK' Recap: 'Trial' (6.04)

10/19/2011 10:04pm EDT
Law & Order: UK
Usually, things that blow up are fascinating, unless someone gets hurt. That's the catch in this week's Law & Order: UK, when a letter bomb claims the life of an apparently model citizen.

Ronnie and Sam don't understand what could have made their victim a target, especially when there's no shortage of good things being said about him. They're able to trace the composition of the bomb back to someone who did the same back in the early 1970's, but it just becomes a bigger headache when he tells them that his specs were in a how-to book put together by a neo-Nazi group, and they disco...

'Law & Order: UK' Review: 'Immune' (6.02)

10/5/2011 10:07pm EDT
It's time for Law & Order: UK fans - time to put our Kleenex boxes down and face the future of our show.

When an armed robbery spins out of control into murder and a hostage situation, Ronnie and new partner Sam get the call to speak for the dead and save the living. They catch a quick break when one of the culprits turns up in the ER, but his lawyer (that's former Red Cap star Tamzin Outhwaite) demands her client gets a deal before he gives them the location of the hostage. This does not sit well with Sam, but over his objection, Sharpe gives the cops ten hours to find the hostag...

'Law & Order: UK' 6.01 'Survivor's Guilt' Review

9/28/2011 10:00pm EDT
This is a Law & Order: UK review I really didn't want to write, because as a fan, it's an episode that I didn't want to face. It's not so much the conclusion of a story as it feels like a forty-odd minute long counseling session - and one that's needed.

Picking up where "Deal" left off, "Survivor's Guilt" gives us a quick answer to our burning question: Matt Devlin is dead. Jamie Bamber isn't present for a frame of it, but Matt's felt the whole way through. I'd expect nothing less as we - head writer Emilia di Girolamo and the audience as a collective - are paying our respects to a...

'Law & Order: UK' 5.06 'Deal' Review

9/21/2011 10:12pm EDT
Law & Order: UK
It's the ultimate rude awakening: discovering that your significant other has been shot to death in bed beside you. On that startling note, welcome to this week's Law & Order: UK - a sharp and startling potential goodbye to someone we love.

DS Brooks and DS Devlin initially suspect the victim's husband, but are taken aback when they realize that the fatal shot actually came from a window across the estate, where drug dealers and their buyers are known to congregate. A witness helps them locate Kaden Blake, a thirteen-year-old whose mother is an addict and so it's not a reach that ...

'Law & Order: UK' 5.05 'Intent' Review

9/15/2011 4:16am EDT
As far as crime dramas go, this week's Law & Order: UK appears at first glance to be garden-variety: Brooks and Devlin catch the case of a couple stabbed to death in their home. Yet as this is LOUK, that's hardly all.

When they discover that the former owner of the house was a banker under fire for an apparent hedge fund scam, our heroes meet her husband (Cambridge Spies star Samuel West), who likes to drink and is prone to blackouts. One of those might explain how his bloody thumbprint was found at the crime scene. His recollections are murky, and no one's sure how liable he is fo...

'Law & Order: UK' 5.02 'Safe' Review

8/25/2011 3:48am EDT
Law & Order: UK
If there's one thing I took away from this week's Law & Order: UK, it's that we really don't give its cast enough credit. The episode makes clear that it takes a lot to be so good for so long.

The actors have everything they should need in a well-crafted script by head writer Emilia di Girolamo (check out my recent interview with her here). She's been around long enough to know that it's not just about the case of the week, but those little moments scattered throughout that give us glimpses into who these characters are and why we should care about them.

This extends even to the one...