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Laura Vandervoort’s Supergirl Experience Pays Off

1/12/2016 9:20am EST
'Supergirl' Casts 'Smallville's' Supergirl In New Recurring Role
Laura Vandervoort, who played Supergirl on The CW's long-running hit Smallville, will be sharing scenes with her successor. CBS announced the news Monday as part of its presentation at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Vandervoort has been cast on CBS's Supergirl, but since Melissa Benoist now has the cape, she'll be playing a different role. The actress will be portraying the new villain Indigo (pictured at bottom).

Indigo is a sentient supercomputer who was jailed after betraying the people of Krypton, but who has found her way to Earth and will let nothing - not even Super...

25 Stars Who Can Totally Kick Your Ass

5/7/2015 1:14pm EDT
25 Celebrities Who Have Black Belts
Achieving a black belt involves a lot of hard work, focus, and dedication. Several stars in Hollywood have put in the necessary time and energy to obtain the rank -- and some may surprise you.

Sarah Michelle Gellar has studied kickboxing, boxing, and gymnastics and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Her experience came in handy while she filmed the popular cult TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" from 1997 to 2003. Of course, a stunt double did most of the work.

Gellar has also appeared in the films "I Know What You Did Last Summer," "The Grudge" and "Cruel Intentions." She most recentl...

Hot Babe of the Day: Laura Vandervoort

6/13/2014 3:30am EDT
Hot Babe of the Day: Laura Vandervoort
Every day at Starpulse we upload some of latest and the most marvelous photos of spectacular looking women from all across the globe. Today's enchanting and beguiling target is Laura Vandervoort.

The blonde bombshell was born on September 22nd, 1984 in Toronto, Canada.

The multitalented actress has portrayed an alien in the remake of the television mini-series V and as a werewolf on the SyFy series Bitten.

However, she is best known for her role as Supergirl in the hit T.V. series Smallville.

Laura made her film debut in The Lookout and she also had an underdeveloped role in Seth Mac...

A Naked Laura Vandervoot Calls Attention To SeaWorld 'Abuse' In PETA Ad

4/29/2014 8:00pm EDT
Laura Vandervoort for Peta
Actress Laura Vandervoot ("Bitten," "V" and "Smallville") has posed naked in a provocative new ad for PETA in order to draw attention to the plight of captive orcas at SeaWorld.

The actress is depicted floating in a tiny tank with very little space to move around and a "Welcome to SeaWorld" sign propped above her head.

The print ad proclaims: "Come see Laura as she's confined to a tiny tank and forced to perform tricks for your entertainment! Learn the truth behind the show and Boycott SeaWorld!"

Vandervoort, 29, told PETA: "We wanted to express the confinement and the torture and the ag...

The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television

3/26/2014 1:34am EDT
The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women On Television
Sci-fi shows have a lot to offer - intriguing storylines, alien encounters, paranormal activity and, more often than not, beautiful women.

Today's sci fi is no longer geared to just nerds and homebodies. With compelling story threads, many tune in to find out what happens to the characters each week. But having a little eye candy doesn't hurt either.

Who makes our list of the sexiest sci-fi stars on television?

Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) from Almost Human (2013-)

FOX's "Almost Human" is a police drama set 35 years in the future, when police officers are partnered with highly evolved h...

Laura Vandervoort Sizzles In The March Issue Of Maxim

2/9/2014 7:05pm EST
Laura Vandervoort
Check out some of actress Laura Vandervoort's scorching spread from the March issue of Maxim magazine.

The star of SyFy's new werewolf series Bitten shares some interesting facts about her background in martial arts in the new issue.

"I have a second-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate," she says, revealing that her training helps get her prepared for her role as the only female werewolf in existence on Bitten.

"I play Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in existence," she adds of the role, based on the Kelley Armstrong Women of the Otherworld book series. "She's the only female to...

Celebrities That Turn 30 In 2014

1/3/2014 1:00pm EST
Scarlett Johansson
The last two days we've posted a list of celebrities that turn 40 and 50 in 2014. Today, we are giving you the list of celebrities that turn 30, even though 30 isn't that big a milestone - but we'll include the kiddies anyhow.

Lets turn the clock back 30 years ago to 1984 - Here are a few highlights form that year: Ronald Reagan was elected to his second term as President of the United States, the Space Shuttle Discovery had its first maiden voyage, the Aids Virus was identified, the first Apple Macintosh went on sale, CD players (now pretty much defunct) were introduced commercially, and ...

Laura Vandervoort Creates Children's T.V. Series

10/3/2013 4:23pm EDT
Laura Vandervoort
Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort has added producer to her resume by creating her own TV show.

The blonde beauty, who played Supergirl in the hit adventure series Smallville, has teamed up with production company Canadian Indie Shaftesbury as well as John May and Suzanne Bolch of Heroic Television to create kids' half-hour live-action series Super Duper Deelia.

The 29 year-old star tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I was a tomboy growing up and didn't like princesses, ponies or pink... With my Supergirl background and fan base, I thought it would be great to develop a series that speaks ...

Mila Kunis & More Hot Young Hollywood Stars Heat Up The L.A. 'Ted' Premiere

6/22/2012 8:36am EDT
Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis and a plethora of attractive young stars attended the "Ted" Los Angeles premiere on Thursday. The actress, who is rumored to be dating Ashton Kutcher, wore a black dress with a sheer neckline.

Former "V" and "Smallville" star Laura Vandervoot looked stunning in a long, white cut-out dress. "Harry's Law" actress Brittany Snow opted for a black spagetti strap dress, while "Project X" star Alexis Knapp wore a cream-colored fringe gown.

The film centers on a man (Mark Wahlberg) whose Teddy Bear came to life when he was a young boy. But now that he's an adult, his boyhood friend has...

'Smallville' Supergirl Laura Vandervoort Reveals New 'Whose Skin Are You In?' PETA Ads

10/19/2011 11:30am EDT
Laura Vandervoort PETA
Sexy Smallville star Laura Vandervoort is the star of a pair of new PETA 'Whose Skin Are You In? Leave Wildlife out of Your Wardrobe' ads. The Canadian actress stripped down and had her naked body painted to resemble a lizard's skin for the campaign, which was revealed by Vandervoort herself at Toronto's Fashion Week.

In her interview with PETA, the star says, "Three or four alligators have to die for one purse. They nail the snake's head to a tree while it is still alive and peel its skin off.

"Because they are cold-blooded creatures, they take that much longer to die, so they suffer tha...

'Smallville' Producers Talk About The Series Finale

5/13/2011 12:20pm EDT
Smallville Finale
After 10 years, Smallville is airing its final episode tonight on The CW. The two-hour finale will wrap up the journey of Clark Kent, so he can finally emerge as the Superman we know. Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders reflected on their years in Smallville as the end of it all approached.

“It’s probably the theme that emerged this year, which is believe in heroes,” Souders said. “I think that has become incredibly important to us that we were able to work on a show that had such a positive message. The fact that we have such hardcore fans that have followed the show, I think that’...

'V' Recap: 2x01 - 'Red Rain' Brings The Drama And Keeps It Coming

1/5/2011 10:08am EST
“V” returned last night, to my everlasting joy and entertainment. In case you missed season one, let me give you a brief recap: in this adaptation of a mid-80s TV series, reptilian aliens calling themselves Visitors come to Earth, looking like humans. They seem helpful, sweet and peaceful, but a small section of resistance fighters (lead by Elizabeth Mitchell, best known as Juliet from Lost) band together to take out the aliens and keep Earth safe.

When we last left our valiant alien fighters, they had wiped out Anna’s unborn army of reptilian Visitors and Anna retaliated by turning the ...

'Smallville' Recap: 'Harvest'

10/31/2010 2:36pm EDT
Lois and Clark are heading to the boonies to cover the “Cherry Festival” (really?) when they get a double blowout. Clark heads to the nearest town to get a new tire while Lois hangs back with Charlotte Cavanagh, a little farm girl straight out of “Little House on the Prairie.” But when Clark returns to the car with a fresh tire, Lois is nowhere to be seen.

Even weirder, as Clark puts the tire in the trunk, he cuts his suddenly not-indestructible hand. A local constable agrees to help Clark search for Lois, who is taking a horse-and-buggy carriage ride with Charlotte back to her Amish-looki...

'V' Recap: 'Fruition'

5/13/2010 3:24pm EDT
V is almost finished with its first season run. The finale runs next Tuesday, and that will also be around the time that ABC announces what shows it plans to drop or renew. Right now V could go either way, but personally I would suggest they give the show another season. ABC will likely drop their other sci-fi Flashforward, which turned out to be more of a disappointment than expected, and it would be a shame to lose both of these shows without giving one of them a chance. V has picked up the pace in the past few weeks and it definitely has potential. With the plight of humanity looking mor...

V Recap: 'Heretic's Fork'

4/28/2010 8:48pm EDT
V Recap
So now the big secret about Valerie's pregnancy is out, and the V's are not happy. Anna looks scarier than usual when she calls the leaders of all the other ships and tells them the baby must be found. Apparently she thinks if humans know about the breeding, they can start specifically breeding hybrids to match the V's off. Does that mean hybrids could even be dangerous enough? And it's just a baby, unless it grows really fast. Is this the lizard version of the Twilight baby? It seems so because Anna's little soldier babies might be ready to hunt down some human meat. Run, Valerie, run!


'V' Recap -'We Can't Win'

4/23/2010 3:45pm EDT
Previously on V, Ryan's girlfriend figured out he's not who he said he is, Tyler found out he may not be his father's son after all, and Father Hotness asked Chad Decker to not be such a Machiavellian jerk. John May turned out to be Sam Anders (Michael Trucco from Battlestar Galactica), Anna gave birth to creepy soldier egg babies, and Ryan apparently killed him. Or not? Who knows.

Erica swears up and down that she was only with Tyler's father, so she has no idea how the DNA doesn't match, and this sounds like a fun mystery they'll hopefully answer soon. Could he be the first V-Human hybri...