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Now Playing: 'Revenge': Amanda Chokes Margaux 'Revenge': Amanda Chokes Margaux
2015-09-15 'Revenge': Louise Changes Sides
2015-05-11 'Revenge': Victoria & Amanda Are Shot
2015-05-11 'Revenge': Jack & Amanda Make Love
2015-05-11 'Revenge': David Clarke Passes Away
2015-05-11 'Revenge': Jack & Amanda Get Married
2015-05-11 'Revenge': The End of Revenge
2015-05-11 'Revenge': Sammy the Dog
2015-05-08 'Revenge': Tyler's Birthday Surprise
2015-05-08 Captain America: Civil War Will Bring Back Emily VanCamp as Sharon Carter
2015-05-07 Its Emily Vs. Victoria in Revenge's Series Finale
2015-05-06 'Revenge': Amanda & Jack Together at Last
2015-05-04 'Revenge': Amanda Chokes Margaux
2015-05-04 'Revenge': David Is Dying
2015-05-04 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: Is Victoria Alive?
2015-05-01 'Revenge': Victoria's Final Request
2015-04-27 'Revenge': Why Is Jack Back?
2015-04-27 'Revenge': Movie Night
2015-04-27 'Revenge': Victoria's Grave Message
2015-04-27 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: Victoria's Suicide Letter
2015-04-25 'Revenge': The Revenge War Is Over
2015-04-20 'Revenge': Can Amanda Stop Jack?
2015-04-20 'Revenge': Radio Silence
2015-04-20 'Revenge': Emily the Monster
2015-04-13 'Revenge': Emily & Nolan's First Takedown
2015-04-13 'Revenge': The Dynamic Duo
2015-04-13 'Revenge': "She Selected My Son for Sacrifice"
2015-04-13 'Revenge': A Walk Down Red X Memory Lane
2015-04-13 'Revenge': Jack's True Love
2015-04-13 'Revenge': The Destruction of Amanda's Lies
2015-04-13 'Revenge': Victoria's Childhood
2015-04-13 'Revenge': Amanda's New Chapter
2015-04-13 'Revenge': David's Infinity Box Saved Amanda
2015-04-13 'Revenge': "Over My Dead Body"
2015-03-30 'Revenge': "I Am Amanda Clarke"
2015-03-30 Emily Is Fighting With Ben Over Jack on Revenge
2015-03-27 'Revenge': "Daniel Is Gone"
2015-03-23 'Revenge': "You Can Call Me Lady Justice"
2015-03-23 'Revenge': Margaux's Horrible Accident
2015-03-23 'Revenge': Stevie Grayson's Bad Day in Court
2015-03-23 'Revenge': Emily's New Partner
2015-03-16 'Revenge': Jack Is Arrested for Drunk Driving
2015-03-16 'Revenge': "It's Always Been You"
2015-03-13 'Revenge': Emily Outsmarts Margaux
2015-03-13 'Revenge': "This Isn't SoulCycle?"
2015-03-13 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: Mission "Em-Possible"
2015-03-13 Courtney Love's TV Takeover Continues on Revenge and You Won't Believe Who She's Playing
2015-03-13 Courtney Love's TV Takeover Continues on Revenge and You Won't Believe Who She's Playing
2015-03-13 'Revenge': Emily Outsmarts Margaux
2015-03-09 'Revenge': "It's Always Been You"
2015-03-09 'Revenge': "This Isn't SoulCycle?"
2015-03-09 'Revenge': Undercover Love
2015-01-26 'Revenge': Nolan's Wedding Gift
2015-01-26 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: Happy Birthday Baby
2015-01-24 Emily VanCamp Admits the TV Death of Her Real-Life Boyfriend Was "Brutal and Awful"
2015-01-23 'Revenge': I Killed Kate
2015-01-19 'Revenge': Victoria's Attempt at Freedom
2015-01-19 'Revenge': Victoria Throws in the Towel
2015-01-19 'Revenge': The Lighthouse
2015-01-12 'Revenge': Louise Loses It
2015-01-12 The Moment Revenge Fans Have Been Waiting 4 Seasons for Is Finally Here
2014-11-06 Emily VanCamp Talks Insane Season of 'Revenge'
2014-10-19 Revenge Sneak Peek: Emily And Victoria's First Season 4 Interaction Is Seriously Epic—Watch Now
2014-09-23 The 'Revenge' 4th Season Promotion
2014-08-26 Goodbye Emily Thorne?! Revenge's Leading Lady Takes On A New Identity
2014-04-24 World Premiere Highlights of Captain America: The Winter Soldier
2014-03-14 Emily VanCamp Reveals Her Secret To The Perfect Off-Screen Romance With Boyfriend Josh Bowman!
2014-03-07 Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson In "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" First Trailer
2013-10-27 Emily VanCamp on 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
2013-08-04 2013 Comic-Con: Emily VanCamp Talks 'Captain American'
2013-07-21 2013 Comic-Con: Marvel Panel - 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'
2013-07-21 Emily VanCamp Chats About The New "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"
2013-07-21 Reelz Recommends: 'Norman'
2013-06-24 The Backstreet Boys, Chloe Sevigny, Emily VanCamp And Snoop Lion
2013-04-28 Chris Evans First Look in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'