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Sara Jean Underwood Videos

Now Playing: Sara Underwood Visits the USS New York For Fleet Week Sara Underwood: Your Hottest Woman of the Year
2013-07-14 A Final Goodbye From "Attack of the Show"
2013-01-27 Farewell to the "AOTS" Correspondents
2013-01-27 The Classic Moments of "AOTS"
2013-01-27 The Final Around the Net
2013-01-27 Around The Net: Fat Merman Kayaking
2012-12-05 Around The Net: Claw Machines Are Rigged
2012-12-05 "The Man With the Iron Fists" Cast Interviews
2012-11-04 Around The Net: Just a Cat Jumping
2012-11-04 Around The Net: Times Square Crutch Fight
2012-08-29 Around The Net: Unhappy Gilmore
2012-08-05 Around The Net: Taken with a Real Dad
2012-08-05 Around The Net: Pinkletank
2012-07-31 Around The Net: Dishwasher Fireworks
2012-07-11 Around The Net: Dude Tries To Catch 75 MPH Dodge Ball
2012-07-11 Around The Net: New York Subway Stairs
2012-07-01 Around the Net: Step on the Stick Bro
2012-06-28 Sara Underwood Goes Behind the Scenes of Franklin and Bash
2012-06-14 Kevin's Attack of the Show Co-Hosts Say Goodbye
2012-06-03 Around the Net: Attack of the Baseball, Sake Bomb Fail
2012-05-10 Around the Net: Half-Time Dunk, Walt Disney's Taxi Driver
2012-05-09 Around the Net: The Number to Heaven
2012-04-29 2012 Summer Movies in 60 Seconds
2012-04-25 Reddit's Calendar Guy Photo Shoot with Sara Underwood
2012-03-07 Around the Net: The Onion Analyzes Obama's Profanity Filled Speech
2012-02-09 Kevin and Sara Show Off Their Halloween Costumes
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Goes Hang Gliding in Brazil
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Tries Schweddy Balls Ice Cream
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Motorboats Herself
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Runs the "American Ninja Warrior" Course
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood's Naked Bike Ride: Extended Cut
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Visits the USS New York For Fleet Week
2012-02-02 More Fleet Week with Sara Underwood
2012-02-02 Sara Underwood Gropes Candace Bailey
2012-02-02 More Bustice Bloopers With Sara Underwood
2012-02-02 Around The Net: Camel Spits in Guy's Face
2012-02-02 Gina Carano Talks "Haywire"
2012-02-01 Sara Underwood Confronts Her Fear of Spiders
2012-02-01 Candace Vs. Sara in the AOTS Burp-a-Thon
2012-02-01 Sara Underwood Eats Ice Cream in Slow Motion
2012-02-01 Sara Underwood Cosplays at Anime Expo
2012-02-01 Candace Bailey Motorboats Sara Underwood
2012-02-01 Fleet Week with Sara Underwood
2012-02-01 Furry Weekend Atlanta with Sara Underwood
2012-02-01 Sara Underwood Eats a Toasted Ant
2012-02-01 Bustice and Power Girl Fight a Giant Robot
2012-01-31 Bustice and Power Girl Rescue a Submarine
2012-01-31 Candace and Sara Wrestle in Oatmeal
2012-01-31 Bustice and Power Girl Save the Nuclear Power Plant
2012-01-31 Candace Bailey and Sara Underwood's Bathroom Fight
2012-01-31 Bustice Vs. General Jiggler Bloopers
2012-01-31 Bustice Meets Arch Enemy General Jiggler
2012-01-31 Bustice Busts More Criminals
2012-01-31 Around the Net: Internet Meme Medley
2012-01-29 AOTS Google Voice Inbox: Happy Holidays
2012-01-23 Around the Net Halloween Edition
2012-01-22 Sara Underwood Shows Off Her Trampoline Tricks
2012-01-19 Bustice Blooper Reel
2012-01-17 "Bustice" Starring Sara Underwood
2012-01-17 Around the Net: Funny Or Die's Republican Debate
2012-01-12 Around the Net: Knight Blade