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5 Fun Facts: 'Pacific Rim' Star Charlie Hunnam

July 11th, 2013 1:03pm EDT
Charlie Hunnam
Guillermo del Toro, mastermind behind Hellboy, is back with his new science fiction flick Pacific Rim. Del Toro casted British export Charlie Hunnam to play lead Raleigh Beckett, stating that Hunnam “…had an earnest, really honest nature and…as a male audience member… [Toro could] go, 'I like that guy’... he has an earthy quality.” Hunnam’s character, Beckett, is a washed up pilot who is bought out of retirement by a team of specialized fighters. Together they must use Jaegers (robots) to save the world from an apocalypse by Kaiju (monstrous sea creatures.)

If you take one look at Hunnam, ...

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