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Now Playing: What I Learned About Exercise From "The Biggest Loser", from Alison Sweeney What I Learned About Exercise From "The Biggest Loser", from Alison Sweeney
2014-06-09 Alison Sweeney's New Book Scared Scriptless
2014-06-09 Getting Past A Weight-Loss Plateau, from Alison Sweeney
2014-06-09 Keeping The Spark Alive In A Marriage, from Alison Sweeney
2014-06-09 How It Feels To Host The Biggest Loser, from Alison Sweeney
2014-06-09 Healthy Eating Tips For Families On A Budget, from Alison Sweeney
2014-06-09 Why Alison Sweeney Is Leaving "Days Of Our Lives"
2014-06-09 Alison Sweeney Joins Marlo Thomas
2014-06-09 Most Important Thing To Remember When Dealing With A Loved One's Addiction
2014-03-24 My Dream Guest On Hot In Cleveland Would Be...,From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 I Want My Own Cooking Show, From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 A Very Important Lesson I Learned In My Divorce, From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 Three Tips For Looking And Staying Youthful, From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 The Challenges In Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle, From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 Working With Betty White, From Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 Valerie Bertinelli
2014-03-24 Chelsea Clinton Ever Run For Office?
2014-03-17 Advice From My Mother And Grandmother, from Chelsea Clinton
2014-03-17 Its Important For Every Child To Realize Their Value, from Chelsea Clinton
2014-03-17 My Marriage Is Incredibly Important, from Chelsea Clinton
2014-03-17 Star Trek The Next Generation, from Whoopi Goldberg
2014-03-10 Getting Star Struck By Alan Arkin, from Whoopi Goldberg
2014-03-10 My Fear Of Flying, from Whoopi Goldberg
2014-03-10 Why I Was Lucky to Grow Up Broke
2014-03-10 How I Got The Name Whoopi Goldberg
2014-03-10 Why I'm So Comfortable Speaking My Mind, from Whoopi Goldberg
2014-03-10 A Life Lesson From My Mom
2014-03-10 Whoopi Goldberg With Marlo Thomas
2014-03-10 Rosie O'Donnell With Marlo Thomas
2014-02-10 How The LGBTQ Family Has Changed Over Time, From Rosie
2014-02-10 Martha Stewart on Match.Com
2013-12-02 My Role In Dallas Buyers Club From Jennifer Garner
2013-10-28 How To Save Money On Movie Tickets From Michelle Madhok
2013-10-07 Alan Alda With Marlo Thomas
2013-09-16 Alan Alda And The Truth About Hypnosis
2013-09-16 Alan Alda On His Friendships From M*A*S*H
2013-09-16 How Alan Alda Survived As An Unemployed Actor
2013-09-16 Memories Of My Father - On Fathers Day
2013-06-14 What My Mother Regrets Telling Me
2013-06-09 Jane Lynch's Secret To Staying In The Game
2013-06-09 When I Knew I Was Gay
2013-06-09 What I'd Say To A Parent With A Gay Child
2013-06-09 How I Got The Role In "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"
2013-06-09 What I Really Think Of Sue Sylvester
2013-06-09 Jane Lynch On Bullying
2013-06-09 Jane Lynch With Marlo Thomas
2013-06-09 The Day I Almost Quit Acting
2013-06-09 The Worst Acting Job I Ever Had
2013-06-09 First Marriage Vs. Second Marriage From Brooke Shields
2013-01-04 Brooke Shields With Marlo Thomas
2013-01-03 Kelly Ripa With Marlo Thomas
2012-12-21 Our Holiday Cooking Tradition
2012-12-21 Kelly's Favorite Holiday Foods
2012-12-20 Tips For a Successful Marriage
2012-12-20 Songwriting With Garth, from Trisha Yearwood
2012-12-12 Believing in Romance, From Trisha Yearwood
2012-12-12 My Advice For Young Artists, from Trisha Yearwood
2012-12-12 Holidays And Passions, from Trisha Yearwood
2012-12-12 Trisha Yearwood With Marlo Thomas
2012-12-10 Women's Characters Are Devolving, Not Evolving
2012-12-03 When Women Ruled TV
2012-12-03 Dealing With Fame, from Kelly Ripa
2012-08-06 How Kelly Got Her Start As A Talk Show Host
2012-08-06 Hosting Live Without Regis, from Kelly Ripa
2012-08-06 Kelly Ripa's Daily Routine
2012-08-06 How Kelly Ripa Unwinds
2012-08-06 Does Kelly Miss Regis?
2012-08-06 Kelly Ripa With Marlo Thomas
2012-08-06 Keeping A Rapport With A Co-Host, from Kelly Ripa
2012-08-06 A Reporter's Role In Politics, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-18 Anderson Cooper with Marlo Thomas
2012-07-18 The One Hashtag Anderson Would Use To Describe His Everyday Life
2012-07-17 Where Does Anderson Cooper Get His News?
2012-07-17 The Truth Behind Fraudulent Charities, from Anderson Cooper
2012-07-17 How I Reach My Goals, from Anderson Cooper