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Now Playing: ‘Into The Woods': Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and Rob Marshall Interviews ‘Into The Woods': Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and Rob Marshall Interviews
2015-03-25 Meryl Streep Lights Candles at U.S. Premiere of Banned Indian Rape Documentary
2015-03-10 Simon, Cosby, Streep: Showbiz Round Up
2015-03-10 Meryl Streep, Freida Pinto to Present U.S. Premiere of Banned Indian Rape Documentary
2015-03-07 George Clooney Jokes That Of His Wife Amal Alamuddin Is Still the "Smart One"
2015-03-04 George Clooney, Meryl Streep Add Fun to New York Gala
2015-03-04 Clooney, Hanks Turn out for Newman Gala
2015-03-03 Knight, Gilbert, Clooney: Showbiz Round Up
2015-03-03 Clooney, Hanks and Streep Honour Paul Newman's Charity Work
2015-03-03 Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez's Selfie, Plus Other Oscars Highs
2015-02-27 Top 10 Best Actress Oscar Winners
2015-02-24 Patricia Arquette's Oscar Speech Gets Meryl Streep and JLo on Their Feet
2015-02-23 The Oscars Highlights Take on Controversy and Equality
2015-02-23 Meryl Streep, Peter Fonda Celebrate Women in Film
2015-02-21 FLASHBACK: Oscars Red Carpet Rewind —‘80s Oprah and Pregnant Meryl Streep!
2015-02-20 Meryl Streep on Her Life Achievement Award: "It Felt Like I Was Watching It from 500 Feet Up"
2015-02-20 Why Being an Actress Is Saying No to the Things That Make You Happy
2015-02-20 Oscars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep to Present
2015-02-07 Michael Keaton Weighs In on Son's New-Found Game
2015-01-26 Emma Stone Is Starstruck by Meryl Streep
2015-01-26 Melissa Rauch Says That Meryl Streep Is Her Favorite Superhero
2015-01-25 2015 Oscar Nominations Announced
2015-01-15 “Selma” Receives Best Picture Oscar Nomination
2015-01-15 'Glory' Gets a Powerful Music Video After Best Song Golden Globe Win
2015-01-14 50 Cent and Naomi Campbell Get Photobombed
2015-01-14 Anna Kendrick on Nerdy Communities and Staying True
2015-01-14 New 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Trailer Debuts During Golden Globes
2015-01-13 Margaret Cho Fires Back at Golden Globes Skit Critics
2015-01-13 Meryl Streep Recalls Being Called Ugly
2015-01-13 Meryl Streep Is Scared of a Red Carpet Slip
2015-01-12 The Best, Worst & Most LOL Moments at the 2015 Golden Globes
2015-01-12 Edward Norton Is 'A Sucker' for Meryl Streep
2015-01-10 Meryl Streep and Jessica Chastain Respond to Russell Crowe's Ageism Remarks
2015-01-09 'Into The Woods': Exclusive UK Premiere Report
2015-01-08 'Into the Woods': Anna Kendrick, James Corden & Rob Marshall Interview
2015-01-07 Meryl Streep Reveals Her Very Surprising Celebrity Crush
2015-01-06 "Unbroken" a Good Fix for the Holiday Box Office
2014-12-27 Big-Screen Reunions of 2014
2014-12-27 Star-Studded Cast Reflects on Challenge of Adapting Sondheim
2014-12-24 Anna Kendrick Spills the Beans on 'Into the Woods' Co-Stars
2014-12-24 Emma Watson Beats Beyoncé for Feminist of the Year
2014-12-23 Meryl Streep and Ellen DeGeneres Recreate Oscars Selfie!
2014-12-23 'Into the Woods' Cast Pushes Their Singing Limits
2014-12-22 Top Feminists of 2014
2014-12-22 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Into the Woods'
2014-12-21 Five Questions with... Mackenzie Mauzy
2014-12-21 Move Over Meryl, Chris Pine Is the 'Into the Woods' Scene Stealer
2014-12-20 'Into The Woods': I Don't Like That Woman Clip
2014-12-20 'Into The Woods': Stay With Me Clip
2014-12-20 'Into the Woods' Movie Premiere
2014-12-18 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Tracey Ullman on Meryl Streep, Oprah & Social Media
2014-12-17 'Into the Woods'
2014-12-17 'Into the Woods' Hits the Big Screen
2014-12-10 'Into The Woods' Top A-List New York Premiere
2014-12-10 'Into The Woods': Anna Kendrick Featurette
2014-12-09 Another Top 10 Celebrity Lookalikes
2014-12-04 'Into The Woods': Interview With Chris Pine, Emily Blunt & James Corden
2014-12-04 Gwyneth Paltrow Saved Meryl Streep's Thanksgiving
2014-12-04 Meryl Streep Explains Why She Broke Her Rule of Never Playing a Witch for 'Into the Woods'
2014-12-03 "LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Meryl Streep Thanksgiving
2014-12-03 Who Was Katherine Heigl Really Starstruck By?
2014-12-01 'Into The Woods': Featurette - Inside Into The Woods
2014-11-30 A Pregnant Emily Blunt Saved Meryl Streep From Nasty Fall
2014-11-26 President Obama Says He Loves Meryl Streep
2014-11-25 Olly Murs' Social Media Worries and More
2014-11-25 FIRST LOOK: Meryl Streep Goes ‘Into the Woods’ With Stephen Sondheim
2014-11-22 RIP Mike Nichols: Meryl Streep Calls Him "Irreplaceable"
2014-11-21 Whoopi Goldberg Breaks Down Sobbing Over Director Mike Nichols’ Death
2014-11-21 Anne Hathaway Gunning for ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel
2014-11-16 Meryl Streep Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom
2014-11-12 Meryl Streep, Ethel Kennedy To Get Presidential Medal Of Freedom
2014-11-11 'Into the Woods' Trailer
2014-11-10 'Into the Woods': Modern Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales
2014-11-10 Upcoming Release: 'Into The Woods'
2014-11-10 Into the Woods - Trailer No. 2