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Madeleine Stowe Videos

Now Playing: 'Revenge': Victoria's Inferno 'Revenge': Victoria's Inferno
2015-04-20 'Revenge': What Goes Around
2015-04-17 'Revenge': Emily the Monster
2015-04-13 'Revenge': "She Selected My Son for Sacrifice"
2015-04-13 'Revenge': Victoria's Childhood
2015-04-13 'Revenge': David's Infinity Box Saved Amanda
2015-04-13 'Revenge': "I Am Amanda Clarke"
2015-03-30 'Revenge': "Daniel Is Gone"
2015-03-23 'Revenge': "She Pushed Me"
2015-03-23 'Revenge': Fireworks & Forgiveness
2015-03-16 'Revenge': Victoria to the Rescue
2015-03-16 'Revenge': Victoria Inherits Incontinent Corgis
2015-03-13 'Revenge': Victoria Contests the Will
2015-03-13 'Revenge': Victoria Contests the Will
2015-03-09 'Revenge': Victoria Inherits Incontinent Corgis
2015-03-09 'Revenge': Housewife in the Hamptons
2015-01-26 'Revenge': Margaux Vows Revenge
2015-01-19 'Revenge': I Killed Kate
2015-01-19 'Revenge': Victoria's Attempt at Freedom
2015-01-19 'Revenge': Victoria Throws in the Towel
2015-01-19 'Revenge': The Lighthouse
2015-01-12 'Revenge': Victoria Comes Clean with Margaux
2015-01-12 'Revenge': Margaux Confronts Emily
2015-01-05 'Revenge': Daniel's Funeral
2015-01-05 'Revenge': Emily & Daniel Get Divorced
2014-12-17 'Revenge': That Girl Is Poison
2014-12-08 'Revenge': Victoria's Chat with Kate
2014-12-08 'Revenge': "I'm Done Running" Clip
2014-12-08 'Revenge': "Done Running"
2014-12-08 'Revenge': Not Without My Daughter
2014-12-01 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: David Will Choose Emily
2014-11-25 'Revenge': Victoria Flatlines Herself
2014-11-17 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: Call 911
2014-11-15 'Revenge': Victoria's Slap Up Mash Up
2014-11-11 'Revenge': Emily Thorne, Master of Disguise
2014-11-11 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: I Need to Know
2014-11-10 'Revenge': Does Victoria Become Road Kill?
2014-11-10 'Revenge': Charlotte Goes to Rehab
2014-11-03 'Revenge': Victoria Threatens Louise
2014-11-03 'Revenge': David Confronts Nolan on Live TV
2014-11-03 'Revenge': David Vows Revenge
2014-10-27 'Revenge': SNEAK PEEK: David Clarke Almost Becomes Roadkill
2014-10-24 'Revenge': David Demands the Truth
2014-10-22 'Revenge': Sneak Peek: Where in the Hell Is My Father?
2014-10-21 'Revenge': Victoria Got to David First
2014-10-20 'Revenge' Season 4 Sneak Peek: How Did You Know About Emily?
2014-10-13 'Revenge': Charlotte Meets David
2014-10-13 'Revenge': Buckle Up Sweetheart
2014-10-13 'Revenge': Louise from Claremont Surprises Victoria
2014-10-13 Revenge Sneak Peek: Emily And Victoria's First Season 4 Interaction Is Seriously Epic—Watch Now
2014-09-23 Madeleine Stowe Shares Age-Defying Secrets
2013-09-19 "Revenge" Star Nick Wechsler Gets Personal
2013-03-17 ABC's Sunday Night Villains
2013-03-08 A Gift of a 'Revenge' Sneak Peek
2012-11-08 'Revenge' Exclusive Sneak Peek: 'Penance'