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Harry Styles Dating Much Older Kimberly Stewart?

4/28/2013 10:30am EDT
Harry Styles
Harry Styles of the British boy band One Direction appears to have moved on following his split from Taylor Swift. The 19-year-old singer is reportedly dating Kimberly Stewart, who is 14 years his senior at 33.

A source told, "(They are) very happy. They were introduced by a mutual friend who set them up, Kim is very strong willed, she goes for what she wants and Harry appreciates that. It is a very new thing and we'll see where it goes. She is exactly his type."

On Thursday, the new couple was photographed at Dan Tana's restaurant in Los Angeles with singer Rod and his wife P...

Kimberly Stewart Welcomes Baby Girl

8/22/2011 8:14am EDT
Kimberly Stewart
Movie star Benicio Del Toro and socialite Kimberly Stewart are celebrating after she gave birth to a baby girl.

Stewart, daughter of iconic rocker Rod, gave birth on Sunday at a Los Angeles hospital.

According to Us Weekly, the rock star and his wife, Penny Lancaster, were at his daughter's side as she delivered his grandchild.

The baby was conceived during a short fling between Stewart and Oscar winner Del Toro, but they are no longer an item.

Love Is In The Air: Celebrity Spring Flings

4/19/2011 9:00am EDT
Vanessa Hudgens
Who doesn’t love a good spring hookup? It seems that love is literally in the air in April and May because people are coming out of that winter hibernation, the birds are chirping, the weather is warm and life seems happier. Here are a few celebrities who have recently debuted their spring flings to the public.

After her recent split from Joe Jonas, Twilight actress Ashley Greene showed off her new fling at Coachella this weekend. She was hanging out with Kings of Leon’s Jared Followill, before his band performed for the crowd in Indio, CA. Vanessa Hudgens was also at Coachella with her ...

Kimberly Stewart Pregnant With Benicio Del Toro's Baby

4/11/2011 2:55pm EDT
Kimberly Stewart
Rod Stewart is set to become a grandfather - his daughter Kimberly is pregnant with movie star Benicio Del Toro's baby.

A representative for The Usual Suspects actor has confirmed to Life & Style magazine that Stewart is due later this year.

Spokeswoman Robin Baum tells the publication, "Kimberly is pregnant. Benicio is the father and is very supportive. Although they are not a couple, they are looking forward to the arrival of the baby."

It's all about the babies in the Stewart household this year - rocker Rod became a father for the eighth time in February.

Click Here For M...

Rod Stewart: 'You Can't Bed Two Or Three Women A Day'

11/2/2010 4:21pm EDT
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart has reignited his war of words with Russell Brand - he's once again cast doubt on the British funnyman's sexual prowess.

The Maggie May hit-maker famously clashed with Brand at an awards ceremony in London in 2006, when he forced the comic to back-track over boasts he bedded the rocker's daughter, Kimberly. Stewart told Brand it was wrong to brag about his womanizing, and goaded the Get Him to the Greek star to admit he "never touched" Kimberly.

Now, Stewart has taken another swipe at the self-proclaimed Lothario's sex boasts - insisting Brand's claim to have slept with 90 w...

Rod Stewart Defends Decision To Have Another Child At 65

9/14/2010 9:46pm EDT
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart has defended his decision to have another baby at 65, insisting he's "fitter than the average 45 year old."

The rock legend will become a dad for the eighth time when his wife Penny Lancaster gives birth in March, and the baby news has sparked criticism over his choice to play daddy again in his mid-60s.

But Stewart is adamant he has no plans of slowing down and he is "fit and healthy" enough to play dad one more time.

He tells Britain's Hello! magazine, "I'm 65 and have no desire to retire any time soon as I love my career and, in that respect, I'm very lucky. I keep very fi...

Rod Stewart Urges Paris Hilton To Give Up Partying

9/2/2010 1:00pm EDT
Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart is urging Paris Hilton to put her party girl ways behind her following news of her arrest in Las Vegas on a cocaine possession charge.

Stewart's daughter Kimberly was once close friends with Hilton, and the two girls spent a lot of time together enjoying the Hollywood social scene. The Maggie May hit-maker insists the socialite needs to change her ways and "give up the drugs," and he hopes her brush with the law in Sin City on Friday helps her realise her mistakes.

He tells Britain's Daily Telegraph, "She's a lovely girl. She was friends with Kimberley but I don't think they...

Heirs To The Hefner Crown: Hollywood Stars Who Have Lived The Playboy Dream

10/10/2008 10:54am EDT
Hugh Hefner
A dark cloud loomed over the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner was dumped by not one but three babes simultaneously. Before you drown your all-my-heroes-are-geezers sorrows in Chivas and Cuban cigars, remember: You should never doubt Hef. He’s already frolicking with three new blondes (two of them twins) in the grotto. But it does make us wonder. Is it time for Hef to pass on his proverbial baton to some other stud? (Check out a video HERE!)

People who only know him as the 82-year-old guy on The Girls Next Door must find it hard to believe that he set the standard for all of the commitment...

Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Caught on Tape

7/1/2008 9:00am EDT
The Hoff
Ahhh… to be a celebrity. Imagine how great life would be if you were paid millions of dollars to lock lips with people like Matthew McConaughey and Jessica Alba on the big screen? Imagine if you could fly to Paris at the drop of a hat, have fancy clothing designed specifically for you and dine at the ritziest places in America? Sounds grand doesn't it?

Now, think about your most embarrassing moment… perhaps falling down a flight of stairs or acting a little silly after one too many drinks… sound familiar? Now imagine if those moments were not only caught on camera but also exposed to ...

'Pulse Patrol: This Week's Top User Comments On Starpulse

5/23/2008 1:55pm EDT
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we’ve come across.

Starpulse Mission Statement #26453

Objective: The talented and inventive Research Team here at has given an assignment to the STF (Starpulse Task Force), the human-less automatons who are in control of patrolling the site to delete and erase any malicious and offensive comments, to collect some of the funniest, corniest, craziest and "wtf" comments worthy of recognition and acknowledgment.

Top news blog comments...

Talentless Celebrity Spotlight: Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie & More

3/11/2008 2:00pm EDT
Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton have become famous for several reasons. Their fashion choices, both admired and fodder for worst-dressed lists, for one. Their crazy, public antics and crotch shots. Their tumultuous relationships and Nicole's pregnancy.

But among all that, one important question remains. How is it that these two women - the poster-girls for talentless celebs - have been able to sustain fame? Why, exactly, are they famous? Why do their faces sell millions of magazines? Why does their branding guarantee success of a TV show, fragrance or fashion trend?

In the case of...

Linday Lohan Freezes Removed Appendix

1/25/2007 9:44am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was so worried her appendix would be sold on eBay she kept it in her freezer. The Just My Luck star was convinced her removed organ might fall into the wrong hands so she asked hospital staff to preserve it so she could take it home for safekeeping - putting it in a jar and freezing it.

Now Lindsay's close friend Kimberly Stewart - the daughter of singer Rod Stewart - is trying to persuade her to sell her appendix anyway. A source told the National Enquirer magazine: "Kimberly thinks Lindsay should auction it for charity herself."

Lindsay, 20, is currently being trea...

Mischa Barton Continues to Anger the Hiltons

2/21/2006 10:04am EST
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton has taken a swipe at Paris Hilton - branding her a "silly bitch". 'The O.C.' star says she's tired of the hotel heiress criticising other successful girls, but insists she isn't trying to compete with the blonde. She stormed: "Paris isn't my rival. I met her one or two times and she's making out there's this big rivalry between us and there so isn't."

She added: "She seems to hate everyone around her age who is more successful. Silly bitch." Mischa - who angered Paris when she started romancing Cisco Adler, the ex of Paris' friend Kimberly Stewart - also slammed the party...

Lindsay Lohan Snubs Another Friend

2/20/2006 9:25am EST
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan snubbed Kimberly Stewart at a recent party - sparking rumors the pair are feuding. The once friendly stars were at a party at New York's Drive-in Studios but refused to speak each other, despite sitting just a few tables apart. One onlooker told In Touch Weekly magazine: "Lindsay and Kimberly were sitting on the same side of the room but they totally ignored each other.

"They didn't even acknowledge each other's presence. Lindsay just kept to herself for the most part, and Kimberly spent time with pals, but neither would even say hello. They used to be friends, but no mor...

Mischa Barton Plans Wedding?

12/23/2005 9:03am EST
Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton is reportedly set to marry musician Cisco Adler in a swanky wedding in February. The sexy star, 19, is said to have booked Los Angeles' trendy Roosevelt Hotel for the nuptials, just a month after 26-year-old Cisco's proposal.

Mischa and Cisco - who was once engaged to Kimberly Stewart - got engaged in November when the Whitestarr singer got down on one knee in Hawaii. He popped the question while presenting her with a giant bunch of tropical flowers, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper. Mischa happily accepted.

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty recently confessed ...

PETA Picks on Paris Hilton, Kimberly Stewart

12/16/2005 10:41am EST
Paris & Kimberly
Paris Hilton has been accused of wearing her dead pets after being named the worst-dressed celebrity by PETA. The blonde socialite, who is renowned for her menagerie of pets as well as her penchant for fur, topped the annual poll by the animal-rights activists. A PETA spokesperson quipped: "Now we know what happens to all of Paris Hilton's cast-off pets."

In second place came Paris' best friend Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart. The spokesperson added: "What does Kimberly Stewart have in common with the remains of the animals killed for her furs? They're both spoile...

Mischa Barton and Cisco Adler Engaged?

11/25/2005 1:48pm EST
Mischa Barton
Rumor has it Mischa Barton has gotten engaged to Kimberly Stewart's ex-fiancé, Cisco Adler. The beautiful actress accepted 26-year-old Adler's proposal after he got down on one knee in Hawaii. The Whitestarr singer - who was engaged to rocker Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly last year - popped the question to Mischa while presenting her with a giant bunch of tropical flowers, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper. The 19-year-old reportedly happily accepted.

Meanwhile 'The OC' star was told to get with Leonardo DiCaprio to boost her career - but didn't because he was too old. Misc...

Paris Hilton and Pals are Latest Paparazzi Victims

11/10/2005 9:12am EST
Paris Hilton & Kimberly Stewart
Paris Hilton has been involved in a terrifying car crash while trying to flee the paparazzi. The hotel heiress was in her $162,000 Bentley with her boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, who was driving, when he smashed the car into the back of large truck. The couple - who were accompanied by Paris' best friend Kimberly Stewart and Laguna Beach star Talan Torriero - were trying to avoid being followed by shutterbugs after leaving a Hollywood nightclub when the accident occurred.

Onlookers claim they jumped into the car and Stavros put a coat over his head before driving off. The crash was captu...