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Disney Stars: Where Should The Guidance Come From

11/17/2008 12:11pm EST
Miley Cyrus
Tweens and teenagers are impressionable flibbertigibbets. They lack the experience, perspective, and good judgment that can really only come with age. Throw money and fame into the mix, and the results can be less than desirable. Young Disney stars find themselves in just such a situation.

These young people, mostly female, have access to anything they could possibly want: expensive clothes, millions of fans, instant friends, decreased parental supervision, other celebrities, and parties. We've seen, though, that this kind of power isn't always a good thing. Similar circumstances led ...

Say What? Most Bizarre Celebrity Rumors & Myths

8/12/2008 8:45am EDT
Richard Gere
Who hasn't heard the infamous rumor about Richard Gere and the gerbil? Is it true that Michael Jackson sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber? Did Tom Cruise really use sperm specimens of late Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to father Suri?

These are simply a taste of some of the wacky, tacky and downright bizarre celebrity rumors that have circulated the mill at some point. So which of these celebrity myths can be debunked and which hold a grain of truth?


Intriguingly salacious though it was, the mid 1980's rumor that Gere, the handsome young star of An Officer and a ...

Spotlight On Celebrity Sisters

7/29/2008 8:45am EDT
Paris & Nicky Hilton
When it comes to siblings in Hollywood, they are either very competitive with one another or they come as a team. These following celebrity sisters have all made a name for themselves whether it was on their own or with a little push from their already famous sibling. There's nothing wrong with riding the coattails of someone - just hold on tight!

Tia and Tamara Mowry

These beautiful twins are best known as the stars of the WB's "Sister Sister." As far as the competitiveness of this duo, it seems as though they are on equal ground. With Tia and Tamara, it seems as though you see ...

Today's Child Stars Struggle To Become Serious Entertainers

7/2/2008 9:01am EDT
Cole and Dylan Sprouse
We saw it with Drew Barrymore and then again years later with Lindsay Lohan and most recently with Mary-Kate Olsen. Current "It" stars like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus will undoubtedly follow suit in the next few years.

They are child stars that want to turn into more serious entertainers as they get older, hoping the fans that are also growing up will follow them into more adult ventures. They take on roles they perceive as "serious" or "artsy," they change their look to try to separate themselves from their younger image, and they often take behind-the-scenes hybrid titles...

Starpulse Answers Your Burning Questions

6/27/2008 12:00pm EDT
Linda Park
1.) Starpulse user nomadofsa asks, "Where can I write to Linda Park? I would like to know what films or movies is she set to do?"

Korean American actress Linda Park, famous for playing Officer Hoshi Sato on Star Trek: Enterprise, most recently starred in ABC's "Women's Murder Club." She recently traveled to Bulgaria to film "Infestation." You may be able to contact her through her official website,

2.) angelwithhornz asks, "Why is Vanessa Anne Hudgens still on HSM3 after that nude photo?"

One word: Money. Disney generates big bucks via the "High School Mus...

Pulse Patrol: The 'Weakly' Round-up Of User Comments

6/23/2008 1:15pm EDT
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week’s most interesting comments were made on the “Jamie Lynn’s A Baby Mama” story, “Tori Spelling’s Dead Dog” story and “Rocker’s with Bad Grillz,” as well as the future of Selena Gomez.

Topic Highlights= No love for Anne Hathaway and Ellen DeGeneres. Also, we had a well written tirade against Kristy McNichol of all people. Much love for Katy Perry and Rachael Ray, as well as some unknown affection for Paris H...

Hollywood Couples With A Short Shelf Life

4/30/2008 12:28pm EDT
Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz
Some Hollywood couplings make you go, "Huh?" Take Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer for example. When Jen was married to Brad Pitt - that was hot. When she was linked to Orlando Bloom - that was interesting. But her pairing with John Mayer is, if it is anything at all, is probably just a passing fancy.

It's a fact that many celebrities enjoy keeping their options open. They may date for a while, but often the relationships end in heartache. Take Justin Timberlake. He dated both Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. He's now linked to Jessica Biel. But unlike many stars who get hitched...

Your 15 Minutes Of Fame Are Over: Go Away!

4/28/2008 8:45am EDT
Lauren Conrad
Some people in Hollywood have that inevitable, almost unattainable staying power that keeps them in the public eye for decades. Most of these stars have the likeability by the public to make it work. Others make us want to stop going to the grocery store altogether just to avoid seeing their faces on the gossip magazines. Attention following faux-lebrities: Your 15 minutes of fame are over, go away!

MTV's The Hills has become one of the most popular reality TV series. It features Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt and Lauren Conrad, who are three of the top famous un-celebrities. You aren't ...

'Baby Boom' For A New Generation: Top 5 Unlikey Mothers In Film

4/21/2008 11:50am EDT
Baby Mama
More than a decade after high-powered corporate, suit-wearing J.C. Wiatt inherited a baby that changed her life in Baby Boom - and in many ways how people viewed single, career-driven mothers - the story has been redone.

In Baby Mama, opening Friday, Tina Fey plays a thirty-something, upper middle class woman who wants to have a baby but can't and opts for surrogacy. Enter the blunt and often abrasive Amy Poehler, who Fey hires and then invites to live with her in this female buddy comedy flick. So in honor of the transformation the pregnancy causes not only on these women as individu...

Hollywood's Latest Fashion Accessory: The Baby

4/14/2008 4:50pm EDT
Preggers Jessica Alba
Having a baby seems to be in vogue these days. From the very young to the nearly middle aged, celebrities are popping out kids quicker than the networks are inventing new reality shows. And for some, shotgun weddings also seem to be the "it" thing to do in Hollywood.

Rumors that Ashlee Simpson and Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz were expecting turned out to be false, but 17-year-old Jamie-Lynn Spears is expecting a child with her new fiancée Casey Aldridge.

Jamie-Lynn Spears will be a teenage mom

Reformed party girl Nicole Richie gave birth to daughter Harlow in January; Chr...

Ashlee Simpson Expecting?

4/14/2008 4:26pm EDT
Ashlee Simpson
Recent reports claim that Ashlee Simpson is pregnant. Sources confirm that the singer/actress is expecting a child with her fiancee, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz. The couple has been dating since 2006 and were just engaged to be married last week.

A spokesperson told, "We Are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," but would not comment on Simpson's reported pregnancy. Representatives for the couple had not commented at press time.

The "Outta My Head" singer is the younger sister of pop star/actress Jessica Simpson and will be re...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 4

4/4/2008 3:00am EDT
Jamie Lynn Spears
Happy Birthday to pregnant teen Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears (1991), actress Natasha Lyonne (1979), biker Dave Mirra (1974), illusionist David Blaine (1973), "Battlefield Earth" actor Barry Pepper (1970), actor/rehab frequenter Robert Downey Jr. (1965), "The Matrix" trilogy actor Hugo Weaving (1960), TV producer David E. Kelley (1956), actress Christine Lahti (1950), "Poltergeist" star Craig T. Nelson (1944), "Psycho" star Anthony Perkins (1932; d. 1992), prolific writer Maya Angelou (1928), composer Elmer Bernstein (1922; d. 2004), and blues legend Muddy Waters (1915; d. 1984).


Point/Counterpoint: Should Jamie Lynn Spears Keep Her Baby Or Give It Up For Adoption?

1/14/2008 1:36pm EST
Jamie-Lynn Spears
The Spears Family Isn't Exactly Stable

Think back to when you were 16 years old. Most of us were sophomores or juniors in high school. We went to dances, parties, the movies and football games. We were still kids. Jamie-Lynn Spears lost that chance at still being a kid the moment she found out she was pregnant. But she has a chance to be a kid again, if she puts her baby up for adoption.

Jamie-Lynn is only 16, and although most teenagers like to think that they're adults, they're really still kids. It's safe to say that this is an unplanned pregnancy. Jamie-Lynn is not 100 percen...

What's Next For Jamie-Lynn Spears?

1/7/2008 11:07am EST
When it was reported that a Spears sister was pregnant, no one expected to hear that Jamie-Lynn, 16, was the mom-to-be. With the negative stories about Britney's parenting skills often making headlines, the future of Jamie-Lynn and her unborn child may not go the same route.

From personal experiences, younger siblings are often able to avoid the mistakes of their older siblings by witnessing the consequences of such outlandish experiences and mishaps.

Jamie-Lynn will probably not endure several stints in rehab or shave her head. Jamie-Lynn will likely keep her bad personal expe...

Top 5 Predicted Celebrity Divorces

12/28/2007 3:00pm EST
Tony & Eva
Couples around the world struggle to keep their marriages intact. Each partner painstakingly tries to stay afloat. In Hollywood, the concept of a "successful" marriage is damn near extinct.

Hollywood divorce pops up more often than new reality television, while the relationships themselves are even more disturbing. The happy Hollywood marriage is a fable, disappearing like the VHS video or Chevy Chase's career. Infidelity among these couples is rampant (and as never-ending) as the Saw sequels.

So instead of writing about failed Hollywood marriages, we're opting for a predictive...

On Film And In Real Life, 2 Pregnant 16-Year-Olds Spark Moral Debate

12/21/2007 10:14am EST
NEW YORK (AP) - In the new hit movie ''Juno'' and now in real life with Jamie Lynn Spears, 16-year-old girls get pregnant and decide to bear the child rather than opt for abortion. For social conservatives, it's a challenging story line - they condemn the teen sex but hail the ensuing choice.

''It's a double-edged sword in the Christian community,'' said Bill Maier, a vice president of the conservative ministry Focus on the Family.

''We should commend girls like Jamie Lynn Spears for making a courageous decision to have the baby. On the other hand, there's nothing glamorous or fun...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 4

4/4/2007 3:00am EDT
Heath Ledger
Happy Birthday to Britney's little sis Jamie Lynn Spears (1991), actress Natasha Lyonne (1979), "Brokeback Mountain" star Heath Ledger (1979), biker Dave Mirra (1974), illusionist David Blaine (1973), "Battlefield Earth" actor Barry Pepper (1970), actor/rehab frequenter Robert Downey Jr. (1965), "The Matrix" trilogy actor Hugo Weaving (1960), TV producer David E. Kelley (1956), actress Christine Lahti (1950), "Poltergeist" star Craig T. Nelson (1944), "Psycho" star Anthony Perkins (1932; d. 1992), prolific writer Maya Angelou (1928), composer Elmer Bernstein (1922; d. 2004), and blues legen...

Charity Auction: Video Calls With Cast of 'The Office,' 'OC' & More of TVs Hottest Stars

11/30/2006 11:36am EST
Adam Brody of The O.C.
Dozens of young Hollywood’s biggest television stars have joined together in a once-in-a-lifetime auction on eBay this holiday season, supporting the Young Storytellers Foundation. Americans and Canadians can bid on private voice and video calls with participating celebrities, during which they can chat with and actually see the star on the other end.

Celebrities taking part in the auction (for both video and standard Internet calls):

· Kristen Bell - Veronica Mars

· Sophia Bush – One Tree Hill

· Adam Duritz – The Counting Crows

· Rob...

Celebrity Birthdays, April 4

4/4/2006 3:06am EDT
Heath Ledger
Happy Birthday to Britney's little sis Jamie Lynn Spears (1991), actress Natasha Lyonne (1979), "Brokeback Mountain" star Heath Ledger (1979), biker Dave Mirra (1974), illusionist David Blaine (1973), "Battlefield Earth" actor Barry Pepper (1970), actor/rehab frequenter Robert Downey Jr. (1965), "The Matrix" trilogy actor Hugo Weaving (1960), TV producer David E. Kelley (1956), actress Christine Lahti (1950), "Poltergeist" star Craig T. Nelson (1944), "Psycho" star Anthony Perkins (1932; d. 1992), prolific writer Maya Angelou (1928), composer Elmer Bernstein (1922; d. 2004), and blues legen...

Green Day Wins Big At Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

4/3/2006 10:31am EDT
Green Day
Lindsay Lohan and Green Day were the big winners at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards on Saturday. The punk rockers went home with stylish orange blimp awards after viewers of the children's cable channel voted the trio to win Favorite Music Group and Favorite Song for Wake Me Up When September Ends. Mean Girls star Lohan took the Favorite Movie Actress trophy.

King Kong star Jack Black hosted the event at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, California - opening the show with a blistering version of the Elton John classic, Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting.

Other winners on the night i...

Nickelodeon Orders More 'Zoey 101,' 'Unfabulous' Episodes

3/9/2006 2:16pm EST
Emma Roberts stars in Unfabulous
Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 and Unfabulous have been picked up for 26 and 13 additional episodes, respectively. In their first two seasons as part of Nickelodeon's popular Sunday night line-up, both series dominated the ratings in their respective timeslots.

Currently in its second season, "Zoey 101" stars Jamie Lynn Spears as Zoey Brooks, a 13-year-old winsome leader whose independent nature is put to the test at the newly co-ed, picturesque Pacific Coast Academy. On Friday, March 10, Zoey and her pals trade in backpacks for bikinis when the series will premiere its first-ever television ...