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Blu-ray Review: 'Exposed' - Worth The Money?

3/25/2016 11:00am EDT
Blu-ray Review: 'Exposed'
Secrets, lies, mysteries and murder – all in a day’s work for a New York City cop. We go along for the ride as we check out the new to Blu-ray flick "Exposed" out March 29 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. We see if there’s more than meets the eye below!

Title: "Exposed"

Grade: 1

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Ana De Armas, Mira Sorvino

Director: Declan Dale

Rating: R

Runtime: 102 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


The Flick: "Exposed" is actually two very different films tonally – neither of which have a lasting impact. On the one h...

These Celebrities Have An Amazing Talent

11/4/2014 2:37pm EST
C'est Magnifique! Celebs Who Speak Three Or More Languages
Many celebrities are bilingual, but those who speak three or more languages are even more impressive.

Salma Hayek Pinault ("Frida," "Puss In Boots," "Grown Ups") was born in Mexico, and her native language is Spanish. She also speaks English, Portuguese and Arabic fluently. She is married to French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault, so we suspect she speaks his language as well. But she's modest. She told David Letterman in 2013: "My French is just a humiliation every time I try to do it...I'm just not good at it."

Viggo Mortensen ("Lord of the Rings," "Hidalgo," "A History of Viole...

10 Oscar-Winning Celebs Whose Movies Always Flop

3/2/2014 11:00am EST
10 Oscar-Winning Celebs Whose Movies Always Flop
They call it the "Oscar Curse!" As soon as you win one of those golden statuettes, your career takes a nose dive. For many actors, Oscar has brought them good fortune and fame beyond their wildest imaginations. For others, the golden boy has not always been a good luck charm. Only the rare few win back-to-back and many have to wait years before their chance to shine on Oscar night again. Here in no particular order, are 10 Oscar-Winning celebs whose movies have flopped since their big wins from the Academy.

1. Marisa Tomei

Big things were supposed to happen for Marisa Tomei after she beca...

Mira Sorvino To Play A 'Certified Badass' On 'Psych'

7/15/2013 6:36pm EDT
Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino will play a detective on USA's "Psych" during a multi-episode arc in the upcoming eighth season.

Beginning with the seventh episode, the Oscar-winning actress will play the Santa Barbara Police Department's newest lead detective, Betsy Brannigan, which the network describes as "an incredibly sweet, adorably reserved and yet certified badass."

USA continues: "Brannigan's record for taking down ruthless criminals is rivaled only by her skills in sparkly craft making, and her seemingly bubbly demeanor can turn on a dime once she straps in the dual-wielded Colt .45s. She's a scr...

2013 Tribeca Film Festival Kicks Off With Premiere Of 'Mistaken For Strangers'

4/18/2013 12:00pm EDT
Robert Di Nero
The 2013 Tribeca Film Festival got off to a rockin' start last night with the world premiere of the film "Mistaken for Strangers," a rockumentary following the indie band The National. The star-studded event was held at New York's downtown BMCC; guests included festival co-founder Robert Di Nero, Liza Minnelli, Adam Goldberg and Mira Sorvino.

The city's staple independent film festival runs from now through April 28th. Limited tickets are still available at

Check out the trailer and more photos from the premiere.

The National

Riley Keough


Robert De Niro, Evan Rachel Wood & More Stars Attend Tribeca Film Festival Kick-Off Party

4/17/2013 9:37pm EDT
Evan Rachel Wood
On Tuesday night, celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, director Baz Luhrmann and Sienna Miller helped Robert De Niro kick off the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival by attending the Vanity Fair gala in New York City.

Each year, De Niro, festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal, and Vanity Fair editor Gradyon Carter host a bash at the state supreme courthouse on the eve of the festival's opening.

A pregnant Evan Rachel Wood (above), Mira Sorvino, Gretchen Mol, Karolina Kurkova, Jimmy Buffet, Christopher Walken and author Salman Rushdie were also guests at the event.

According to Rosenthal, security was...

Cannes Preview: Spotlight Set For Big Stars And Great Films

5/15/2012 7:03pm EDT
Angelina Jolie - Brad Pitt
Despite my extensive coverage of Sundance, South by Southwest and Toronto International film festivals, I can’t quite afford to go to Cannes, France. I’ll have to watch the Cannes Film Festival from afar, but here are some things I know to expect from May 16 to May 27.

The international competition often leads to big Hollywood releases. Major films in competition include David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis starring Robert Pattinson, Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom starring Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Edward Norton, Lee Daniels’ The Paperboy starring Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, Mat...

Rosamund Pike Gives Birth To Daughter Solo

5/6/2012 12:30pm EDT
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike has joined the May mom's club after giving birth to a son.

The star has given her baby boy the unusual name Solo, according to Britain's Daily Mail on Sunday.

The tot is Pike's first child with 49-year-old businessman Robie Uniacke, her partner since December, 2009.

The actress joins fellow new mums Jessica Simpson, actresses Mira Sorvino and Marley Shelton, as well as British star Stacey Solomon, who have all welcomed new arrivals this month.

Mira Sorvino Gives Birth To Fourth Child

5/5/2012 8:38am EDT
Mira Sorvino
Actress Mira Sorvino has become a mother for the fourth time.

The Mighty Aphrodite star, whose father is Goodfellas tough guy Paul Sorvino, gave birth to daughter Lucia on Thursday in Los Angeles, her representative has confirmed to

A statement issued by Sorvino and her husband Christopher Backus reads: "We are thrilled beyond measure to have been blessed with our fourth precious, healthy child."

The couple wed in 2004 and also has seven-year-old daughter Mattea and sons Johnny, five, and Holden, two.

Mira Sorvino Addresses United Nations About Human Trafficking

4/5/2012 11:27pm EDT
Mira Sorvino
Actress Mira Sorvino addressed members of the United Nations on Tuesday in a bid to put an end to human trafficking.

The Mighty Aphrodite star, a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization, appeared at a General Assembly meeting in New York and urged member states to do all they could to stop the practice, which involves an estimated 2.4 million people.

Sorvino said, "Modern day slavery is bested only by the illegal drug trade for profitability. Transnational organised crime groups are adding humans to their product lists. Satellites reveal the same routes moving them as arms and drugs."


The Television Balcony - 'The Presence'

10/14/2011 5:10pm EDT
The Presence
Shane West's choice of projects is really giving me mixed signals. First I wanted to hug him in Once & Again. That was before I realized he could inflict serious bodily harm thanks to Nikita. Now, with The Presence - which I stupidly made the mistake of watching in the middle of the night - he has scared the bejesus out of me, and I mean that as a compliment.

In the psychological thriller - to call it a horror movie would be inaccurate - he plays a spirit haunting a remote cabin (aren't they all remote?). And he's downright unsettling at points and heartbreaking at others. There wer...

DVD Review: 'The Presence'

10/5/2011 11:14am EDT
The Presence
An isolated cabin. No electricity. Light by single candle. And Mira Sorvino. It sounds like a beautiful dream I had the other night, but it’s actually a new ghost story out on DVD this week from Lionsgate called “The Presence”. Light is shed below!

Title: "The Presence"

Grade: 2 1/2

Cast: Mira Sorvino, Justin Kirk, Shane West

Director: Tom Provost

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 87 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate


The Flick: "The Presence" definitely has its creepy heart in the right place, but all the elements just don’t come together in ...

Blu-ray Review: "Mimic: The Director's Cut' A Five-Star Must Own

9/27/2011 12:22pm EDT
Ready to see an original five-star version of an early and almost forgotten work from visionary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro? Then you must check out the outstandingly candid Blu-ray for "Mimic: The Director’s Cut," out Sept. 27th from the good folks at Lionsgate. Don’t believe it could be worth the dough – check out the bold and brutal facts below!

Title: "Mimic: The Director’s Cut"

Grade: 5

Cast: Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, Josh Brolin

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Rating: Unrated

Runtime: 112 minutes

Release Company: Lionsgate


The ...

Mira Sorvino's Husband Arrested For Being Drunk In Public

2/14/2011 9:16am EST
Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino's husband has been arrested on a charge of public intoxication following reports of an argument with the actress in a San Diego, California, hotel this weekend.

Police were called to the Hyatt Regency Islandia, where the couple was staying, in the early hours of Sunday after guests complained about a noisy disturbance.

According to, Sorvino and her partner Christopher Backus had been embroiled in a loud war of words over "poor time management skills" before an allegedly drunk Backus began pacing around the hotel with a bat, yelling at guests and hotel security.

He wa...

Hot Legs: Mira Sorvino's Sailor Suit-Like Dress In NYC

10/6/2010 5:00pm EDT
Mira Sorvino
We spotted Mira Sorvino outside of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in New York City today. Sorvino, who was showing off her legs in a short blue dress, stars in the upcoming film "Drift."

In the film, a small town is divided after a young boy freezes to death during a fishing trip, and a local prosecutor goes after the father.

She also stars in "Smitty" in which a 13-year-old city brat Ben (Brandon Tyler Russell) has done it again...and his struggling, single mother (Sorvino) has had enough of him getting into mischief.

Check out more photos of Mira here!

Mira Sorvino Wants To Reunite 'Romy & Michele'

5/4/2010 6:30pm EDT
Mira Sorvino
Mira Sorvino has confirmed she's been in talks to re-team with Lisa Kudrow for a sequel to their cult 1997 movie Romy & Michele's High School Reunion.

The Oscar-winner joined forces with the Friends star to play a pair of ditzy blondes attending a get-together with their childhood friends.

The film spawned a 2005 TV prequel, Romy and Michele: In the Beginning, starring Katherine Heigl, but Sorvino hopes movie bosses will agree to bring the two original actresses back for a follow-up.

She tells, "Yeah, we've talked about doing another reunion movie. I don't know (if it wi...

'(500) Days Of Summer' & Other Films With Great Impromptu Music Scenes

12/21/2009 10:15pm EST
500 Days of Summer
(500) Days of Summer was one of the best movies of the year. The Golden Globe nominated film will be released on DVD on December 22nd

, and for those who haven't seen it - we recommend you check it out.

We especially love the musical scene where Joseph Gordon-Levitt charms the audience with his dance moves to Hall & Oates "You Make My Dreams Come True." His character, Tom, falls head over heels in love with Zooey Deschanel's character, Summer, and what better way to express his love than in song? When he thinks about her he wants to sing and dance and everyone else is as happy as he is...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 28

9/28/2009 3:00am EDT
Hilary Duff
Happy Birthday to:

"Material Girls" actress Hilary Duff (1987)

"Boogeyman" actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (1992)

Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton (1984)

"Jackass" jackass Bam Margera (1979)

"King Kong" actress Naomi Watts (1968)"

The Replacement Killers" actress Mira Sorvino (1967)

"Mystery Men" actress Janeane Garofalo (1964)

Violinist Laurie Lewis (1950)

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor Jeffrey Jones (1947)

"The Negotiator" actor J.T. Walsh (1943; d. 1998)

"Capote" actor Marshall Bell (1942)

Stand By Me singer Ben E. King (1938)

French actress Br...

Celebrity Offspring That Have Become Successful

9/16/2009 10:05am EDT
Celebrity Offspring
Most of the time when privileged sons and daughters of celebrities chose to pursue a career in entertainment, we wince at the idea and criticize their lack of talent. However

, there are some cases where famous offspring are actually thrive in the family business and probably could have succeeded without their recognizable last name. Here are the most successful spawn in the gene pool of famous parents.

Colin Hanks - As the son and look-a-like younger version of dad Tom Hanks, Colin inherited his father's acting skills. He first came onto the scene appearing in Tom's film That Thing You...

Underrated & Overrated Horror Films

10/31/2008 12:25pm EDT
Today is Halloween. No introduction necessary. Check out our list of five of the most overrated and underrated horror movies of all time:


5. "Scream" (1996)

Ah, the classic case of so overrated it became underrated. Actually, it's more that this movie was so good and influential that its hallmarks have become so deeply ingrained in moviedom that we can't imagine a time that existed before it. It didn't invent the slasher genre, it just brought it to a new level, adding humor and bringing a spot of intelligence to its leads. It was also a perfect parody of ...

Race Matters: Is Hollywood Truly Color Blind When It Comes To On-Screen Romance?

9/29/2008 9:49am EDT
Die Another Day
In John Grisham's bestselling novel "The Pelican Brief," investigative journalist Gray Grantham and law student Darby Shaw uncover a political conspiracy and in the process, end up between the sheets. In the 1993 film version, Darby Shaw (played by Julia Roberts) and Grantham merely share a chaste hug in the film's conclusion. What happened between page and screen? One theory: In the novel Grantham is white; in the film, he's portrayed by Academy-Award winning - and black - actor Denzel Washington.

The stigma of interracial relationships in cinema can be traced back to the 1934 Motio...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 28

9/28/2008 3:00am EDT
Hilary Duff
Happy Birthday to "Boogeyman" actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (1992), "Material Girls" actress Hilary Duff (1987), Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton (1984), "Jackass" jackass Bam Margera (1979), "King Kong" actress Naomi Watts (1968), "The Replacement Killers" actress Mira Sorvino (1967), "Mystery Men" actress Janeane Garofalo (1964), violinist Laurie Lewis (1950), "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor Jeffrey Jones (1947), "The Negotiator" actor J.T. Walsh (1943; d. 1998), "Capote" actor Marshall Bell (1942), Stand By Me singer Ben E. King (1938), French actress Brigitte Bardot (1934), Italia...

Beauty & Brains: The Most Educated Celebrities

4/16/2008 9:50am EDT
Natalie Portman
There's nothing better - or more intimidating - than someone with a combination of good looks, lots of money, unbridled talent and intelligence. It's easier to make fun of people like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, who might possess a few of the aforementioned assets but who are one short of a perfect combination.

But some celebs have it all. Beauty, money, power and an impressive academic pedigree. So here is Starpulse's list of the most erudite celebrities, and some might come as quite a surprise. (Conan O'Brien went to Harvard?)

Ashley Judd may have found critical acclaim for ...

'House' Post-Super Bowl Ep To Encore Feb. 15; New 'Bones' Episodes To Air In April

2/5/2008 11:23am EST
Fox will air an encore of the record-setting "House" episode "Frozen," which originally aired following the Super Bowl, on Friday, Feb. 15 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). In addition, "House" encores will continue airing Fridays (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) through April 18.

"Frozen" features guest star Mira Sorvino as a psychiatrist trapped at the South Pole who must rely on Dr. House to diagnose and treat her deadly illness via webcam.

All-new episodes of "Bones" will return to the FOX schedule on Monday, April 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT), leading into the previously announced series premiere of "...

Hopefully 'House' Can Keep Its Magic When The Writers Return

2/5/2008 8:51am EST
I sat through the last half of the Super Bowl this year not because I am a Patriots or Giants fan, but because a brand new episode of "House" was showing after the game was over.

There was nothing more agonizing than waiting for the post game to finish so the familiar 'Viewer Discretion Advised' could flash on the screen, and it was time for the episode "Frozen." Last week was a great episode, although still struggling due to screen time and mild medical cases, but this one was clearly a higher step up. It put me in mind of some of the better episodes of "House" in past seasons, and w...

'House' Recap: The Numbers Are Developing, Chase & Cameron Are Serving No Real Purpose

1/31/2008 3:24pm EST
"House" is back for just a small dose of curmudgeonly goodness, and this week's episode "It's a Wonderful Lie" was the first with the new team firmly set in place. Kutner, Taub and Thirteen are the official winners of House's ruthless version of "The Bachelor," with Foreman rounding out the team as Unnecessary Former Employee #1.

May it be said again that Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison, and Jesse Spencer are all in the opening credits even though between the three of them they had five minutes of air time. I hate to start out this review with a complaint, and I have criticized the show ...

What to Watch: What's Airing, Re-Airing & Entertaining On TV This Week

1/28/2008 8:16am EST
Gossip Girl
Monday, Jan. 28

Fashion Police (E!, 8 p.m.) - Relive all the fashion blunders and triumphs from the 2008 Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards with hosts Debbie Matenopoulos, Jay Manuel and Peter Ishkhans.

Gossip Girl Revealed (The CW, 8 p.m.) - The CW reairs the pilot with exclusive cast interviews, deleted scenes, commentaries, fashion scoop and more. Perfect for the uninitiated and loyal fans starving for more.

In Treatment (HBO, 9:30 p.m.) - Gabriel Byrne stars as a therapist dealing with four patients and a therapist of his own. The series, co-starring Dianne Wiest, Melissa G...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 28

9/28/2007 3:00am EDT
Hilary Duff
Happy Birthday to "Boogeyman" actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (1992), "Material Girls" actress Hilary Duff (1987), Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton (1984), "Jackass" jackass Bam Margera (1979), "King Kong" actress Naomi Watts (1968), "The Replacement Killers" actress Mira Sorvino (1967), "Mystery Men" actress Janeane Garofalo (1964), violinist Laurie Lewis (1950), "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor Jeffrey Jones (1947), "The Negotiator" actor J.T. Walsh (1943; d. 1998), "Capote" actor Marshall Bell (1942), Stand By Me singer Ben E. King (1938), French actress Brigitte Bardot (1934), Italia...

Celebrity Birthdays, September 28

9/28/2006 3:00am EDT
Hilary Duff
Happy Birthday to "Boogeyman" actress Skye McCole Bartusiak (1992), "Material Girls" actress Hilary Duff (1987), Pussycat Dolls singer Melody Thornton (1984), "Jackass" jackass Bam Margera (1979), "King Kong" actress Naomi Watts (1968), "The Replacement Killers" actress Mira Sorvino (1967), "Mystery Men" actress Janeane Garofalo (1964), violinist Laurie Lewis (1950), "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" actor Jeffrey Jones (1947), "The Negotiator" actor J.T. Walsh (1943; d. 1998), "Capote" actor Marshall Bell (1942), Stand By Me singer Ben E. King (1938), French actress Brigitte Bardot (1934), Italia...