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Is Ramona Singer Settling Down?

3/4/2016 5:48am EST
Bethenny Frankel
Ramona Singer was getting back into her single groove on the previous season of The Real Housewives of New York. She had just learned that her husband had cheated on her for years, and she was heartbroken. Ramona has learned that she wants to start dating again, and it sounds like she may have found a guy. It is possible that he will play a big role on the upcoming season of the show, but she’s already sharing him with the world.

According to a new tweet, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she finds a certain guy very cute. And she even shared a picture of him on social media. “Love a han...

Ramona Singer Shares Her Thoughts On Bethenny Frankel's New Business Venture

1/27/2016 12:28pm EST
Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer may have held back when it came to her contract with Bravo, but it sounds like she’s back to filming The Real Housewives of New York. Ramona wanted more money for filming the show, but Bravo stood firm. But based on her newest tweets, it sounds like she’s still close with Bethenny Frankel, who just launched another major section of her Skinnygirl business. According to a new tweet, Ramona Singer is thrilled that Bethenny’s success is growing.

“Congrats Bethenny on your launch of yummy chocolates at Dylan's Candy Bar in nyc !!!!” Singer revealed on Twitter, which had Frankel r...

Will Ramona Singer Return To 'RHONY' Despite Pay Cut?

12/10/2015 11:51am EST
Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer is planning her holidays in New York and one can imagine her daughter will return home from college to be with her mother. Ramona filed for divorce from Mario Singer after she learned that he would not be giving up his mistress to focus on their marriage. But it sounds like Singer enjoys the single life, even if it means spending Christmas without a man. But will fans see Ramona on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New York?

According to a new tweet, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she is still hanging out with Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps - the women who...

Ramona Singer Bonding With Daughter After Family Betrayal

11/21/2015 8:18am EST
Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer is moving on with her life after learning that her estranged husband Mario Singer had cheated on her. For a few months, Ramona tried to work out her marriage, but Mario kept talking to his mistress. These days, Singer may be dating to explore her options, but she is staying home in New York this Thanksgiving weekend. And her daughter Avery is coming home from college to be with her mother.

According to a new tweet, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she will be seeing her daughter in just a few hours. “Happy Friday! I am seeing Avery Singer in 7 hrs for 10 days!!!!!!!” Ramon...

Does Ramona Singer Predict Divorce For Kristen Taekman?

8/26/2015 12:54pm EDT
Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer has dealt with infidelity first hand and she may be able to spot the signs. So when her co-star, Kristen Taekman, made headlines this week because her husband had been caught up in the Ashley Madison hack, this Real Housewives of New York star decided to speak out. Kristen and Josh recently renewed their vows and they appear more in love than ever. So, did Josh really cheat on Kristen?

According to a new US Weekly report, Ramona Singer is now revealing that she doesn’t think that he did. Josh admitted to signing up to the website as a joke with his friends, but says that he n...

Ramona Singer Contemplated Suicide After Being Cheated On

7/21/2015 3:49pm EDT
Ramona Singer
Ramona Singer recalls a period of her life when she was extremely depressed, and gets candid about some of the very serious suicidal thoughts that she had. According to Radar Online, the Real Housewives Of New York star opened up about her battle with depression in her new memoir "The Ramona Coaster." Singer says that she had a very hard time with life after she learned that her husband of 20 years, Mario, had cheated on her with a younger woman.

"The stress of everything became unmanageable and it began to wreak havoc on my mind, body and spirit. There were times when I was so low that I ...

Ramona Singer's Husband Cheats On 'Housewives' Star Again

8/6/2014 7:03pm EDT
Ramona Singer's Husband Cheats On 'Housewives' Star Again
Ramona Singer's husband Mario was recently photographed dining with his mistress, Kasey Dexter. The couple, known for appearing on "The Real Housewives of New York," hit a rough patch in the spring after Mario was caught cheating; however, they got back together in March.

Apparently, he is back to his womanizing ways. A source told In Touch: "She threw Mario out in late July because she discovered he was back with his mistress."

The magazine has an exclusive photo of Mario and Kasey sitting close and comfortably together at Anassa Taverna in New York City. The week prior, the pair was spo...

Real Housewife of New York Ramona Singer Launches Wine Ramona Red

9/26/2012 10:33am EDT
Ramona Singer
Thanks in part to her love for Pinot Grigio on "The Real Housewvies of New York City", it is no wonder reality star Ramona Singer is quickly expanding her Ramona Wines brand, adding Ramona Red: Sangiovese Merlot Blend to her collection. Being a wine enthusiast and entrepreneur, Singer developed the red wine as a follow up to her successful Ramona Pinot Grigio, released in 2011.

So what should you expect?

Well, Ramona Red: Sangiovese Merlot Blend, produced in Tuscany, is a classic “mini-Super-Tuscan” fusion with the addition of Merlot and aromatic oak to a Sangiovese base. There’s a hint...

'Supernatural' Recap: Have Faith That It Will Get Worse

9/24/2011 12:30pm EDT
padalecki and ackles
When “Supernatural” first started seven years ago, it was just a show about two brothers with a cool car, saving people and hunting things while they searched for their father. I had no idea that it would nearly double its ratings in the fourth season—thanks to passionate fans and the internet—or that it would snarkily and bravely tackle such enormous themes as religion, God and the true meaning of faith. But season six ended with everyone's favorite angel, Castiel, declaring himself the new God after bingeing on Purgatory’s doomed souls with as much gusto as Dean (Jensen Ackles) attacks ...

Report: Bravo Axes Three 'Housewives of New York City' Cast Members

9/16/2011 1:32pm EDT
Kelly Bensimon, Alex McCord, Jill Zarin | Photo Credits: Mike Co
Jill Zarin, Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon have been fired from Bravo's The Real Housewives of New York City, Huffington Post reports.

What's next? Running away with a guitarist from an '80s arena rock band?

Michaele Salahi kidnapped? No, She's on a Journey

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