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Celebrities That Turn 50 In 2013

January 3rd, 2013 11:08am EST
Brad Pitt
The biggest and most memorable event of 1963 was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, its 50th anniversary will be marked on November 22. The civil rights movement was in full swing as Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his "I have a dream" speech and the Vietnam conflict had begun. Gas was 29 cents a gallon and the average cost for a new home was $12,560.

Also that year, the Beatles released their first album 'Please Please Me.' Notable films released in 1963 were The Great Escape, From Russia with Love, The Birds, Cleopatra and The Pink Panther. Popular TV shows included, The A...

Forgotten Friday Flick - 'The Underneath'

January 20th, 2012 12:40pm EST
The Underneath photo
With the glorious "Haywire" hitting theaters today, it seemed only fitting to further shout the sweetness of Soderbergh...welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick! Yes, "sex, lies, and videotape" was game changing and "Traffic" was ever so dramatic, but there’s one film that seems to take the backburner on the Soderbergh stove, so we’re gonna turn up the heat! It’s his fourth and most savvy flick about a guy coming home to settle some old business. (And yes, sex and violence ensue!) We’re talking about the highly underrated 1995 little noir ditty..."The Underneath."

Michael Chambers is ...

Review: Jonah Hill Deserves Better Than 'The Sitter'

December 10th, 2011 11:00am EST
The Sitter
Who would you rather watch in a movie about babysitting: a 1980s Elisabeth Shue or an overweight Jonah Hill? Let’s be honest, you’d probably pick Elisabeth Shue. And no, this argument is NOT based on looks. If you’ve seen his nuanced performances in “Cyrus” or “Moneyball,” then you’ll agree that Hill has outgrown crappy films like David Gordon Green’s “The Sitter,” regardless of former weight.

In an age of reboots and remakes, plenty of Hollywood scribes try to slyly spin an established idea or genre, by marketing it as new. However, rarely do they bring anything worthwhile ...

Marg Helgenberger Fights Back Tears As She Talks About 'CSI' Exit

December 8th, 2011 10:55am EST
Marg Helgenberger
Actress Marg Helgenberger fought back tears during a TV interview this week as she talked about leaving hit crime show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The star, who has spent the past decade playing forensics expert Catherine Willows in the drama series, is shooting her final scenes for the show, and will walk away early next year - and she admits she is getting emotional as she prepares to leave.

In an interview with news show Entertainment Tonight, which aired on Wednesday, she said, "I think, 'How can I leave this? How can I leave such a wonderful (job)...' I don't even think of it a...

Elisabeth Shue Replacing Marg Helgenberger On 'CSI'

November 19th, 2011 8:46am EST
Elisabeth Shue, CSI | Photo Credits: CBS
Elisabeth Shue is returning to Las Vegas!

The 48-year-old actress, who earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Leaving Las Vegas, has been tapped to replace Marg Helgenberger on CSI beginning in February, CBS announced Friday.

Shue will portray...

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'Soapdish' Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary On DVD October 4th

October 3rd, 2011 5:30pm EDT
Soap Dish
The off-screen craziness rivals the on-screen drama in the sidesplitting comedy SOAPDISH, celebrating its 20th anniversary on DVD October 4, 2011.

Boasting an extraordinary cast of stars including Robert Downey Jr., Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Shue, Teri Hatcher, Garry Marshall, Cathy Moriarty and Kathy Najimy, the hilarious comedy follows the outrageous hijinks of the cast and crew of America’s hottest soap opera, “The Sun Also Sets.”

When an ambitious actress connives with the soap’s producer to scuttle the career of the show’s beloved star, nothing works as the...

Jennifer Lawrence Turns 21; Learn More About The 'Hunger Games' Starlet

August 16th, 2011 12:00pm EDT
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence, who turned 21 yesterday, is on her way to becoming Hollywood elite. Not sure who she is? She jumped onto the Tinseltown radar in the film "Winter's Bone" (2010).

In the film, Ozark teen Ree Dolly (Lawrence) breaks the local code of conduct by confronting her kin about their conspiracy of silence after her home is in danger of being repossessed when her meth-cooking dad skips bail and disappears.

The film earned Jennifer an Academy Award nomination. She became the second youngest Oscar nominee for best actress in a leading role.

Jennifer also played Raven/Mystique i...

Elisabeth Shue's Unfortunately Short Tennis Outfit

November 8th, 2010 7:00pm EST
Elisabeth Shue
We spotted Elisabeth Shue in action at the Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, held at South Beach, Miami, over the weekend.

The sweaty star appeared to be having a great time, although we think her skirt may have been a little too short, revealing a little too much cellulite (see the final photo below).

Shue recently starred in the spoof film "Piranha 3D." She has several films in production, including "Janie Jones" about a young girl who has been abandoned by her former-groupie mother and informs a fading rock star that she is his daughter.

Fox Soccer Channel Wants Tom Cruise, Drew Carry, Rivers Cuomo

October 10th, 2010 1:18pm EDT
Fox Soccer Channel’s series Soccer Talk Live is a new go-to destination for the sport, and it’s not just for athletes. Host Kyle Martino interviews athletes and celebrity soccer fans like Elisabeth Shue and Susan Sarandon. Now he’s gunning for more of Hollywood’s secret soccer enthusiasts.

“The lead singer of Weezer is an enormous soccer fan as well,” Martino said. “Drew Carey who’s a friend of mine who’s a big soccer fan who’s a part owner in the Seattle team. It would be great to get some of the high profile celebrities in Hollywood that we know are big soccer fans. Tom Cruise obviously ...

'Piranha 3D' Sequel In The Works

August 24th, 2010 10:55am EDT
Piranha 3D
The movie bosses behind "Piranha 3D" are so thrilled with the new disaster film's opening weekend success at the box office, they're already starting work on a sequel.

The movie, featuring British beauty Kelly Brook, Elisabeth Shue and Jerry O'Connell, made $10 million at the box office over the weekend and finished up just outside the top five films.

But movie executives at Dimension Films didn't need to see the figures - rave reviews prompted them to press on with a sequel.

Producer Mark Canton says, "We are thrilled that audiences are not just loving 'Piranha 3D,' but cheering for it....

Top Drunk Movie Scenes In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

March 17th, 2010 9:04am EDT
Top Drunk Movie Scenes
Before you pick yer poison, we ask....what's worse? A cussing, drinking Santa that wets himself in front of anticipating kids, or a burping, scantily clad school girl that fishes her bubble gum from the puke-infused toilet bowl? In honor of St. Patty's day, we raise a glass (or two) to some of the most memorable lush silver screen moments. Cue the hangovers, here's the break-down of the top drunk movie scenes:

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Nicolas Cage takes us through the final crisis of his life, drinking himself to death in Las Vegas. Yes, it's depressive and emotional, and undoubtedly one ...

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Recap: 'Officer Krupke'

November 9th, 2009 8:18am EST
Curb Your Enthusiasm
"There are only two ways to injure your neck: A car accident and cunnilingus." ~ Larry David

If the above sentence were the only words spoken during "Office Krupke", the eighth episode of this season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", the would have been enough to make it a classic. Fortunately, Larry David saw it fit enough to build an entire half-an-hour around those fourteen words.

Okay, so it wasn't all built around that. The action of the episode was mostly built around two pairs of pants: the pair Larry kind of stole from a Santa Monica Banana Republic and the pair of panties Susie fo...

'The Unborn' Is In Theaters Friday; Check Out These Other Great Babysitter Flicks

January 6th, 2009 5:00pm EST
The Unborn
Writer/director David Goyer (Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, Batman Begins) gives a terrifying glimpse into the life of the undead in The Unborn and follows a young woman pulled into a world of nightmares when a demonic spirit haunts her and threatens everyone she loves.

Starring Odette Yustman, Meagan Good, Cam Gigandet and Gary Oldman, The Unborn is a thrilling tale of one woman's survival as she fights a family curse and struggles to shut a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born.

In The Unborn Odette Yustman plays the babysitter, h...

Slideshow: Favorite Movie Prostitutes

September 11th, 2008 12:12pm EDT
We all know that your average run-of-the-mill prostitute isn’t going to be the most attractive and eye-catching individual, however the next time you’re having a special rendezvous or appointment with your professional "love connection" this slideshow will help you fantasize or imagine that they’re someone else.

So to help you with your own personal fantasy, here’s some of Hollywood’s beloved working gals or guys, whatever the case may be.

Rebecca De Mornay

As the Call Girl Lana in Risky Business

More Rebecca De Mornay



Interview: Comedian Steve Coogan Rocks Sexy Jesus Character in 'Hamlet 2'

August 27th, 2008 3:36pm EDT
Hamlet 2
(HollywoodChicago.com) – Steve Coogan is a British comedy icon. Forging a career from creating an array of characters, though, he’s not as well known in America (except to BBC cultists).

He brings this talent for characterization to the lead role of an American high school drama teacher in the new film “Hamlet 2”. Coogan adds some peculiar quirks to the depiction of the clueless soul who seemingly will do anything to project his dramatic “vision”.

“Hamlet 2” star Steve Coogan in Chicago on July 30, 2008.

Photo credit: Patrick McDonald, HollywoodChicago.com

In a recent ...

Sundance Hit 'Hamlet 2' Debuts In Theaters August 22

May 18th, 2008 9:30am EDT
Hamlet 2
A world premiere at-– and the comedy smash of-– the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. In the irreverent comedy, Hamlet 2, A failed actor-turned-worse-high-school-drama teacher (Steve Coogan) rallies his Tucson, AZ students as he conceives and stages a politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Written by Andrew Fleming and Pam Brady ("South Park," "Team America"), Hamlet 2 stars Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler, David Arquette and Elisabeth Shue. Hamlet 2 opens August 22 in select cities and August 29 nationwide.

"Hamlet 2" Trailer: QuickTime High | Low...

Beauty & Brains: The Most Educated Celebrities

April 16th, 2008 9:50am EDT
Natalie Portman
There's nothing better - or more intimidating - than someone with a combination of good looks, lots of money, unbridled talent and intelligence. It's easier to make fun of people like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, who might possess a few of the aforementioned assets but who are one short of a perfect combination.

But some celebs have it all. Beauty, money, power and an impressive academic pedigree. So here is Starpulse's list of the most erudite celebrities, and some might come as quite a surprise. (Conan O'Brien went to Harvard?)

Ashley Judd may have found critical acclaim for ...

'Melrose Place': Where Are They Now?

February 25th, 2008 12:00pm EST
Melrose Place
Sixteen years ago we were first introduced to Melrose Place, an innocent (at least it started that way) spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 that took place in a West Hollywood apartment complex. I know as an 8-year-old boy I was excited to see what the lives of 20-something people would be like. I assumed lots of swimming and talking about art. I was wrong, so very very wrong. Seeing as the show ended its run almost 10 years ago we should look back and see just where those over-sexed and off-kilter roommates have gone. Now I can relate to what the show was about!

Thomas Calabro (Dr. ...

Celebrity Birthdays, October 6

October 6th, 2007 3:00am EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Happy Birthday to Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson (1970), singer/songwriter Matthew Sweet (1964), actress Elisabeth Shue (1963), Swedish Bond girl Britt Ekland (1935), and actress Carole Lombard (1908).

Elisabeth Shue And Director Husband Clash On Set

May 29th, 2007 10:00pm EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Movie-maker Davis Guggenheim is reluctant to work with wife Elisabeth Shue again after a bitter-sweet experience on the set of new movie Gracie. The Academy-award winning producer says he enjoyed working with his wife on the soccer-based movie - but once is enough.

He tells New York Daily News, "It was horrible and wonderful at the same time.

"She questioned me all the time. That's what I love about her. She doesn't take s**t from anybody. Next time, I'm going to work with actors that respect me."

-Elisabeth Shue Pictures

(This news article provided by World Entert...

Opening June 1: Gracie

May 29th, 2007 3:36pm EDT
Inspired to reevaluate her life after a devastating family tragedy, sixteen year-old Gracie Shue wages a passionate campaign to amend the rules of competitive team soccer in order to allow for female players. Dermot Mulroney, Elisabeth Shue, and Carly Schroeder star in a heartwarming sports drama set in 1978. Continue Summary

Pictures / Review / Trailer / More

Bruce Springsteen Gave Up Song Rights For Soccer Film

May 28th, 2007 1:00pm EDT
Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen allowed the filmmakers of family soccer film Gracie to use his tune Growing Up for a pivotal scene - because he's a secret fan of the sport. Director Davis Guggenheim, a lifelong Springsteen fan, approached the rocker with a view to using the song in the film, which is set in The Boss' native New Jersey.

He was thrilled when Springsteen agreed - because the director had already put the touching song in the film's rough cut. Guggenheim, who is married to the movie's star Elisabeth Shue, says, "I've been to maybe 10 Bruce Springsteen concerts and never believed we woul...

Elisabeth Shue Credits Her Husband With Helping Her Family Recover From Their Brother's Death

May 21st, 2007 1:08pm EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Actress Elisabeth Shue has heaped praise on her director husband for giving her and brother Andrew the courage to make a tribute movie to their dead sibling. The Shues lost brother Will 20 years ago, and have struggled to find closure since the tragedy - until filmmaker Davis Guggenheim encouraged them to turn their loss into a new film, and then directed it.

Set in 1978, Gracie follows the story of a teenage girl, based on Elisabeth Shue, who attempts to overcome the loss of her brother by fighting to achieve her dream of playing competitive soccer. Shue says, "As a family, we reall...

Elisabeth Shue Plans Pro Tennis Career

April 9th, 2007 9:00pm EDT
Elisabeth Shue
The Saint star Elisabeth Shue is in training to become a professional tennis player. The actress admits she has always been pretty good at the sport and now she's working on a second career on the courts of America.

She explains, "It's always been a dream of mine. I don't think I'll be playing at the (tennis tournament) US Open, but, by September, I'd like to be competing professionally, even at the lowest level. I've been training so hard, now I feel like more of a tennis player than an actress."

- Pictures

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

Elisabeth Shue Regrets F-Word Moment In Classic Film

April 9th, 2007 10:25am EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue's foul-mouthed rant in cult movie Adventures In Babysitting came back to haunt her when her three-year-old son adopted the line as his personal mantra. The star's dad warned Shue about the impact the line "Don't f- with the babysitter" would have on young kids, but she chose to ignore him.

She recalls, "My father wrote me a three-page letter telling me why I could not say that word because then kids would think it was OK to say it. I said, 'Oh God dad, that's never going to happen.'"

But his words proved to be wise when the actress showed the film to her young son...

Elisabeth Shue Dedicates New Movie To Dead Brother

April 9th, 2007 10:02am EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue's new film, Gracie, is dedicated to her late brother who fell to his death from a tree when he was 27. The actress, who was 24 when her brother William died, admits she has never got over the tragedy and the new film, in which she plays the mother of a teenager coming to terms with a sibling's death, helped her deal with the loss.

She says, "The shock of him dying, it never really goes away. I did not know how meaningful he was in my life until he was gone. It (Gracie) was the first time I was telling a story that really meant something to me. I think that is incredibly...

Fascinating Facts

April 2nd, 2007 4:39pm EDT
Miley Cyrus
Teen idols Miley Cyrus and Raven Symone are to team up in a remake of hit 1987 family film Adventures In Babysitting. In the original, Elisabeth Shue played a bored babysitter who multi-tasks when a friend calls for help while she's looking after he neighbors' children.

Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin is set to become a living doll after taking the lead in American Girl, a new film inspired by the line of US dolls and accessories.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

Celebrity Birthdays, October 6

October 6th, 2006 3:00am EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Happy Birthday to Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson (1970), singer/songwriter Matthew Sweet (1964), actress Elisabeth Shue (1963), Swedish Bond girl Britt Ekland (1935), and actress Carole Lombard (1908).

Dermot Mulroney Stars in Shue Family Film

August 30th, 2006 9:15am EDT
Dermot Mulroney
Dermot Mulroney will join brother and sister team Elisabeth and Andrew Shue for a big-screen sports drama loosely based on events within the Shue family. “Gracie” is set in 1978 and inspired by real life events where a 16-year-old girl tries to win a spot on a boy's soccer team after a family tragedy.

The lead character will be played by Carly Schroeder. Mulroney will play her father, while Elisabeth will play her mother. Andrew, who is best known for his role as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place, will play the coach. He was also a professional soccer player with the Los Angeles Galaxy ...

Elisabeth Shue Gives Birth to Daughter Agnes

June 20th, 2006 8:34am EDT
Elisabeth Shue
Actress Elisabeth Shue has become a third-time mom after giving birth to a baby girl on Sunday. Little Agnes Charles Guggenheim was a Father's Day gift for filmmaker Davis Guggenheim. The couple already has two kids, Miles and Stella.

It was a great day for the Guggenheims - director dad's new global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, entered America's top 10 over the weekend.

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network)

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