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Eva Longoria Says Gay Wedding Remark Was A Joke

May 17th, 2011 2:31pm EDT
Eva Longoria
Actress Eva Longoria has spoken out about comments made at her wedding to basketball player Tony Parker, suggesting the groom was "gay" for marrying her.

Remarks, allegedly made by Longoria's Desperate Housewives boss Marc Cherry, have been made public as part of former co-star Nicollette Sheridan's ongoing legal spat with the writer and his fellow producers. obtained documents in Sheridan's wrongful termination suit against Cherry, in which she declared, "I was present at Eva Longoria's wedding to Tony Parker, when Mr. Cherry commented that, 'Tony must like boys, because he is ...

Nicollette Sheridan's 'Desperate Housewives' Suit To Go To Trial

May 4th, 2011 12:27am EDT
Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan's lawsuit against Desperate Housewives bosses will go to trial, a Los Angeles judge ruled on Tuesday.

The actress filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the show's creator Marc Cherry last April, alleging he slapped her in the face after she expressed an opinion about a script he had written, and then fired her when she complained to producers.

Superior Court Judge Elizabeth White voted to allow the star's battery, wrongful termination, and unlawful retaliation case to be tried by a jury but dismissed all other allegations, including sexual harassment.

A date ha...

Nicollette Sheridan Breaks Fingers In Horse Incident

February 2nd, 2011 11:27pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Actress Nicollette Sheridan is nursing two broken fingers after an accident at a stable near her California home.

The former Desperate Housewives star was leading her horse back to its stall after a ride last month when a loud car horn panicked the beast, causing it to buck and throw Sheridan against a fence, according to the National Enquirer.

Her businessman boyfriend Steve Pate took her to West Hills Hospital, where X-rays showed she had broken bones in her hand.

She was discharged from the medical center after doctors fitted her with a metal splint.

A spokesperson for the actress ha...

'Desperate Housewives' Star Brenda Strong Files For Divorce

January 16th, 2011 11:16am EST
Brenda Strong
Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong has joined co-star Eva Longoria on the divorcee list - she has filed papers to end her marriage.

The actress, who plays Mary Alice Young on the show, has cited "irreconcilable differences" as her reason for divorcing Tom Henri.

The couple wed in 1989 and have a teenage son.

Longoria sent shockwaves through Hollywood in November when she filed for divorce from basketball star Tony Parker.

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2010 Year In Entertainment Review: April

January 1st, 2011 3:00pm EST
Bret Michaels
The eruption of a volcano in Iceland at the end of March meant the following month was dogged by stories of stranded stars as a giant ash cloud swept over northern Europe and closed airports across the continent.

California's Coachella festival was under threat as a number of acts canceled their slots when they were unable to fly out to the U.S.

Several movie premieres were also affected in the chaos - the "Iron Man 2" red carpet event in London was moved to Los Angeles when stars including Robert Downey, Jr. were unable to jet to Britain. Miley Cyrus also scrapped plans to unveil her fil...

Nicollette Sheridan Amends 'Desperate Housewives' Lawsuit

December 19th, 2010 6:27pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan has amended her lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry to drop her most explosive claims against her former boss.

The actress filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Cherry in April, alleging he slapped her in the face after she expressed an opinion about a script he had written, and then fired her when she complained to producers.

In September a judge granted her permission to proceed with the legal action, but she has now agreed to change her suit and remove several of her accusations in a deal which means she won't be forced to undergo a physi...

Nicollette Sheridan's Pastel Pink Pumps - Thumbs Up Or Down?

December 9th, 2010 2:00pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Nicollette Sheridan arrived at the launch of Devon flagship store in Beverly Hills yesterday in mostly black attire...except for pink pumps.

The former "Desperate Housewives" star has a few TV movies up her sleeves, including "Honeymoon for One."

Sheridan's icy perfection on "Knots Landing" defined her early career. Nicollette was born in England and raised in London before later relocating to Los Angeles.

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Teri Hatcher Quits 'Desperate Housewives'

November 21st, 2010 1:55pm EST
Teri Hatcher
Teri Hatcher has quit her starring role on "Desperate Housewives" - according to a U.K. report.

The actress has played Susan Mayer in all seven series of the drama since it hit screens in the U.S. in 2004.

But Hatcher has reportedly told executives at America's ABC network the next season will be her last, so she can work on a new show.

A source tells Britain's Mail on Sunday, "Teri has given in her notice and is making active preparations to move on.

"She has another production deal in the pipeline and she is in the early stages of developing a sitcom that she wants to start work on im...

James Denton Dishes 'Desperate Housewives' Details - Best Season Yet?

September 27th, 2010 1:00pm EDT
James Denton
James Denton says that the newest season of Desperate Housewives, which premiered Sunday night, is the best season of the show so far. He sat down with CelebTV to explain why. Watch the video below!

He says that an important character from the first season returns to exact revenge. "This year it's Paul Young again - Mary Alice's husband - who I took out to the desert to kill in season one and let him off the hook. I shoulda shot him, because he's up to no good.

"We're revisiting storylines from the first view years that people may have thought we just dropped - so that's going to be a l...

Teri Hatcher Sliced Off Her Eyelashes

September 26th, 2010 12:30pm EDT
Teri Hatcher
"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher has been forced to wear false eyelashes after a grooming session with a razor went drastically wrong.

The actress was tidying up her eyebrows the night before she took part in the recent Nautica Malibu Triathlon in California, but the blade slipped and sliced through her lashes.

Hatcher admits she was tired when she tried to clean up her appearance and she's lucky she didn't cut her eye.

She says, "I had one of those mini razors and so I (placed it on my brow) and in this millisecond I heard this sound, and I'd shaved off half of my eyelashes!"


Vanessa Williams Not A Fan Of Alfre Woodard's 'Desperate Housewives' Role

September 12th, 2010 10:00am EDT
Vanessa Williams
Vanessa Williams had to be coaxed into taking on a role on hit ABC show "Desperate Housewives" - because she was one of the drama's worst critics.

The actress admits she was a big fan until Alfre Woodard became the first African-American to join the show.

Williams wasn't jealous and she doesn't dislike Woodard - but she hated her character's storyline.

She tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "She had her son in chains in the basement. It was like, 'Really? Do we have to go there with our first black character?'

"I honestly fell off the show after that. I think it was just so implausibl...

Michael Bolton Says He's Just 'Friends' With Marla Maples

June 5th, 2010 10:33am EDT
Michael Bolton
Singer Michael Bolton is laughing off reports he has rekindled his 19-year-old romance with Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples, insisting she's just an old friend.

The "When A Man Loves A Woman" crooner, who was previously engaged to actress Nicollette Sheridan, originally courted Maples in 1991.

The couple was reported to be back together in April after Bolton flew his ex out to Canada to join him on tour, but he has brushed off the claims - although he refuses to rule out any future reunion.

He tells People magazine, "Marla has been a friend of mine for 20 years, and that's it for now...

Michael Bolton Dating Marla Maples?

April 13th, 2010 2:27pm EDT
Michael Bolton
Singer Michael Bolton has found love again - with Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples.

The When A Man Loves A Woman crooner, who twice dated actress Nicollette Sheridan, has rekindled his romance with Maples, who he briefly courted in 1991.

A source tells In Touch magazine, "Michael asked Marla to join him on tour in Canada, so she flew up there in April. They are very into each other... He's also helping her with her music career."

Maples was married to property tycoon Trump from 1993 to 1999. They share a child, 16-year-old Tiffany.

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Eva Longoria Parker Is 'Really Confused' By 'Housewives' Lawsuit

April 7th, 2010 4:34pm EDT
Eva Longoria Parker
Eva Longoria Parker is desperately trying to find out more about the incident that sparked former "Desperate Housewives" castmate Nicollette Sheridan's $20 million lawsuit against the show's creator - but no one's talking on set.

The actress admits she knows very little about Sheridan's claims Marc Cherry slapped her during a heated exchange over a scene.

In court documents, Sheridan claims she was fired from the show after complaining to ABC TV executives about Cherry's actions towards her and other cast and crew members.

Longoria Parker is "confused" about the scandal because she has a...

Rep: 'Nicollette Sheridan Had No Choice But To File Suit'

April 6th, 2010 9:16pm EDT
Nicollette Sheridan
A representative for former "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan has defended the actress' decision to sue the show's creator amid allegations of assault and wrongful termination, insisting she felt "compelled" to stand up for her rights.

The actress, who played Edie Britt on the hit show, claims Marc Cherry slapped her during an argument about a script he had written and then fired her when she complained to producers.

In the legal papers, obtained by, Sheridan alleges Cherry "forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head". She is suing for more than $20 mi...

Nicollette Sheridan Sues 'Desperate Housewives' Creator

April 5th, 2010 9:28pm EDT
Nicollette Sheridan
Former "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan has launched a legal battle with the show's creator over allegations he slapped her during a row about the script and then fired her when she complained to producers.

The actress, who played Edie Britt on the hit show, claims Marc Cherry hit her after she expressed an opinion about a script he had written.

In the legal papers, obtained by, Sheridan claims Cherry "forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head". She is suing for assault and battery, gender violence and wrongful termination.

The actress also maintain...

Nicollette Sheridan Hurt In Horse Riding Accident

January 7th, 2010 9:12pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Actress Nicollette Sheridan was treated in hospital over the holidays after falling from a horse near her California home. The former "Desperate Housewives" star wasn't wearing a helmet when her horse "bucked" and threw her to the ground, sources tell the National Enquirer.

Sheridan was reportedly found injured and bleeding by her businessman boyfriend Steve Pate, who took her to hospital.

The actress was found to have only suffered minor injuries, which medics treated before allowing her to return to her San Fernando Valley home.

Representatives for Sheridan have yet to respond to...

Defining Moments And Tidbits Of 'Desperate Housewives' From Paley Fest

April 20th, 2009 1:50pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
Through the affairs and attempted murders, the countless guest stars and time-jumping story devices, the fans have stuck with Desperate Housewives for better and for worse. If there was any question to their devotion after five years of push and pulls with the women (and men!) of Wisteria Lane, this Saturday's Paley Fest panel featuring the cast and creators gave a solid answer. Fans came out in droves to see their favorites, all of whom were present except for Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman who had prior commitments, and the recently ousted Nicollette Sheridan.

Desperate Housewives...

The 7th Annual TV Land Award Show Honorees

March 24th, 2009 12:31pm EDT
Married...With Children
TV Land announced today that it will pay tribute to "M*A*S*H," "Married...With Children," "Home Improvement," "Magnum PI," "Knots Landing" and "Two And A Half Men" at the 7th Annual TV Land Awards.

Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the two-hour show will tape on Sunday, April 19th at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City and will air on TV Land during a special presentation of TV Land PRIME on Sunday, April 26th at 8PM ET/PT.

All of this year's honorees are cultural icons representing a cross-section of classic and modern television that viewers love. Below are details on this y...

'Desperate Housewives'' Celebratory Food Fight

March 18th, 2009 4:13pm EDT
Desperate Housewives
Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan celebrated the 100th episode of Desperate Housewives in unusual style - by indulging in a messy food fight.

The hit show wrapped filming on the landmark installment last year and the cast members treated themselves to a luxury cake. However Sheridan had other plans for it, according to actor James Denton, who plays Mike Delfino on the popular series.

He tells British TV show This Morning, "We brought a cake in and Nicollette and Eva got in a food fight. Nicollette started it, grabbing a big cake, smashed it in her face! That was our big party...

Sex Comedy 'Miss March' Hits The Road

March 12th, 2009 11:00am EDT
Miss March
It's every man's dream to date a Playboy playmate. So any man in his right mind would be pretty psyched to discover that his once-virginal high school sweetheart was vamping it up in one of the world's most famous men's magazines. But if you had just woken up from a four-year coma? It might come as a bit of a shock. Miss March is the sweet tale of a young man's cross-country road trip to win back the love of his life from the debauched clutches of Hugh Hefner and his Playboy grotto. Directed by, written and starring Whitest Kids U' Know members Trevor Moore and Zach Cregger, so expect a cha...

'Desperate' Bosses 'Killing Off' Nicollette Sheridan

February 19th, 2009 4:07pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Desperate Housewives bosses are making sure Nicollette Sheridan's exit from the hit show is permanent - her character will be killed off during a dramatic finale.

ABC executives announced last week Sheridan, who plays Wisteria Lane's resident man-eater Edie Britt, would be written out of the show in the forthcoming season. Rumors of Sheridan's departure have been rampant for two years, following a storyline in which her character appeared to commit suicide.

A source tells Us Weekly magazine, "They are killing her off. There is no chance she'll return."

Another source adds,...

'Desperate Housewives' Lesbian Liplock

February 16th, 2009 8:59am EST
Desperate Housewives
Bosses on the TV hit Desperate Housewives have come up with a steamy way to keep viewers interested following the departure of blonde bombshell Nicollette Sheridan - they are planning a passionate same-sex kiss between Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria Parker.

The ABC show announced Sheridan, who plays Wisteria Lane's resident man-eater Edie Britt, would be written out of the show in the forthcoming season. And to keep the show's ratings on top, TV execs have thought of a novel way of enticing TV fans to tune in - some girl-on-girl action, according to

A source tells ...

Slideshow: Nicollette Sheridan - Hot Or Not?

February 12th, 2009 4:00pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan sexy pictures
ABC has confirmed Nicollette Sheridan will be leaving Desperate Housewives. Do you think 45-year-old star is hot or not? Click through the pics and leave a comment below!

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Is Nicollette hot or not? Leave a comment below!

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Is Nicollette hot or not? Leave a comment below!

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SAG Award Fashion: Who Looked The Best & Worst?

January 26th, 2009 10:03am EST
SAG Awards
It was hot in Los Angeles Sunday night as celebrities strolled the red carpet for the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. Check out our photo slideshow, and tell us which stars were hot and which were not!

America Ferrera

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Angelina Jolie

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Anne Hathaway

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Christina Applegate

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Nicollette Sheridan Would Never Date Ryan Seacrest

January 16th, 2009 2:52pm EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan has lashed out at American Idol host Ryan Seacrest after he made "rude" comments about her on his radio show.

Sheridan launched her attack on Seacrest after TV host Ellen Degeneres asked if she would ever go on a date with the presenter-turned-radio DJ.

The actress recoiled before insisting, "That's gross. I've met him... I did his radio show, and he was very rude about me the next day. So I don't like him. It (the remark) was nasty ... and untrue. Yeah, I don't like him. You should have a word with him."


Nicollette Sheridan Denies Dating Spade

January 16th, 2009 11:32am EST
Nicollette Sheridan
Desperate Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan has laughed off rumors she is dating comic actor David Spade.

The actress, who called off her engagement to singer Michael Bolton in August, was reported to have embarked on a new romance with Spade after the pair was spotted getting close at her 45th birthday celebrations in November.

However talking to TV host Ellen Degeneres, Sheridan flatly denied she is romantically involved with Spade, saying, "We're friends. We're not dating." And when DeGeneres questioned her answer, Sheridan replied coyly, "Oh... do you see us together? Real...

Eva Longoria Parker Denies 'Housewives' Feud

December 30th, 2008 2:17pm EST
Desperate Housewife
Actress Eva Longoria Parker has laughed off persistent rumors of tensions on the Desperate Housewives set, insisting the cast are all "dear friends" to her.

The show has long been dogged with reports of fighting between the stars, who include Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Nicollette Sheridan and Felicity Huffman. However Longoria Parker has dismissed the rumors, because she feels "gifted" to be onset with the other actresses.

She tells Glamour magazine, "The women on the show are dear friends of mine. It's been such a gift for me to be in their presence and learn not only from the...

Slideshow: 2008 Celebrity Break-Ups

December 30th, 2008 9:57am EST
Michael Bolton & Nicollette Sheridan
So who was unlucky in love this year? Which celebrity couples called it quits? Check out our photo slideshow to refresh your memory. It just goes to show, even stars have problems finding "the one."

Madonna & Guy Ritchie

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Hugh Hefner & Holly Madison

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Michael Bolton & Nicollette Sheridan

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David Duchovny & Tea Leoni

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Pulse Patrol: The Weakly Round-Up Of User Comments

December 23rd, 2008 10:00am EST
Pulse Patrol
Each week the editors at Starpulse will be highlighting the best responses and remarks to news stories and celebrity topics that we've come across.

News Highlights = This week's most moving and humorous annotations were made on the latest stories on Hitler’s Ghost, the Emo status of a Disney Star, and Courtney Love’s prescription use, as well as a Story about the most recent “celebrity” hospitalization.

Topic Highlights = There were some welcoming and pleasant observations made about actors Hal Sparks, Peter Falk and actor/actress Alexis Arquette however, there was no love or affe...

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