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Birth Name: Helen Shaver
Born: 02/24/1951
Birth Place: St. Thomas, Ontario, CA

Although Shaver had made some appearances on US TV in the late 70s, she first received notice as Beau Bridges' wife in "United States", the short-lived 1980 NBC series by Larry Gelbart that closely examined a marriage. In 1981, she headlined "Jessica Novak" (NBC), about an on-camera reporter, and returned to the genre as news anchor Kelby Robinson in "WIOU" (CBS, 1990). She also made several recurring appearances during the 1982 season of "Hill Street Blues" (NBC) and has often starred in TV-movies of popular entertainment value, including the USA Network thriller "Survive the Night" (1993) and as Monique Dressier in several of the "Janek" series of CBS TV-movies. Shaver returned to series T... Continue Bio >>

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