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Birth Name: Noot Seear

Seear retired from modeling soon after she discovered her love for acting. After minor appearances on the Canadian crime/drama "Cold Squad" (CTV, 1998-2005) and the short-lived series "Whistler" (CTV, 2006-07), she quickly graduated to the Hollywood big leagues after auditioning for a role in "New Moon," the sequel to the blockbuster romance/fantasy film "Twilight" (2008); a film that turned newcomers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart into international superstars. Seear was cast as the seductively evil Heidi, a vampire who lures unsuspecting tourists - both adults and children - into an underground lair where a clan of powerful and bloodthirsty vampires, the Volturi, awaited them. Her character also had a flirtatious relationship with the vampire Demetri (Charlie Bewley). Even with its dark plot and suggested violence - a far cry from the high school love story that its predecessor "Twilight" focused on - "New Moon" surpassed all commercial expectations and grossed an estimated $274.9 million worldwide its opening weekend.

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