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Puppies & More On 'Monk'

11/2/2009 2:19pm EST
Mr. Monk is not having an easy few weeks. First Sharona returned and opened his heart up all over again, a reminder of his past and how far he's come, and last week he made a best friend only to lose her. Sniff sniff. And who cares if that best friend is just a cute dog? Any dog owner was probably bawling by the end of the "Monk" episode, because even an OCD anxiety ball like Monk could be won over by a pair of sweet big eyes and a little paw.

A pretty girl like Amanda is sleeping over at her new boyfriend's house, and she coos at his nice Australian Shepherd dog. She goes to cook him b...

'Monk' Recap: Sharona Returns

10/27/2009 2:00pm EDT
It has been so long since "Monk" was full of deep, poignant emotion, but it's no surprise that it hit the audience with an emotional punch due to Sharona's return on the show last week. Sharona, for those of you just tuning in, was Monk's original nurse/assistant for the first few seasons. She was replaced abruptly by Natalie, and there are some fans who still believe the show has never been the same without her. I'm included among those fans. I still love the show, but there was a fire and an attitude that Sharona added to the cast which has been missing. It was back at full power in "Mr. ...

'Monk' Recap: 'Mr. Monk And The Voodoo Curse'

9/28/2009 1:20pm EDT
Last week's episode of "Monk" was one of the best we've seen for several seasons now, which was both a surprise and a delight. The case was interesting, the facts took some time to work together, there was a high speed chase, and Natalie lost her freaking mind. Monk even hugged her willingly! It looks like a voodoo curse was put on this show, the positive kind.

"Mr. Monk and the Voodoo Curse" starts out with a little league team practicing in a park. One of the hitters, a little boy, keeps trying and failing to hit the ball. His patient coach eggs him on, and politely chats with an elder...

'Monk' Recap: 'Mr. Monk and the Critic'

9/21/2009 8:21am EDT
Last week's episode of "Monk" was one of those rare occurrences when it wasn't about whodunit, but rather about how they would prove it. The 'who' became pretty obvious early on, but the 'how' is the real question. It involved Natalie being even more annoying than usual, and unfortunately now that she was proven right she'll probably continue to be in weeks to come. Anyone else still miss Sharona? It's been so many seasons but her guest starring at the end of this final season is so exciting.

Monk and Natalie are out in the community theater because Natalie's daughter Julie has a role i...

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk Takes the Stand

9/14/2009 7:45am EDT
Now fans of "Monk" have seen the obsessive compulsive detective solve over a hundred cases now, but rarely has anyone questioned his methods during a court procedure. The show usually ends once Monk solves the case and the murderer gets taken away, and then we completely miss the next stage of the legal system with the judge and the jury and the verdict. Now it seems that Monk would have to regularly testify in court to his findings, but last week's episode was the first time we saw it happen. It is just as awful as you might expect, so you have to wonder ... how did Monk put away all those...

'Monk' Recap: 'Monk Is One Strange Duck'

8/24/2009 2:08pm EDT
Monk Recap
Even after eight seasons, the theme song of "Monk" is still so fitting and amusing. It is a jungle out there, and poor Monk is all alone. Last week's episode was rather cute, with Monk meeting a whole new group of people he has no ability to connect with. That's okay though, because they can't really connect to anyone.

Monk and Natalie took the weekend off to visit some of her friends, and apparently he was too uncomfortable to speak to any of them. Their car breaks down and they're stuck in the desert for a little while. Monk sees a UFO that night, and as expected, it freaks him out. H...

'Monk' Recap: 'Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man'

8/17/2009 10:56am EDT
Hey, did you know that twelve years ago Trudy Monk died in a car explosion and no one has been arrested for it yet? Any fan of the show "Monk" certainly knows this fact, since it has been bludgeoned into our head since day one. Trudy was the light of Monk's life! Without her he fell to pieces and lost everything! Twelve years have gone by and it is still the center point of his character, but the good thing is to know that they promised her case will be resolved by the end of this season. I wonder sometimes if they waited to solve it because they didn't know how to write Monk without the gu...

'Monk' Is Back For Its Final Season On USA

8/10/2009 11:26am EDT
It's official, the last season of "Monk" has premiered and now there are just 15 more episodes left until the end of this Emmy-winning comedy. It's a bittersweet kind of realization, although by now the show really has worn out some of its welcome. It was still one of the most successful shows on USA and paved their way for the 'Characters Welcome' angle ... because there is no character quite like Adrian Monk.

This episode guest stars Elizabeth Perkins from "Weeds," and her character Christine has plenty of Celia-like traits to her. The show starts with Monk and Natalie waiting in a li...

Tony Shalhoub Talks About 'Monk's' Final Season

8/6/2009 10:11am EDT
In one of the smartest moves a television show can make, the upcoming eighth season of "Monk" will be its last, ending its popular run on a high note. In a Q&A with Golden Globe, Emmy, and SAG award winner Tony Shalhoub, the actor fielded questions about the final season and the impact "Monk" has had on both television history and culture.

Shalhoub stated, "We certainly don't want to go too long and have the quality start to wane and just limp to the finish line. We want to go out while we feel really that we're doing great work and delivering really strong episodes. We want to go ou...

Bitty Schram Returns To Guest Star In Final Season Of 'Monk'

3/25/2009 8:48am EDT
USA Network has announced that original show cast member Bitty Schram will guest-star in an episode of the eighth and final season of the critically acclaimed original series Monk.

The last season of the hit show, which stars Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG winner Tony Shalhoub, started production this week in Los Angeles and will debut this summer.

Schram co-starred on the show from its inception as Monk's beloved nurse and "Girl Friday" sidekick, Sharona Fleming. During season three, her character moved back to New Jersey with her son to re-marry her ex-husband.

"We couldn't th...

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk Fights City Hall

2/25/2009 1:54pm EST
When you remember that Trudy Monk has been dead for eleven years, it starts to make Adrian Monk a little less sympathetic and a little crazier.

Then again there are people who never get over their spouses, and Monk has a tendency to obsess over things (understatement of the year) so it makes sense. Last week's episode of "Monk" was the finale of season seven, and now it is just a matter of time before season eight begins and the show officially ends. That thought is more depressing than Monk never finding Trudy's killer, so let's move on.

In "Mr. Monk Fights City Hall," Monk can'...

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk And The Magician

2/17/2009 9:10am EST
The seventh season of "Monk" is rounding down now with only one more episode left to go, and then the eighth will be the final season of this phenomenally charming show. Thinking about it ending is too depressing, so instead let's talk about the newest episode, 'Mr. Monk and the Magician.' A secondary character Monk has come to know and somewhat loath/love dies, and it is up to Monk to solve the case for his friend.

Kevin (Jarrad Paul) is Monk's annoying neighbor who just never shuts up, and he has appeared in several episodes of the show before this one. He is a sweet tempered ...

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk and the Lady Next Door

1/26/2009 9:51am EST
Following up an episode where Adrian Monk is a jerk the entire time, the newest one brings out the sweetest - and most painful - side of everyone's favorite obsessive compulsive detective. In the past seven seasons, Monk has met a great deal of people, some who used him for their own means or pretended to be his friend for nefarious purposes. Other than those who surround him (Natalie, Stottlemeyer, Disher), he has no one in his life, and even those friends do use him for solving cases or their livelihoods. Monk finally meets someone who might just love him for him ... and can't believe in ...

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk on Wheels

1/19/2009 11:07am EST
There are times when Adrian Monk goes too far, or rather that the show "Monk" lets him go too far. He is a quirky and disturbed character, but generally very likable and sympathetic. Usually if he does something callous or inconsiderate, especially to his assistant Natalie, it is played for laughs. In the last episode, "Mr. Monk on Wheels," he pushes her one step too far and walks over the edge of weirdly funny to straight out jerk. Monk was not enjoyable to watch, but the show got back on track after acknowledging what a fine line the writers have to walk between 'eccentric' and 'annoying....

'Monk' Recap: Mr. Monk's Other Brother

1/14/2009 11:16am EST
It is time to watch the last of "Monk" season seven and mournfully await the last season beginning in the summer. It really is time for the show to end; better now than years down the line when it is unwelcome. Still, what will everyone do without the best detective in the world?

There's one person who needs Adrian Monk this week, and that is Jack Monk Jr. That's right, Monk has a little half-brother played by Steve Zahn who is a convict escaped from prison. He is wanted for the murder of a female prison guard, but he swears he did not do it. Zahn plays much the same role as he always...

Mr. Monk And The Miracle

12/1/2008 10:02am EST
Every once in a while on the hit USA show "Monk," the writers get together to write a happy Christmas episode to sate the fans as they wait for it to return in January. Former episodes have been the excellent "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa," or last year's "Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus," and this year another has been added titled "Mr. Monk and the Miracle." While this episode does deal with Adrian Monk and his wacky OCD tendencies, the main story actually revolves around Captain Stottlemeyer.

For years Stottlemeyer has provided Monk with a supportive and kind friend and ...

'Monk' Recap: 100th Episode Was Worth Watching

9/8/2008 10:51am EDT
One hundred episodes of "Monk" have been aired, and the special 100th episode may have been one of the very best. Loaded with guest stars, a unique set of cases, and nostalgic reminders of the past, "Mr. Monk's 100th Case" showcased the best of its writers and actors. Here's to another 100 cases, Mr. Monk!

The episode surrounds the story that a television news magazine has done on Adrian Monk. His 100th case was a serial killer murdering actresses in San Francisco, and to mark this event the show "In Focus" does a piece on Monk. They follow him around the crime scenes and interview his...

'Monk' Season Finale Was Ripe With Sorrow & Drama

2/26/2008 9:20am EST
Picture a scene where a police captain waits by the shore for his friend, a widower desperately seeking his wife's murderer, to wash up. The two plotted to fake the second man's death, since he was being framed for murder by a corrupt cop, and the air is ripe with tension. Everyone in his life, all of his friends and family, believe that he is dead and are grieving.

Now this could easily be found in any common crime show, but if someone told me months ago that the season finale of "Monk" season six would feel similar to "Prison Break," I would've laughed in their face. Not the sweet, ...