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Now Playing: Rupert Sander's Wife Gives Him Ultimatum Robert Pattinson Hangs With Katy Perry, Also Has Super Awkward Moment
2014-04-16 Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Have Undercover Reunion
2013-10-31 Liberty Ross Breaks Silence On Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders Affair: 'It Was Horrible'
2013-10-30 Liberty Ross' First Interview About Kristen Stewart Scandal
2013-10-30 Kristen Stewart the worst mistake of my life says Rupert Sanders
2013-05-30 amfAR Gala with Janet Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio&Sharon Stone Breaks All Records
2013-05-27 Kristen Stewart Returning to Snow White and the Hunstman 2
2013-04-17 Kristen Stewart Reportedly Upset After Bumping Into Liberty Ross
2013-04-16 RPatz&KStew Avoid Liberty Ross At Coachella
2013-04-15 Kristen Stewart Ignores Advances From Newly Single Rupert Sanders?
2013-03-01 Is Robert Pattinson Consoling Liberty Ross?
2013-02-18 Best Dressed Stars: Sports Illustrated Model, NYFW and More
2013-02-15 Liberty Ross Dating Music Industry Tycoon Jimmy Iovine
2013-02-11 Kristen Stewart: Forgiven By Rupert Sanders' Betrayed Wife
2013-02-04 Kristen Stewart Is Forgiven by Rupert Sanders' Betrayed Wife
2013-02-04 Details About the Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders Divorce
2013-01-29 Why Liberty Ross Suddenly Filed For Divorce From Rupert Sanders
2013-01-28 Liberty Ross&Rupert Sanders Turn Down 'Dr Phil' Appearance
2012-11-01 Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders Turn Down 'Dr Phil' Appearance
2012-11-01 Stars That Rock Monochrome
2012-10-02 Liberty Ross Dating Again?
2012-09-18 Liberty Ross Offered Tons Of Acting Jobs After Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal
2012-08-28 Rupert Sanders Shows Off Wedding Ring to Paparazzi
2012-08-28 Rupert Sanders Shows Off Wedding Ring To Paparazzi
2012-08-24 Liberty Ross Looks Fierce On Red Carpet Post Cheating Scandal
2012-08-23 Liberty Ross Looks Fierce on Red Carpet Post Cheating Scandal
2012-08-23 Liberty Ross Walks First Red Carpet
2012-08-23 Liberty Ross Posts Sign That She Has Left Rupert Sanders
2012-08-21 Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross In Marriage Counseling
2012-08-09 Liberty Ross Asked If She’s Taking Husband Rupert Sanders Back
2012-08-09 Will Liberty Ross Take Rupert Sanders Back?
2012-08-09 Kristen Stewart Drops Out of Cali Movie
2012-08-09 Rupert Sanders Dissed By His Wife In Public
2012-08-08 Hear What Rupert Sanders Had to Say About Kristen Stewart Affair
2012-08-08 Rupert Sander's Wife Takes Off Her Wedding Ring
2012-08-07 Rupert Sanders Banned From Working With Kristen Stewart
2012-08-02 Rupert Sanders Begging His Wife Not To Leave Him
2012-07-31 Report: Kristen Stewart Was Cheating on Robert Pattinson For Months
2012-07-30 Kristen Stewart to Write Apology Letter to Liberty Ross
2012-07-26 'Huntsman' Director's Wife Opens Up About Marriage Troubles Before Cheating Scandal

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