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jessica Rose Hope you're all having a wonderful day! x
Tuesday 4th of March 2014 07:31:58 PM
jessica Rose Hey guys, I recently got together and shot this little skit with some friends. Hope you like it :) Why do we all play it so coy aye??

Honest Guys
Project Mayhem demonstrates what would happen if guys were honest about helping girls with their chores.
Thursday 10th of October 2013 01:16:28 PM
jessica Rose I'm terrible at Facebook, but pretty decent at Twitter and Instagram! Follow me there! @Jessicaleerose (Twitter) or @Jessleerose (instagram)
Wednesday 10th of July 2013 04:42:35 PM
jessica Rose Insta insta instagram me loves :) JessLeeRose
Monday 8th of July 2013 11:05:37 PM
jessica Rose Check out the trailer for my new movie 'American Lie' a Mockumentary about a group of guys just tryna get laid...

American Lie - Be Anyone. Tell No One. Get Laid. A Mockumentary Film with Sex Drive.
A group of single dudes hold a fake casting session for a fake film starring sexy vixens getting slaughtered...all to bang the girls of their dreams.
Monday 23rd of July 2012 02:42:25 PM
jessica Rose Great piece on the long hours people work on set. I've worked a 19 hour day on set and loved it but at the end of the day.. it is really too long especially for the crew that aren't being compensated as generously as the actors, producers etc. 12 and 12 seems like a difficult thing to manage but I think there is a way to make a compromise. Actors have the ability to add 12 hour 'door to door' into their contracts. That should go for all members of a production regardless of their position.

Polone: The Unglamorous, Punishing Hours of Working on a Hollywood Set
Twelve to sixteen hours are the daily norm, and that's gotta stop.
Saturday 26th of May 2012 03:28:17 PM
jessica Rose Devin's sneak peak vid of his shoot day!

Jessica Rose
While shooting the other day just did a quick video clip. More images; Official site;
Tuesday 8th of February 2011 05:17:45 AM
jessica Rose The BBTV episode I did is up now! Hope you like it!! :)

Julias First Time!
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Wednesday 17th of November 2010 02:20:31 AM
jessica Rose and in case you didn't already see it... The teaser trailer for season 5 of 'The Temp Life' Can you spot me??? ;)

The Temp Life Season 5 Teaser: Everyone's a Suspect! Premieres December 6th! Someone on the inside is plotting to have Nick humiliated and fired. Is it one of the temps? His boss? His own brother? Everyone's a suspect! DOWNLOAD THE TEMP LIFE iPHONE APP: CONNECT WITH THE
Thursday 11th of November 2010 03:47:58 PM
jessica Rose Black Box TV episode I did coming soon :) Check out the teaser for it!

Not Dead... Yet.
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Thursday 11th of November 2010 03:46:06 PM
jessica Rose Follow me on twitter :)
Monday 8th of November 2010 02:15:50 AM
jessica Rose In honor of an LG15 video hitting 50 million views... Here is my personal favorite LG15 video. it seems to be synced wrong on my computer but it didn't use to be so I don't know why it does that!

Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n.
Daniel and I are sick of all the negative comments and stuff that happened this weekend, so we're doing a bit of a LG15, the Danielbeast, P. Monkey and O'n. Step 2 us if U dare!
Tuesday 21st of September 2010 10:17:45 PM

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