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Jessica Alba Is The Reason For The Recent Heat Wave

8/31/2010 12:13pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba posed for photographers outside the Ed Sullivan Theater prior to appearing on the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday. She looked cute as a button in a frilly blue doll-like dress and velvet platform heels.

When recently asked what her daughter would think of her kicking butt in her new film "Machete," she told E! Online, "She won't know until she's 18. Or I don't want to know what she thinks until she's 18."

She added that her toddler Honor came to the set of "Machete" but wasn't allowed to watch any explosions or gun scenes.

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'Machete' Will Solve The Immigration Debate

8/31/2010 10:30am EDT
You know Machete is going to take out the bad guys. You can tell by the name, and the image of Danny Trejo wearing a trench coat full of machetes. You might not have known that he’s also going to solve the immigration debate.

“There are real issues going on in just about any movie that’s got fun elements to it,” writer/director Robert Rodriguez said. “This is just something that’s very current. It really polarizes people because it is a real issue. People want to see an answer. Our answer, in the movie, is Machete because it is such a huge problem, not that he’s even trying to solve it. It...

Jessica Alba's Skin-Tight Pants & Leather Sandals - Hot Or Not?

8/30/2010 12:30pm EDT
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba wore skin tight gray pants and a leather jacket on her way to breakfast with her daughter Honor on Saturday. Even during a casual day out, Jess manages to look very put together.

The actress stars in "Machete," which hits theaters Sept. 3. The film is a hyper-violent adaptation of the "fake" trailer originally featured in the 2007 double-feature exploitation throwback "Grindhouse."

Jessica is also starring in the upcoming film "An Invisible Sign of My Own," an adaptation of author Aimee Bender's popular novel of the same name. The story centers on Mona Gray, a young girl who...

Michelle Rodriguez Writing A Women's Prison Screenplay

8/26/2010 1:30pm EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Actress Michelle Rodriguez is writing a screenplay about women breaking out of prison.

The Avatar star is putting pen to paper to draft a remake of 1997 German movie Bandits, about four female convicts on the run, and hopes the script will impress Hollywood bosses. And Rodriguez admits she would be tempted to star in the movie if it is eventually made into a film.

She tells Movie Hole, "I'm writing a remake of The Bandits, which is about four girls who break out of jail and get chased across the country by the feds and by this MTV-like representative. It's an old German film. I'm writin...

Michelle Rodriguez To Give Up Meat

8/21/2010 1:38pm EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez is planning to become a vegetarian so she's not a hypocrite when she takes to the high seas with marine conservationist Paul Watson in an effort to halt illegal fishing and whaling in international water.

The tough-talking "Avatar" star has begged Watson to take her along with him when he sets sail with Good Shepherd activists on his next 'whale wars' mission - and she's determined to be one of the crew.

She says, "I'm not (a vegetarian) but I will have to be because on the ship, it's a vegan ship - you can't be a hypocrite; you can't be sitting there trying to save ani...

Michelle Rodriguez Is Annoyed With All The Hollywood Remakes

7/31/2010 8:15am EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez is urging Hollywood bosses to come up with some new ideas because she's bored of seeing remakes and 1980s revivals hit cinemas.

Movie theatres have been bulging with big budget reboots in recent years, with new versions of "The A-Team" and "The Karate Kid" among 2010's most high profile offerings.

But the "Avatar" actress is adamant the current trend of re-imagining classic films and bringing 30-year-old ideas back to the big screen has grown tiresome.

She tells, "I think the industry needs to wake up and stop doing remakes because I'm kind of falling as...

Celebrity Birthdays - July 12, 2010

7/12/2010 3:00am EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Happy Birthday to:

"Avatar" star Michelle Rodriguez (1978)

Actor Erik Per Sullivan (1991)

British teen singer Gareth Gates (1984)

"That 70s Show" actor Topher Grace (1978)

Singer Tracie Spencer (1976)

British actress Anna Friel (1976)

Actress Lisa Nicole Carson (1969)

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci (1967)

Singer Robin Wilson (1965)

Soul Asylum guitarist Dan Murphy (1962)

Singer Sandi Patty (1956)

"Charlie's Angels" actress Cheryl Ladd (1951)

Actor/radio DJ Jay Thomas (1948)

Fitness guru Richard Simmons (1948)

Singer Walter Egan (1948)

Fleetwood Mac singer/keyboardist ...

Kristin Davis Promotes 'Sex And The City 2' And See Through Blouses With White Bras

5/27/2010 3:30pm EDT
Kristin Davis
"Sex and the City 2" star Kristin Davis was spotted last night signing autographs outside her London hotel in a sheer, bra-revealing black top. Do you think she's trying to bring attention to her new film or to herself?

Kristin's character, Charlotte Yorke, was recently named the film's and TV show's sexiest character. And now we see why.

Two years after breaking box office records with their first feature film, the "Sex And The City" gang hopes audiences are ready to get carried away again - this time all the way to Abu Dhabi.

Kristin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kim Cattra...

Michelle Rodriguez Does The Biker Chick Look Better Than Lindsay Lohan (Photos)

5/20/2010 9:43am EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Yesterday Michelle Rodriguez arrived at the Replay Party during the Cannes Film Festival looking biker chick chique. This girl certainly knows how to rock leather and studs!

Earlier this week the actress showed up at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in an ultra short, see-through black dress.

We think Michelle rocks the biker chick look better than Lindsay Lohan. But is she crossing that line between slutty and sexy? See more photos below, and YOU decide.


Lindsay Lohan

Victoria's Secret Supermodel Karolina Kurkova's Mini-Dress & Sparkly Choker - Hot Or Not?

5/19/2010 9:13pm EDT
Karolina Kurkova
There's a reason Karolina Kurkova is a supermodel. She shows up to events like the 2010 World Music Awards looking like this. Karolina (and her long, luscious legs) dazzled in a short, black sequined mini dress in Monte Carlo yesterday. But we're not sure we dig her matching neck accessory. What do you think?

Only six short months ago the Victoria's Secret model gave birth to a baby boy. It looks like the 25-year-old Czech-born beauty was able to get back to her pre-baby weight without a problem!

Karolina was the fifth highest paid supermodel last year. She was bested by Gisele Bundchen...

Hayden Panettiere's Tight Little Black & White Dress Hugs Her In All The Right Places

5/19/2010 3:45pm EDT
Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere rocked the red carpet yesterday with her new short hairdo and a short dress at the 2010 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. The black and white frock with an amoeba-like pattern hugged the actress in all the right places.

Hayden looked happy despite news this week that her NBC series "Heroes" was canceled. The series won over audiences and garnered critical acclaim upon its launch in 2006, but it fell in the ratings over its four seasons. However, "Heroes" bosses are allegedly in negotiations to end the show with a short mini-series or movie.

"Heroes" isn't the only serie...

Michelle Rodriguez Is Scorching Hot In Her Ultra Short, See-Through Black Dress

5/19/2010 2:45pm EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez must have had to keep her legs close together when she wore this dress to the 2010 World Music Awards in Monte Carlo yesterday. It's so short, it must have been hard for her to keep the world from seeing what's underneath. In fact, it's also see-through, so the world DID get to see what's underneath!

The "Avatar" actress stars in the upcoming film "Machete," which is based on the spoof trailer featured in Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino's "Grindhouse."

Danny Trejo stars as a knife-wielding vigilante who nearly dies in an assassination conspiracy, only to return lat...

J.Lo Shines At World Music Awards

5/19/2010 8:49am EDT
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez cemented her music comeback on Tuesday as she accepted top honors at the World Music Awards.

The singer opened the show by performing a medley of her hits and was later named the Legend for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts at the star-studded event in Monaco. Lopez, who stepped away from the spotlight in 2008 after the birth of her twins, told the crowd the award was meaningful but is "just the beginning."

Lady Gaga was the night's biggest winner with a haul of five awards, but was not present to pick them up.

Black Eyed Peas rapper was on hand to scoop thre...

James Cameron's Epic Masterpiece 'Avatar' Comes To Blu-ray & DVD On Earth Day, April 22

3/16/2010 4:30pm EDT
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today announced that it will launch director James Cameron's history-making motion picture "Avatar" on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on Thursday, April 22.

"Avatar" on Blu-ray presents the ultimate high definition experience for home viewing audiences. Fans around the world will soon be able to discover every detail and relive every moment of James Cameron's "Avatar" in the comfort of their own home. Blu-ray is recognized for presenting optimal picture and sound, and now "Avatar's" masterful cinematography, art direction and visual effects will lend itself t...

Chinese Writer Not Giving Up On 'Avatar' Lawsuit

3/5/2010 8:00am EST
A Chinese writer is persevering with his threats to sue James Cameron over allegations the director based his blockbuster "Avatar" on a 1997 novel, even though officials at two courts have refused to submit the breach of copyright case.

Zhou Shaomou claims the plotlines in the sci-fi epic were lifted from his book, "Tale Of The Blue Crows", which was published online.

He tells China Daily, "Eighty per cent of the plot and the key elements of 'Avatar' are similar to my 1997 science fiction novel 'Tale Of The Blue Crows.'"

Shaomou has failed so far in his attempts to file a lawsuit in Chin...

Celebrity Matchmaking List: Couples That Could Work

3/3/2010 9:00am EST
There are so many eligible celebrities that we were able to come up with a few celebrity pairings that we think would work. In part 2 of celebrity dream couples, let's take another look at some possible celebrity matches. Let us know which match you think will work!


Should singer Rihanna ever want to date another industry peer, she and fellow musician Omarion maybe should give it a go. They would make the cutest pair.

Jennifer Aniston / Lenny Kravitz

Ever since actress Jennifer Aniston divorced actor Brad Pitt in 2005 all of her dating moves has consistently been under t...

Michelle Rodriguez Is All Class In A Black Strapless Gown - Hot Or Not?

2/18/2010 7:15pm EST
Michelle Rodriguez
"Avatar" star Michelle Rodriguez was a vision in black at the "Festival di Sanremo" Italian song contest in San Remo, Italy, Wednesday. She looked hot in the strapless gown (which showed quite a big of leg). She also added her own flair with a motorcycle jacket - do you think that ruined the look? See more photos after the jump!

"Avatar" has already grossed over $2 billion worldwide, sinking "Titanic's" global box office record of $1.84 billion. Hopefully Michelle got a good paycheck for that film.

Meanwhile, Michelle has dodged rumors for years about her sexuality. She said, "If I wa...

Michelle Rodriguez: Hot Or Not?

12/23/2009 11:24am EST
Michelle Rodriguez
The actress is starring in James Cameron's widely popular Avatar as a chopper pilot. We know most fans are fond of her luscious co-star Zoe Saldana, but what about Michelle Rodriguez? Is she hot or not? Click through our photo slideshow, and let us know!

Michelle has vowed never to discuss speculation over her sexuality. The star has long fought off rumors she is a lesbian. She says, "If I wanted to tell people what I do with my vagina, I'd have made a sex video a long time ago."

Meanwhile, the actress admires "sexual" Angelina Jolie. She says, "I like Angelina Jolie because of her ab...

Preview: 'Avatar' Should Not Let Fans Down

12/17/2009 1:45pm EST
Over the years James Cameron has developed a serious reputation for himself, and whether or not this will help or hurt his latest project "Avatar" remains to be seen. After his hit films like "Terminator," "Terminator 2," "Aliens," and "Titanic," Cameron has made a name for epic adventures, revolutionary technology, and brilliant vision. Ever since "Avatar" was announced it has garnered a great deal of interest and speculation, mostly because it is the first project of Cameron's since his highest grossing film (of all time) "Titanic," and because he swore it would bring special effects to a...

'Avatar' LA Premiere Photos

12/17/2009 9:26am EST
Avatar premiere
Cast members Zoe Saldana and Michelle Rodriguez posed together (AP Photo) at the premiere of "Avatar" in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Dec. 16. Check out more photos from the premiere!

A paraplegic ex-marine war veteran is unwillingly sent to establish a human settlement on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling humankind alongside the planet's indigenous Na'vi race in "Avatar," an ambitious digital 3-D sci-fi epic from Academy Award-winning Titanic director James Cameron.

The film, which hits theaters tomorrow, was nominated for several Golden Globe awards: Best Fe...

Trailer Talk: This Week In Movies - 'Avatar,' 'Nine' & More

12/14/2009 9:25am EST
Last week I had a chance to catch "Invictus," director Clint Eastwood's latest effort. A lot of early buzz suggests the film should be a Best Picture contender at the Academy Awards, but I personally wasn't too impressed.

While "Invictus" isn't a terrible movie, it certainly isn't Eastwood's best. In many ways it just feels forced because the film tries too hard to send an inspirational message.

Eastwood explores a number of subplots that he never fully fleshes out, and he fails to establish the proper dramatic tension that makes a sports picture so powerful. As an audience member ...

Celebrity Birthdays, July 12

7/12/2009 3:00am EDT
Michelle Rodriguez
Happy Birthday to actor Erik Per Sullivan (1991), British teen singer Gareth Gates (1984), "Fast & Furious" actress Michelle Rodriguez (1978), "That 70s Show" actor Topher Grace (1978), singer Tracie Spencer (1976), British actress Anna Friel (1976), US figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi (1971), actress Lisa Nicole Carson (1969), Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci (1967), singer Robin Wilson (1965), Soul Asylum guitarist Dan Murphy (1962), singer Sandi Patty (1956), "Charlie's Angels" actress Cheryl Ladd (1951), actor/radio DJ Jay Thomas (1948), fitness guru Richard Simmons (1948), singer Wa...

'Fast & Furious' Races To DVD & Blu-ray July 28

6/5/2009 10:46am EDT
Fast & Furious
The cast of the original built-for-speed, action-packed blockbuster is reunited in Fast & Furious, the fiery, all-new turbo-charged film screeching to Blu-ray Hi-Def and DVD on July 28 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Packed with more fast cars, hot bodies and edge-of-your-seat street racing than ever, Fast & Furious is available on 2-Disc Blu-ray Hi-Def, 2-Disc Special Edition DVD, single-disc DVD and download to own. Both the Blu-ray and Special Edition DVD sets are packed with bonus features and contain a digital copy of the film that can be enjoyed on an array of electronic ...

Drugs Are Bad, M'Kay (Links & Stuff)

4/20/2009 6:30pm EDT
4:20 4/20 Four Twenty South Park
Check out some of the best links and viral videos found around the web today. And be sure to visit our On the Web section where we're constantly adding interesting links all the time.

YOU can even add links to stuff you find out there now, like interesting articles, cool YouTube videos, strange news, interesting photo galleries, and, well, just about anything!

"Family Guy" - Bag of weed:

15 unfortunately placed ads - Oddee

Video: Ridiculous bike skills - YouTube

Kate Hudson Shows Off Her Tennis Body - Celebrity Milkshake

Top 10 things from your 20's you'...

'Fast & Furious': A Love Story

4/17/2009 9:31am EDT
Fast & Furious
When I first heard that yet another installment of the "Fast & Furious" was coming out, I stifled a yawn and made a mental note to catch it on TBS 6 months later. But after watching the trailer and seeing a good amount of car chases, explosions, and Vin Diesel looking delicious as ever in that wife beater of his…I was convinced to see it in theaters. What I saw wasn't your run-of-the-mill action flick, but dare I say it, something deeper? The storyline is well crafted, with moments of laughable dialogue, but that's to be expected. I never saw a love and revenge plot coming out of a test...

This Week's Movie Buzz: See It, Rent It Or Skip It?

3/30/2009 9:25am EDT
Fast & Furious
Welcome to a new weekly column at Starpulse. As a movie trivia guru and trailer addict with practically a photographic memory of actors and directors, I will provide you with the inside scoop before you hit the multiplex with your hard earned cash. You'll receive a first look at the movies premiering each week, and I'll offer my predictions about which ones will be worth your $10, which ones you should wait to rent, and which ones aren't worth your time.


Set in 1987, recent college graduate James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) takes what he thinks will be a dead-end job ...

Michelle Rodriguez Vs. Jordana Brewster

3/20/2009 1:56pm EDT
Michelle Rodriguez & Jordana Brewster
Fast cars, hot stars, and lots of action. Vroom! Michelle Rodriguez & Jordana Brewster star in Fast & Furious, which hits theaters April 3. Which actress gets you all hot and bothered? Click through our photo slideshow, and let us know!

Michelle Rodriguez

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More Michelle Rodriguez Pictures

Jordana Brewster

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More Jordana Brewster Pictures

Michelle Rodriguez

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More Michelle Rodriguez Pictures

Jordana Brewster


Vin Diesel & Paul Walker's 'Fast & Furious' Muscle Cars On Display At Universal Studios

3/13/2009 12:19pm EDT
Fast & Furious Cars
The high-octane muscle cars featured in Universal Pictures' upcoming action-thriller Fast & Furious are on display exclusively at Universal Studios Hollywood as The Entertainment Capital of L.A. adds the exotic street racers to its world-renowned collection of authentic movie picture cars and props.

The 1987 Buick Grand National and a 2009 Subaru WRX STI that are driven by the stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are parked inside the theme park within arm's reach of fans and car aficionados.

1987 Buick Grand National -- driven by "Fast & Furious" star, Vin Diesel

Photo: J...

'Lost' Recap: Smoke Monster Appears, Locke Turns The Wheel & More

2/12/2009 10:41am EST
Ever since the "Lost" writers declared an exact ending date the show has improved drastically. There are no pointless or filler moments in the show anymore; every scene is vital, every action spurs the story on, and every choice has consequences. There are a few shows out there that would really benefit from this same kind of focus (looking at you, "Heroes"). A cast member does die in this episode, although everyone kind of saw it coming, and the Oceanic 6 are that much closer to getting to the blasted Island already. Plus, the smoke monster is back!

The Oceanic 6 are coming tog...

'Lost' Recap: Jughead

1/29/2009 3:37pm EST
The Oceanic 6 are nowhere to be found for the newest episode of Lost titled 'Jughead.' Strangely, it did not suffer in the least without Jack, Kate, Sun, Sayid, Hurley and Ben. Instead it focused entirely upon two intertwining stories, that of the Losties left on the Island and Desmond in the present day. It starts out with a scene that probably made most fans sigh with happiness: the birth of Desmond and Penny's son. That estranged and doomed couple was always the most believable and genuine on the show, so it is wonderful to see them married and settled in a happy family now. Then again, ...