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Review: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' A Bold Experiment That Ultimately Fails

9/19/2014 10:56am EDT
Review: Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' A Bold Experiment That Ultimately F
Mixing comedy with horror is nothing new. Some of the all time great genre classics have either successfully meshed the two aspects brilliantly or made it so one truly enhances the other. In the case of the new Kevin Smith outing titled ‘Tusk’, one would think knowing the past hilarity the filmmaker has so handsomely delivered that horror would only strengthen his movie credibility. But it’s the absence of neither a smooth pairing nor any singular subject boost that plagues an innovative film that that could have been a real winner – it’s a bold and original experiment that ultimately fa...

Muchachas Bonitas: Sexy Latina Celebrities

4/11/2014 3:00am EDT
Sofia Vergara
Barranquilla, Colombia, must have something special in its water because it produces some gorgeous women. "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara and singer Shakira were both born in the city, which is located on the coast of the South American country.

The voluptuous actress has been criticized for her over-the-top portrayal of Gloria Pritchett on the celebrated ABC series. She defended her character, telling Fox News in 2013: "Whoever said that all Latin women are the same? It's impossible to caricature millions of women from 20 countries. There are many kinds of Latinas, just like there are ...

Dodger Day With 'Identity Thief' Actress Genesis Rodriguez – Part 2 - The Interview

6/4/2013 11:20am EDT
Identity Thief
So we’re keeping the Dodger day going with part two of our cool "Identity Thief" (out June 4 from Universal Home Entertainment) coverage – the interview!  That’s right folks, got a chance to sit down and talk one-on-one with captivating actress Genesis Rodriguez amidst the roar of the baseball crowd for some much appreciated Q&A fun.  We dove right in chatting about everything from her successful game pitch to the origins of her name, all about working on "Identity Thief" and even some past work insight to boot.  (Go "Casa de mi Padre!")  Here’s our personal chat with the love...

Dodger Day With 'Identity Thief' Actress Genesis Rodriguez – Part 1 - The Photo Tour

6/3/2013 11:10am EDT
Nothing says fun in the sun like a LA Dodgers baseball game – especially when you’re sharing it with captivating actress Genesis Rodriguez!  In anticipation of her latest flick "Identity Thief" hitting DVD/Blu-ray Tuesday June 4 from Universal Home Entertainment where she’s playing a lethal debt collector after stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, got an exclusive invite to watch the ever-stunning and talented Rodriguez throw out the first pitch at a recent Dodger Game and it was an unforgettable event all around.  Unlimited food, drink, VIP suite action, standing on the ...

Miami Native Genesis Rodriguez Brings The Heat To The January 2013 GQ

1/3/2013 6:24pm EST
Genesis Rodriguez
Miami native Genesis Rodriguez steams up the January issue of GQ Magazine, showing off her curves in several barely there outfits, including lingerie sets and bikinis, for the sexy photo shoot.

The actress, who starred opposite Will Ferrell in 2012s hilarioius Spanish-language telenovela spoof Casa de mi Padre, got her start starring in Spanish-language cable TV shows and in 2012 she transitioned to mainstream roles with her theatrical debut in Man On A Ledge; which also starred Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks. Shortly after, she starred opposite Ferrell and landed a role in What to Ex...

Blu-ray Review: 'Man On A Ledge'

6/4/2012 11:22am EDT
Man on a Ledge photo
What could be so wrong that one would want to end it all in a single jump? And could you really go through with it if Elizabeth Banks was your negotiator? We’re checking in with the new flick "Man on a Ledge," now out on Blu-ray from Summit Entertainment. Don't look down – except to read my review!

Title: "Man on a Ledge"

Grade: 3 1/2

Cast: Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Ed Harris

Director: Asger Leth

Rating: PG-13

Runtime: 102 minutes

Release Company: Summit Home Entertainment


The Flick: "Man on a Ledge" is actually a very simple tit...

Co-Star Says Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Incredible & Vulnerable In New Film

3/13/2012 9:01am EDT
Arnold Schawzengger
Arnold Schwarzenegger's co-star in the action man's comeback movie has given the actor a big thumbs up, insisting fans will love his new film.

Genesis Rodriguez has just wrapped "The Last Stand" with Arnie - his first starring role since he stepped down as California Governor - and she can't wait for action film aficionados to see it.

She tells WENN, "That was incredible. It's just the movie that you want to see him in; it's a great comeback film. It's a different way to see Arnold; he's more vulnerable and more human but still the same action hero."

And she's hoping to turn a few critic...

Will Ferrell Stars In 'Casa De Mi Padre,' In Theaters March 16 (Watch Trailer!)

1/15/2012 4:04pm EST
Casa de Mi Padre
Will Ferrell stars as Mexican cowboy Armando Alvarez in his first Spanish-language film, Casa de Mi Padre, opening March 16.

The film, billed as "The Funniest Movie You'll Ever Read," centers on Armando trying to save his family's failing ranch. After Armando's brother, a successful businessman (Diego Luna), shows up to pay off all of their late father's debts it seems as though the ranch will be saved. Until Armando falls for his brother's fiance (Genesis Rodriguez), that is. Things quickly unravel, thrusting the family into a war with one of Mexico's most feared drug lords (Gael Garcia B...