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Now Playing: Tara Reid -- I'm A Cashnado ... Rainin' Dollas On Drag Queens Tara Reid -- I'm A Cashnado ... Rainin' Dollas On Drag Queens
2015-03-15 Tara Reid -- I'm A Cashnado ... Rainin' Dollas On Drag Queens
2015-03-15 'Sharknado 3' Post-Production Strike Threatens TV Movie's Release
2015-03-04 'Sharknado 3': On Set With Ian Ziering, Bo Derek and a Pregnant Tara Reid!
2015-02-26 Tara Reid: I'm a Prisoner in My Own Home
2015-02-19 Matt Damon Is Shrinking, 'Avatar' Sequels Pushed, 'Sharknado 3' Update
2015-01-22 Tara Reid Offered $1 Million Adult Film Role After Instagram Pic
2015-01-10 Tara Reid Offered $1M to Do a Porn Video
2015-01-09 Tara Reid Goes Bowling in Her Bra, References The Big Lebowski and THAT Quote
2015-01-08 Tara Reid Accused of Photoshopping Bikini Instagrams Of Her Already Tiny Bod
2015-01-06 What's The Cast Of "American Pie' Been Up To?
2015-01-06 Tara Reid Goes Completely Nude on New Year's Eve
2015-01-05 Tara Reid Accused of Photoshopping Super Skinny Bikini Pics to Look Even Skinnier
2015-01-05 Tara Reid Proudly Shows Off Skinny Bikini Body While on Vacation With Her Boyfriend
2014-12-31 Guess the Celebrity Santa!
2014-12-26 Tara Reid -- I May Be Wasted, But I'm Not Wasting Away
2014-12-01 Tara Reid Looks Hot in Hawaii
2014-11-24 Top 10 Dumbest Celebrity Quotes
2014-10-06 Macy's Present the Glamorama Fashion Rocks Event in Los Angeles
2014-09-10 Tara Reid Doesn't Think She's Made a Comeback
2014-08-04 'Sharknado 2' Top 5 Funniest Moments
2014-08-01 Ian Ziering Hints At Possible 'Sharknado 3'
2014-08-01 'Sharknado 2' Star Tara Reid -- Seriously ... I Don't Believe in Sharknado
2014-07-31 Tara Reid Is Looking Really, Really Good
2014-07-15 Tara Reid Looks Thin as Ever in Bikini
2014-04-29 Bikini-Clad Tara Reid Soaks Up the Sunshine in Miami
2013-11-25 Celebrity News Headlines Sept. 17
2013-09-17 Celebrity Bikini Bodywatch With Bethenny Frankel, LeBron James, and More
2013-08-22 Tara Reid Shows Off Surprising Bikini Body
2013-08-20 'Shark Week': Tara Reid Said What?
2013-08-08 Tara Reid On Animal Sex; How Whale Sharks Are Made
2013-08-08 Sharknado Touches Down In Los Angeles and The Scoop On The "Girls"
2013-08-06 ‘Sharknado’ Star Tara Reid on Hilarious Filming Process
2013-08-06 Sharknado Leaps from TV to the Big Screen
2013-08-05 'Love & Anarchy' Festival to Open With 'Blue Is the Warmest Color'
2013-08-05 Selena Gomez Stuns At "Young Hollywood Awards" Among Many Hot Stars
2013-08-03 Tara Reid Surprised By 'Sharknado' Success
2013-08-01 Lea Michele Breaks Silence After Cory Monteith's Death
2013-07-30 'Sharknado' Headed to Big Screen
2013-07-26 'Sharknado' Tweets Trend as the TV Movie Premieres on SyFy
2013-07-13 Why 'Sharknado' Becomes an Instant Cult Classic
2013-07-13 'Sharknado' Writer Thunder Levin
2013-07-13 The Best Death-By-Flying-Shark Moments From 'Sharknado'
2013-07-12 Gaga's New Album, Oprah to Interview Lohan
2013-07-12 Tara Reid Blasts Lindsay Lohan
2013-05-01 Tara Reid Discusses Ongoing Feud With Lindsay Lohan
2013-05-01 Tara Reid Reportedly Threw A Fit After Being Denied A Celebrity Discount
2013-04-23 Tara Reid Has Reported Meltdown in LA Clothing Store
2013-04-22 Tara Reid Has 'Meltdown' Over Not Getting Recognized
2013-04-22 Tara Reid Replacing Elizabeth Banks In 'Hunger Games?'
2013-03-28 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Junkies
2013-03-24 Tara Reid's Drunk & Barefoot Night Out
2013-03-15 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuits
2013-01-17 Stars Who Have Had Plastic Surgery
2012-10-25 Tara Reid Back To Old Drinking Ways
2012-09-11 CelebrityBytes: Tara Reid and Jedward Look Awkward in St. Tropez
2012-07-27 Tara Reid and Thomas Nicholas Talk About "American Reunion"
2012-07-18 American Reunion - DVD Clip No. 1
2012-06-25 Tara Reid Getting Cozy With 60 Year Old Celeb Jeweler
2012-05-23 Diddy Throws Star-Studded Party in Cannes
2012-05-23 See What the American Reunion Cast Really Looked Like in High School
2012-04-08 The American Reunion Cast on an Onscreen Dance Off and Who They'd Vote "Most Changed"
2012-03-28 Dude, Where Are They Now?
2012-03-23 Pregnant Alyson Hannigan Joins the American Pie Crew For LA Premiere
2012-03-20 American Reunion - BTS Clip No. 1
2012-03-19 Celeb Says What?
2012-03-09 Lindsay Lohan Attends Oscar Party After Court
2012-02-23 Stiflers Mother Is Back in American Reunion
2012-01-21 Halloween Fancy Outfits
2011-11-23 Jedward Film Baywatch-Inspired Video With Tara Reid
2011-10-31 Latest Celebrity Gossip
2011-10-26 Tara Reid Leaves New Hubby Behind to Star on Celebrity Big Brother
2011-08-19 Tara Reid Marries Zack Kehayov
2011-08-16 Tara Reid to Appear on Celebrity Big Brother?
2011-08-10 Celeb Says What?