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Joan Rivers slams Gwyneth Paltrow over Fashion Police encounter

April 18th, 2014 3:20am EDT
Gwyneth Paltrow
Veteran comedienne Joan Rivers has slammed Gwyneth Paltrow for confronting her over a negative critique of her style on U.S. show Fashion Police.

Rivers and her co-stars, including Kelly Osbourne and Giuliana Rancic, dish out their opinions of celebrities' red carpet style on the raucous commentary series, which has been running since 2010.

And the funnywoman admits sometimes their catty comments come back to haunt them.

During an interview on late-night U.S. talk show Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday (16Apr14), Rivers revealed she had a run-in with Paltrow in a particularly nasty sh...

Giuliana Rancic is 'still so in love'

April 2nd, 2014 11:20pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic is "still so in love" with her husband.
The 'Giuliana and Bill' star, who successfully battled breast cancer in 2011, tied the knock with TV presenter and motivational speaker Bill Rancic in 2007 and says they are happier than ever.
She said: "We know each other pretty darn well, especially when [a kid] is added to the mix. There's a lot of stress and a tendency for it not to be like the first year or second year. But no seven-year itch. If there were one, Bill would itch it for me! We're still so in love."
The 39-year-old star, who recently revealed she hopes to have a seco...

Giuliana Rancic: Russell Crowe was worst interview

March 20th, 2014 1:20pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Russell Crowe was "mean" to Giuliana Rancic when she interviewed him.
The 'Noah' star has a reputation for being "tough" off camera, so the E! News co-host decided to go "easy" on him, only for him to be rude in his response to her first question.
Asked during an appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live' who her most awkward interviewee had been, she said: "Russell Crowe was so mean to me.
"I had been at E! for a year and I thought, 'I'm going to go easy because he's pretty tough.' And so I said, 'Are you excited to be here? Your big movie premiere.' And he goes, 'I'm contractually obligated ...

Giuliana Rancic wants another baby

March 6th, 2014 6:20am EST
Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic would love to have another baby.
The E! News presenter and husband Bill, 42 are not ready to have a sibling for 18-month-old son Duke - who was born via a surrogate - just yet because they are so busy, but will definitely be exploring their options later this year.
Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Giuliana said: "Duke is the best and that is why we would like to have another baby and give him another brother or sister.
"But because we are so busy right now and he is still young - he is 18 months - we will probably start thinking about it in six months, like we will star...

Tori Spelling's late dad contacts her with coins

October 29th, 2013 11:20am EDT
Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling's late father is contacting her with coins.
According to spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, the 40-year-old actress is receiving messages from her dad Aaron - a film and TV producer who died in 2006 from complications after a stroke - who is using money to send her messages as he wants her to know she's on the right path.
During an interview with Giuliana Rancic for E! News, spiritual medium Rebecca told Tori: "Dad is sending you coins. It serves as him winking at you, like you're on the right track and he's making sure that you're taken care of."
The former 'Beverly Hills 9021...

Giuliana Rancic has 14 baby strollers

October 16th, 2013 11:20pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic has revealed she is addicted to baby strollers.
The E! News anchor, who has a 13-month-old son, Edward Duke, with her husband Bill Rancic, and has homes in both Chicago and Los Angeles, has spent thousands of dollars on a collection of 14 different prams for her baby boy.
The 39-year-old star said: "My addiction is strollers. I am a stroller hoarder. I am up to, actually not kidding, I was at 13 and now I'm at 14 strollers.
"Yeah, it's so sad. I'm getting help. One's for travel, one's for the park, one ruffles really nice, one's fancy. One is the one Gwyneth (Paltrow) has."

Celebrity Moms Share Mother's Day Plans

May 11th, 2013 1:03pm EDT
Celebrity Moms
In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow on May 12, we asked some of our favorite celebrity moms how they’re planning to spend the special day.

From new moms Holly Madison and Giuliana Rancic, to mom-of-four Tori Spelling, to single mom Kelly Bensimon, let’s look at how the stars celebrate all things mom.

Giuliana Rancic:

Reality stars Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic welcomed their first child, son Duke, in August 2012. The new mom opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her big plans to celebrate her first Mother’s Day.

“Bill and I are having our moms come to LA for Mother’s Day – to make i...

2013 SAG Awards Fashion: Black, Navy Blue & Neutral Gowns Dominate

January 28th, 2013 9:19am EST
Jaimie Alexander
As we inch closer to the Academy Awards, tons of stars celebrated themselves at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Sunday night.

Jaimie Alexander of "The Last Stand" (above) was one of the few celebs who showed some skin on the red carpet in a low-cut black Marc Bouwer gown. Most opted for more conservative ensembles in black, navy blue, and other neutrals.

A handful stood out in bright colorful gowns, including Jessica Chastain and Kaley Cuoco in bright red and Lea Michele in a bright pink dress.

Jennifer Garner, whose husband Ben Affleck is earning accolades for "Argo," looked ele...

LeAnn Rimes Opens Up About Her Affair With Husband Eddie Cibrian

December 10th, 2012 11:14pm EST
Had a great time hanging with my girl @GiulianaRancic @ENews Our
LeAnn Rimes broke down in tears during an interview with E!'s Giuliana Rancic on Sunday night, saying that her highly publicized affair with actor Eddie Cibrian wasn't intended to hurt anyone and that the two stars' marriages were on the outs anyway.

The Country singer and the former CSI Miami star were both married to other people when they met and fell for each other on the set of a 2009 made-for-TV movie, prompting them to leave their spouses to be together and, ultimately, marry.

"Why act on it, when you're both married and you both have families?" Rancic asked.

Strugglind to hold ba...

Celebrities Who Have Had Double Mastectomies

November 5th, 2012 11:00am EST
Celebrities Who Have Had Double Mastectomies
It's always shocking when a celebrity reveals he or she has battled a major health crisis. Angelina Jolie revealed in a 2012 article in The New York Times that she had a double mastectomy to prevent breast cancer.

Doctors told the actress she carried the "faulty" gene BRCA1 and had an 87 percent risk of developing the disease. Jolie's mother died at age 56 from ovarian cancer.

Check out other stars who have undergone the procedure...

In November 2012, Sharon Osbourne told Hello! magazine that she voluntarily had a double mastectomy. The "America's Got Talent" star battled colon canc...

Vibrant Yellow Gowns Dominate 2012 Emmy Fashion - See Tons Of Photos!

September 24th, 2012 9:11am EDT
Julie Bowen
The red carpet was full of bright colors at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night, but yellow was the most popular. "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen, winner of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, looked oustanding in a strapless canary yellow gown.

"Homeland" winner Claire Danes, who is several months pregnant, also opted for a strapless yellow dress that was (obviously) more loose fitting than Julie's.

"Game Change" winner Julianne Moore picked a more conservative yellow gown with long sleeves, a higher neckline and a billowing skirt.

Check out more yellow gown...

Giuliana And Bill Rancic Show Off Their New Baby Boy

September 12th, 2012 1:34pm EDT
Bill and Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana and Bill Rancic welcomed their first child into the world just two weeks ago, and now the couple is showing off their little bundle of joy in the new issue of Life & Style magazine.

A surrogate mother gave birth to little Edward Duke Rancic, who the couple call Duke, on August 29 after the couple struggled for years with fertility issues.

They turned to surrogacy after Giuliana's 2010 miscarriage and her breast cancer diagnosis last year, which led to a double mastectomy and doctors telling her to wait at least five years until she tried to get pregnant again.

And now the E! New...

Giuliana Rancic Shares Her Joy Of New Baby

September 2nd, 2012 12:26pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic is relishing her first week as a mother, calling her new son "a dream".

The E! News host and her husband Bill became first-time parents on Wednesday after a surrogate gave birth to Edward Duke.

Rancic took to on Friday to share her joy with fans, admitting she has fallen head over heels for her bundle of joy.

She tweeted, "It's true what they say (and what u all told us)... Bill Rancic and I couldn't love little Duke anymore (sic) than we do. He's a dream."

Rancic, who turned to surrogacy after struggling to conceive and miscarrying a child in 2010, said in a...

Giuliana Rancic & Other Celebrities Who Used Surrogate Mothers

August 30th, 2012 5:00pm EDT
Giuliana & Bill Rancic
Congratulations to Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill, who welcomed baby Edward on Wednesday via a surrogate mother.

The television personality had been trying for years to get pregnant and even miscarried in 2010. Then she battled breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy. Not giving up hope, she sought help to bring a baby into the world. The couple is the baby's biological parents, and Giuliana has been very open about her journey towards motherhood.

She's the not the only celebrity who has needed help expanding his or her brood. It can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $80,000 ...

Giuliana Rancic Welcomes Baby Boy Edward Duke

August 30th, 2012 8:16am EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic is a first-time mother after a surrogate gave birth to her child.

The E! News host and her husband Bill's new son, called Edward, was delivered on Wednesday night.

In a post on his page early on Thursday, Bill writes, "The 'Duke' has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7lbs 4oz. G & I feel blessed beyond words... We did it!"

The couple turned to surrogacy after Rancic's fertility issues meant she struggled to go full-term with a pregnancy, and she miscarried a child in 2010.

Her battle to become a mom hit another setback l...

Jesse Macht Releases New Single 'Out of Control'

August 7th, 2012 10:00am EDT
Jesse Macht
Starpulse featured artist Jesse Macht has released his new single, "Out of Control," as well as a new video, prior to the debut of his next EP.

"Out of Control" is the first single off Macht's forthcoming EP, Acts of Providence. That EP is scheduled to be released in chapters beginning August 13, with the songs "Heartache" and "Kick and Scream" comprising the first installment.

Although the track is billed as a "departure" for the singer-songwriter and actor, it hasn't changed the high quality of his work. Macht still has the impressive ability to merge an entertaining hook with lyrical...

Rob Kardashian And Joe Jonas To Judge Miss USA Pageant

May 25th, 2012 12:44pm EDT
Joe Jonas
Rob Kardashian and Joe Jonas are among the celebrity judges that will decide who will be Miss USA for the 61st pageant on June 3.

Donald Trump has also chosen Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Fashion Police host George Kotsiopoulos to be on the panel to judge the contestants on swimsuit, evening gown, and interview categories. The winner of Miss USA goes on to represent the country in the Miss Universe competition.

Reality stars Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic will host the competition in Las Vegas.

This Week's Shining & Falling Stars: Giuliana Rancic and Lindsay Lohan

April 27th, 2012 3:00pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic
Shining Star: Giuliana Rancic - Through all of her trials and tribulations, finally a silver lining! The E! News host and her husband, Bill, have announced they're expecting a child.

The child will be carried via gestational surrogate, and is due later this summer.

Bill Rancic tells US Weekly, "The baby is 100 percent genetically ours," Bill added. "It's our embryo. Everything happens for a reason, and we believe this is meant to be and the way it was supposed to work out."

He explains that when Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2011, they had her embryos frozen.


Giuliana Rancic Expecting Her First Child

April 23rd, 2012 11:22am EDT
Giuliana Rancic
TV presenter Giuliana Rancic is set to become a mom after announcing she is using a surrogate to carry her child.

The E! News host was left devastated after fertility issues meant she struggled to go full-term with a pregnancy, and she miscarried a child in 2010.

Her battle to become a mom was hit with another setback last year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she beat after undergoing a successful double mastectomy.

However, the star was ecstatic during an appearance on the Today show on Monday when she announced she and husband Bill will welcome a child via a surroga...

Style Network's 'Giuliana & Bill' Premieres Tonight

April 3rd, 2012 8:04pm EDT
On the heels of its most watched season ever, The Style Network’s hit series “Giuliana & Bill,” returns for a fifth season as they face their toughest challenge yet -- Giuliana’s breast cancer. As they have done with all of life’s obstacles, the couple continues their vow -- ‘in sickness and in health’ -- to stand together. Viewers will get an intimate look into Giuliana’s journey as she returns to work, leaving Bill to find balance with their new houseguests -- Giuliana’s parents, Anna and Eduardo. Additionally, this season will celebrate the couple’s achievements, such as the opening of t...

84th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet Fashion (See Pictures!)

February 27th, 2012 2:39am EST
Oscars 2012
The Academy Awards aren't just about the movies - they're about the fashion and what the stars wore on the red carpet at the year's biggest event.

This year, much like the ceremony itself, there were few surprises and all the stars looked fabulous on the red carpet outside the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Well, okay - Kristen Wiig's brown J. Mendel dress and Meryl Streep's gold Lanvin gown? Not so much.

This year's highlights include Angelina Jolie looking stunning - although also a bit thin - in a black Atelier Versace dress that's almost an exact match of the one Jennifer Aniston wore ...

2012 Grammy Awards Fashion: Some Wore Colors While Most Wore Black On A Bittersweet Evening

February 13th, 2012 12:54pm EST
2012 Grammy Awards
The 2012 Grammy Awards will forever be remembered for one reason: the event took place the night after the music industry lost one of their biggest stars in an untimely fashion: Whitney Houston.

Despite the somber undertones of host LL Cool J's opening prayer for the late singer and a rousing performance of her hit song "I Will Always Love You" by Jennifer Hudson; the night was about the music and the attitude that the show must go on.

As always with award shows, the night is also about the fashion. While many stars wore black - perhaps in honor of the late Houston - many stars let the c...

'30 Rock's' Katrina Bowden Is Engaged

January 30th, 2012 8:17am EST
Katrina Bowden
Actress Katrina Bowden is engaged to marry her musician boyfriend Ben Jorgensen after he proposed over the weekend.

The 30 Rock star announced the happy news on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday, revealing her partner popped the question the day before.

Bowden, who was wearing her new engagement ring, told E! host Giuliana Rancic, "I was so shocked. And I said, 'Oh my God,' and I hugged him... He said, 'Is that a yes?'

"We talked about it, so it wasn't out of nowhere, but I was so surprised. That's why I forgot to say 'yes' at first."

2012 Golden Globes Fashion: Who Rocked The Red Carpet & Who Didn't?

January 16th, 2012 9:30am EST
2012 Golden Globes fashion
The Golden Globes are the first big awards show of the season, and the stars came out in colorful ensembles to attend one of Hollywood's most prestigious events leading up to the Academy Awards.

There were very few fashion missteps at this year's event. "Homeland" actress Morena Baccarin wore a daring black dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage (is that appropriate?), while "Ringer" star Sarah Michelle Gellar took a chance with a blue and white tie-dyed gown (too bohemian?).

There wasn't a lot of flash on the red carpet. Few stars wore sequins (Laura Dern, Madonna, Diane Lane and did)...

Giuliana Rancic 'Doing Really Well' After Successful Double Mastectomy

December 14th, 2011 6:28pm EST
Giuliana Rancic
International TV personality Giuliana Rancic has undergone successful double mastectomy surgery.

Doctors operated on the E! network's news anchorwoman and Fashion Police regular on Tuesday night and her husband Bill insists she's already in great spirits.

Rancic also underwent reconstructive surgery after her breasts were removed to stop the spread of cancer.

Her husband tells, "G is doing really well. Her surgery lasted about four hours and the doctors were very pleased with the result.

"She had a little bit of pain through the night but is feeling much better this morning ...

Giuliana Rancic Opens Up About Her Upcoming Battle With Cancer

December 11th, 2011 9:00am EST
Giuliana Rancic
As the 37-year-old E! host chooses a double mastectomy, Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill Rancic open up to PEOPLE in this week's issue about continuing IVF and finding hope after heartbreak. The reality star thought she had beat cancer easily – only to be faced with a devastating diagnosis. Now Giuliana and Bill talk about the battle ahead.

After days spent grinning through celebrity interviews on the red carpet, playfully bantering with colleague Ryan Seacrest and dissecting stars' fashion choices, Giuliana Rancic was getting ready for bed in Los Angeles when reality finally hit. In less ...

Giuliana Rancic To Get Double Mastectomy; Says 'It Was Not An Easy Decision'

December 5th, 2011 11:19am EST
Giuliana Rancic
TV presenter Giuliana Rancic is preparing to undergo a double mastectomy in her breast cancer battle.

Surgeons performed a two-hour double lumpectomy and removed lymph nodes from the reality star in October, and she was back at work as an anchor on entertainment program E! News within days.

Rancic has now revealed she will have both breasts removed next week, followed by an immediate reconstruction procedure.

She tells E! News, "First, I would like to take the stigma away. 'Mastectomy' the word seemed so scary to me at first. After doing research and seeing the advancements, the surgery ...

Giuliana Rancic Already Back To Work After Cancer Surgery

October 24th, 2011 10:29pm EDT
Giuliana Rancic
TV host Giuliana Rancic has returned to work, less than a week after undergoing breast cancer surgery.

The reality star has been recovering at home since surgeons performed a two-hour double lumpectomy and removed lymph nodes for biopsy last Wednesday.

But Rancic proved she's bouncing back after going back to her job as an anchor on entertainment program E! News on Monday.

She tweeted, "Feels so great to be back at work today. The E News set was such a blast & my friends in the newsroom wore pink ribbons 4 me... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your love & support this past week...

Giuliana Rancic Recovering Breast Cancer Surgery

October 21st, 2011 8:14am EDT
Giuliana Rancic
Reality TV star Giuliana Rancic is recovering after undergoing breast cancer surgery on Wednesday.

The presenter is "doing well" at home after surgeons performed a two-hour double lumpectomy, according to her husband Bill Rancic.

He tells breakfast show Today, "It was kind of a long day. There's many steps in the process when you go through this... She's a trooper. She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out. She's doing well at home and recovering."

Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer after her doctor urged her to have a mammogram ...

37-Year-Old Giuliana Rancic Has Breast Cancer

October 17th, 2011 10:35am EDT
Giuliana Rancic
This morning E! News host Giuliana Rancic announced she has breast cancer on "The Today Show." The "Giuliana and Bill" reality star found out in August while in the midst of her third attempt to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

Rancic, 37, explained that her doctor insisted that she get a mammogram before her third IVF treatment. He said pregnancy hormones could "accelerate the cancer."

Despite the ominous news, Rancic said, "I will be okay, because I found it early. I'm doing surgery this coming week, and then I go to radiation for six and a half weeks."

She said she will...

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