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Linnea Quigley Biography

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Birth Name: Linnea Quigley
Born: 05/27/1958
Birth Place: Davenport, Iowa, USA

Quigley's films are often filmed in days and on budgets that are rarely more than a very few hundred thousand dollars. What one remembers are the titles: "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" (1988), "Assault of the Party Nerds" (1989), "Sexbomb" (1989), "Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-a-Rama" (1988), "Virgin High" (1990) and "Beach Babes from Beyond" (1993). Connoisseurs of these films also remember some of the dramatic highlights: Quigley getting squeezed to death by a giant thing in a warehouse in "Creepozoids" (1987), or driving a tube of lipstick through her own chest in "Night of the Demons" (1988). Quigley herself is playfully uninhibited and yet consciously campy about her antics, considering herself first and foremost a comedienne. She has also arranged her own "genre" of films so that she doesn't do complete nudity. In interviews Quigley has noted that she probably won't continue her star reign indefinitely; on her sojourn to Hollywood, she mused philosophically, "You know, I came out here more to be warm than to act."